Hair Botox At The Dollhouse Dubai (An Exclusive Interview)

shehnaz shirazi
Shehnaz Shirazi
Hair Botox At The Dollhouse Dubai (An Exclusive Interview)
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I recently caught up with the Dollhouse Dubai for a chat about hair botox.

dollhouse dubai
The Dollhouse Dubai. Photo credit:

Right now, this is the latest hair trend that’s bubbling in the UAE …

… and the style-savvy women in Dubai know exactly where to get their glamour fix.

At this prestigious beauty salon, located right in the heart of Jumeirah.

The Dollhouse Dubai Makes You Feel Like A Glamour Girl

With missoni-inspired seats, gold baroque mirrors, and an upscale Middle-East flair, this place sets the tone for a fit-for-royalty experience.

You don’t have to take my word for it.

The Ahlan! (Middle-East Celebrity Magazine) rates it in the top 10 best hair & beauty salons of Dubai.

And here’s the secret behind it …

The Dollhouse was co-founded by Basma Al Fahim and Mona Kattan, sister of popular fashion blogger Huda Kattan of

Known as the Middle-East beauty icons, Khaleej Times rates them in the top 10 beauty influencers in the world.

It’s no surprise, this classy beauty hub reflects their high standards and oozes glamour as soon as you step in.

So let’s get the scoop on their latest treatment that gives you …

… luxurious “va va voom” hair !

What are the main reasons women in Dubai and the UAE choose Hair Botox ?

Every day should be a good hair day !

Unfortunately, the soaring local temperature and the humidity here don’t make it easy to keep frizz away.

Our clients want hair that is easy to manage every day. No frizz, no split-ends…

… and of course, gorgeous looking hair.

That’s what we do with our exclusive range of hair botox treatments.

We make our clients feel more beautiful than ever.

What do your customers expect as end result after a botox or keratin treatment ?

Silky smooth and manageable hair.

It’s important for hair to withstand the humidity without turning into a frizz ball every time you go out.

After all, Dubai is a city dripping in glamour. There’s always a grand blitzy event, fashion show, and a party around the corner.

You’ve got to keep your sense of style. Keeping your hair in good shape is not optional.

Our customers keep coming back to top up their treatment, and that shows their commitment towards maintaining beautiful hair.

What’s the average price they expect to pay for such treatments ?

Between AED800 – AED2200. This may depend on the hair length too.

What products do you use and why you recommend them to your customers ?

We use:

  • Copacabana Clarifying shampoo
  • Keratin shampoo
  • Botox treatment
  • Mask and Argan oil

Our hair botox treatment works really well for our regular clients, so we feel confident in recommending it to our new clients.

What is your process for hair botox and why is it better ?

Here’s our process:

  • We wash the hair first
  • Apply the hair botox treatment
  • Rinse the treatment out and apply the mask
  • Then we blow dry and flat iron
  • Finally, we apply Argan Oil

We use Copacabana.

We did our research and we’ve seen excellent results with this brand. Our clients always come back for more.

How long does the treatment take ?

It can take anything from 1 and a half hours to 3 hours.

This, of course depends on the length, thickness, frizz, and how damaged the hair is. If the hair is severely damaged, the treatment will have to stay on for a bit longer.

Why is a Clarifying wash necessary before the treatment ?

Hair cuticles should be open when doing the treatment.

A clarifying shampoo opens up cuticles and helps to clean up all the slippery silicone, moisturizers, and styling products that your regular shampoo can’t clean up.

It also prevents residue build up and it’s a cleaner wash than a regular shampoo.

We need the hair super clean to get the best results from the treatment.

Most importantly: Keratin absorbs better and faster on hair that is deep cleansed.

What advise do you give customers on hair care after the treatment ?

We offer the best aftercare products to take home.

We always advise clients to purchase the keratin treatment aftercare products as these help the treatment last longer.

We provide sulfate-free products in our aftercare range.

How often do your customers come back for the treatment ?

Every 2 to 3 months

Why would you recommend the treatment to be done in your salon rather than at home ?

The treatment is for professional use only.

It takes a professional to do this for best results. A stylist will check your hair before the treatment. This is important.

That’s why people can’t purchase the treatment and do it themselves at home. It can only be purchased by licensed companies.

So, if you are in the UAE, or just visiting…

Get pampered at the Dollhouse and feel like a beauty queen !

Contact Mona or Chantelle for a quick consultation.

The Dollhouse Dubai

The Dubai Ladies Club
Jumeirah Beach Road, Jumeirah 2
Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Telephone: +971 4 385 4484 and 050 152 3535 (also on whatsapp) OR 800-DOLL(3655)

Email: info at

* A Big thank you to Mona & Chantelle for helping us with this interview.

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