5 Vacation Hairstyles To Make You Look Hot At The Beach

Vacations are a time to let yourself be happy, not worrying about responsibilities and other issues. Most of the time, beaches are the best places to unwind. Either basking, swimming, sunbathing or simply walking along.

At such times, though, your hair may become a stressing factor in looking good. However, with the many invented hairstyles, you need not worry. Be it on an island in the tropical region or at a nearby resort, below are among best hairstyles, which are perfect and super cute when hitting the beach.

1. French Braids

french braids

This is a classic hairstyle that never gets old. With French braids, you begin by applying leave-in conditioner on your damp hair to provide a smooth texture.

  • Start at the hairline, do a regular braid from the top of the head
  • After that, divide the hair into three sections equally
  • Then start the French braiding by crossing the right section over the middle
  • Then the left section over the middle
  • Don’t forget to pull the hair to make the braids tighter
  • Repeat the crossing
  • Move as you go down while adding more hair
  • When the braids are in place, secure the hair with an elastic band.

And voila !

2. Box Braids

box braids

Box braids are another type of braid to go for. If you are a versatile woman, or if you love having vacations, you might as well consider the box style hairstyle because it works very well.

You just have to let a professional do it. You can find the prices here.

The box hairstyle has been there for centuries and has also been known to be a part of the African culture. This means it is widely identified by its boxy or square shape. Whether you’re African or white, this is a hairstyle that you definitely want to try when going to the beach.

The box braids come with numerous styles to give a try and require a very minimal maintenance. They are very convenient, and they can secure the quality of your hair. This is absolutely worth it.

3. Side Swoop Hair Braids

side swoop hair

Treasure and Travels Blog

This is one of the easiest braids that you can put on. As a matter of fact, it is ideal for those who wish to have the hair away from their faces. To successfully do the side swoop braids, you need to follow the following procedures:

  • Make sure that all the hair is parted to one side
  • Proceed to separate the bang from the other section of the hair
  • With the bang section separated, proceed to further divide it into 3 sections
  • Start by doing French braiding on the part situated downwards
  • Meanwhile maintaining that one close to the face
  • As you proceed downwards, add more sections until it reaches the neck
  • Level, where the remaining three sections of the hair seem to level with it
  • Proceed to finish the braiding of the remaining hair
  • Follow up by putting it together with elastic

4. Side Twisted Pony

Credit: Luxy Hair

Now, this specific hairstyle is a messy one but very quick to get by. Below are the steps involved:

  • Start by pulling the hair into a low and loose ponytail
  • Afterward use an elastic rubber band to secure it.
  • Spread all your hair above after you are done tying the band
  • This will ensure that a hole
  • is created at the center of your head
  • Proceed by using your hands and placing it in the hole
  • Use your other hand to pull the ponytail via the hole
  • Pull it from the front heading backwards
  • Continue by grabbing the leftover pony section
  • Wrap it around the band using a pony tucked or a bobby pin
  • Finally pull the hair and cover the hole with a rubber band

5. Free and Wavy Hair

beachy waves

This is another best hairstyle for the beach for those with natural curly hair. The humidity from the water and the seashore brings out curls naturally.

Once you are done washing the hair, scrunch it properly, followed by the application of a styling gel for protection purposes. Finally, finish by letting the hair dry up naturally without any interference like touching.


Give one of those five hairstyles a chance, and you will surely look stunning with the company of sun, sand, and sea.

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