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Shehnaz Shirazi

Hi, I am Shehnaz.

I have lived in Dubai, the Middle-East, and Miami for a while and now moved to the UK.

I understand how important hair treatments are in the Middle-East and other hot places like Miami, Florida etc. This is why I decided to start this blog to help you with hair products, tips and tricks to keep your hair in good shape and look gloriously healthy all the time.

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krissyMy name is Krissy Cabrera. I am a writer and researcher by profession. I was born with naturally curly hair. For years I struggled to manage my hair. Had treatments such as a full perm, after which I got my tresses straightened and then colored. I had to cut it short because it became dry and brittle. I understand what most women are going through. Looking for styling aids and hair products to get that quick hair fix has not been easy. I want to help others with the same problem and share what I learned from years of nursing my hair back to life.

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