Does Hair Botox Remove Curls?

Camelia Smith
Does Hair Botox Remove Curls?
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This is a guest post from one of our friends who volunteered to try hair botox on her curly hair.

I know this may sound alarmist, but I am super protective about my curls.

And I know you are too.

So when I decided to try this new trendy hair smoothing botox treatment that everyone’s talking about …

I was a bit apprehensive about one thing in particular:

Does hair botox remove curls? 🤔

Sure, it gives you effortless wash-and-go hairstyles with frizz-free and tangle-free smooth hair.

But, will it change my curly hair that I feel so proud of?

Well, there was only one way to find out.

So I took the plunge after a lengthy chat with my hairstylist friend, and we decided on the best product that will benefit me.

The Inoar Hair Botox Smoothing Treatment

Botox hair treatment on curls
Buy Yours From Amazon »Recommended by professional hairstylists.

Keep reading, and I’ll tell you why.

I will also touch on a few tips for you if you’re planning for hair botox on your curls:

Here’s what I will cover:

  • Why I tried hair botox on my curly hair
  • Does it help me with every day detangling?
  • Does hair botox help define my curls?
  • Options for African American girls
  • When you should not use hair botox on curly hair
  • Hair botox products for curly hair – my verdict

Why I Chose Inoar Botohair

Botohair is a semi-permanent treatment that lasts for 3 months.

So what’s the worst that could happen?

I lose my curls for 3 months, but then my hair should revert to its natural shape. If I am not happy with the results, I know I won’t have to chop my hair off and grow it out again.

Because like any semi-permanent keratin treatment, it also washes out gradually.

So there was no harm in taking the risk.

I was more confident of trying when I read that Botohair does not break the bonds to smooth your hair.

All it does is repair the damaged parts with keratin fillers and makes your hair retain moisture better. Hence no frizz.

Plus, this treatment is totally hassle-free with ZERO commitments.

You wash your hair on the same day (unlike other keratin treatments that take 3 days to blend in), and the aftercare routine is super easy.

I was totally sold on the benefits, and it took me 45 minutes max to have it done the first time.


With its zero-formaldehyde formulation, I did not experience any scalp irritations or burning eyes at all.

So back to my initial fear.

Are Hair Botox Treatments Right For Curly Hair?

Well, after the first week it was hard to tell. I was still adjusting to my newly found smooth and sleek hair.

But in week 2, It was back to normality with my hair routine.

The only thing I had to change was my shampoo for a sulfate-free version.

It’s now week 3.

And here’s some good news.

Humidity Is Not Deconstructing My Curls Anymore!

humidity curly hair botox treatment

My curls keep their shape even when the humidity is high.

I’ve had enough bad hair days to tell you that I know one thing for sure:

Curly hair is very thirsty!

The slightest hint of humidity outside or even the morning dew will give me frizz and a big poof.

But the Inoar keratin botox smoothing treatment adds a shield to my hair to prevent outside moisture from creeping in.

My hair now feels in its optimal “Frizz-Free State”.

I don’t have to worry about keeping my frizz in check on humid days.

My Curls Look More Defined With Plenty Of Bounce

I don’t know how to explain this …

It’s probably because I don’t have to torture my hair with heat styling tools as much.

So I don’t get that crunchy feeling when I run my fingers along my hair.

I wake up ready with frizz-free hair, which is easy to wash and style in less time that it usually took me.

No More Overzealous Detangling

Does hair botox help define curls?

It can take me hours to dry and detangle my hair as I have to be very cautious to avoid breakage when my hair is wet.

And the fact it takes ages to dry doesn’t help either.

It’s probably because my hair porosity is high.

I can say that because I always struggle to keep it moisturized. No matter how many top end products I try.

But here’s the thing …

I believe the keratin fillers in Botohair did some magic tricks here.

By smoothing the outer cuticles of my hair and replenishing all the gaps, it’s immediately obvious when my hairbrush would just glide like a hot knife through butter.

As a result:

My Hair Gently Untangles Itself Without A Fight

In truth:

Tangles only happen when your hair cuticles are rough and they rub against each other to cause friction and knots.

Well, I am not having any of these at the moment.

Instead, I am spending more time experimenting with new hairstyles since my curls look so sexy and feminine.

Honestly, this is the softest I can remember my curls have ever felt!

Ok so it did an excellent job for my hair, but at the same time, I overheard my hairstylist talking to another client who is African American with more dense and tight curls.

Does It Work For African American Hair?

Here’s what she said:

A botox smoothing treatment on type 3-4 hair may not have the same results.

For example, you may find your type 3c hair look more like type 3a.

So, she recommended the following products for Afro hair:

If you have type 3 or 4 hair and can’t decide if this right for you, then you may find this article useful:

Read: Why I decided to use a keratin treatment of my 4C natural hair

But remember:

A hair botox smoothing treatment does not work as a chemical relaxer.

It simply takes out the frizz and adds the glam-factor back to your hair.

When You Should Not Use Hair Botox On Curly Hair?

If you’re transitioning into your No Poo natural hair journey, then hair botox is not for you.

That’s because:

So you should not use of any hair treatment that will confuse and slow down the process.

But trust me, it’s worth the wait.

Once you’ve completed that phase, your hair will have the power of versatility. You can go straight and back to curly with a semi-perm.

You can forget about strong chemical hair relaxers for good.

Hair Botox Products For Curly Hair

hair botox on relaxed hair

Inoar Botohair

This product gets a big thumbs up from me. I’ve used it and it doesn’t disappoint.

Reviews »

hair botox on 4c hair

Majestic Keratin

The best selling hair botox treatment that works for all types of hair. And it’s Formaldehyde-Free.

Reviews »

botox curly afro hair

Inoar Afro Keratin Treatment

The recommended hair botox treatment for natural hair. Specially formulated for type 3 and 4 hair.

Reviews »

Does Hair Botox Remove Curls?

No. You can have your hair, your way.

Hair botox treatments will add a whole new dimension to your curly hair.

I have selfies to prove how gorgeous my coiffure looks from any angle.

From my recent experience, I can say that it keeps my curled hair tamed and well-behaved throughout the day.

Most people have a misconception that a botox capilar treatment will only make your hair pin straight.

But that’s not true.

These products are super versatile. The smoothing range is worth every penny for how they completely transform your hair.

Curly, wavy, or straight. There’s a hair botox treatment that will work for you.

You just have to try it out and see how it suddenly changes how you look and feel about your hair.

does hair botox straigthen curly hairCheck Price »

Recommended by my professional hairstylist

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