The Oleo De Argan Inoar 7ml – Instant Love !

Charlene Latreuille
The Oleo De Argan Inoar 7ml – Instant Love !
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I’ve very quickly fallen in love with the NEW Oleo de Argan Inoar 7ml bottle.

It’s tiny, cute, and slides in perfectly into my handbag.

All I need is a couple of drops, rub it in my hands, apply to my hair.

And voila !

It saves the day when I am out and about and my hair is on the edge of frizziness from the humidity.

From the editor It makes my hair smell fresh. Heavenly.

There’s no better mood-lifter than great smelling hair.

The gorgeous fresh herbaceous and citrus scent got me hooked from the first whiff.

inoar argan oil 7ml como usar

My Love For This Argan Oil Is Twofold

First, it’s incredibly moisturizing. It plumps my hair to make it feel smooth and luxurious.

Then it’s the lightness of the oil. It’s almost water-like. My hair never falls flat.

Unlike coconut oil, it absorbs super fast without leaving any slimy residue or heaviness in my hair.

I can run my fingers in my hair all day and I won’t need to get my hand sanitizer out.

It Fixes Frizz Instantly

The change in outside temperature can really confuse my hair.

Within a few minutes my hair can go from smooth straight to smack dab in the middle of wavy and fuzzy.

And my baby hairs would stick up like unicorn horns. It’s not a pretty sight !

Truth is:

As soon as I step out of the house, no matter how long I took to do my hair …

I am at the mercy of the weather and humidity.

Because there’s never a perfect (NO Humidity) day.

Luckily, this intense Argan oil keeps my hair moist enough to prevent it from sucking moisture from the air.

This little bottle is jam-packed with nutrients that lock in hydration and keep my hair on point all day.

It Adds A Seducing Shine To My Hair


This glow boosting oil may get you a lot of attention.

While it makes my hair look more abundant …

I’ve also had compliments about how lustrous and shiny my hair looks.

I am a big sucker for compliments. So thank you 😃

I love how Argan oil makes my hair look incandescent and glossy whenever it catches the light. You’ve got to try it and see for yourself.

It Stops My Hair From Getting Tangled

I don’t know how it prevents my hair from tangling, but it does.

Seriously, it keeps my hair so soft from root to tips that there’s no room for knots and split ends.

I guess the trick here is …

Well lubricated and moisturized hair strands make less friction, therefore less tangles.

Whatever it is, it saves me almost 5 minutes a day from brushing it out with my Boar bristle brush.

Fancy giving it a whirl ?

The Inoar argan oil is so easy to use. Here’s how I do it :

  • Add 2 to 5 drops in my hand
  • Softly apply on the hair
  • Work it from root to tips
  • Pay special attention to your ends

Remember: It’s always the ends that get dry the most. So don’t let them become thirsty.

Did you know ?

Other than a great finalizer, Argan oil is also rich in antioxidants, Vitamin E, Omega-6, and fatty acids.

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The Oleo de Argan Inoar 7ml bottle is more decadent than the price would have you believe.

There’s goodness written all over it.

You Can Get Them In Bigger Sizes Too

I’ll admit, this bottle is small.

It works well for me when I am on the go.

But I also keep a bigger size in my bathroom cabinet. A generous 60 ml bottle that can last me for 2 months !

Inoar argan oil 60 ml

Inoar Argan Oil 60 ml available now on »

Grab Your Wallet And Get This Argan Oil Frizz Tamer

A light spritz of this easily absorbed and beautifully fragrant oil will revive your senses and make your tresses flow.

Let your hair enjoy the restorative and nourishing experience from Inoar Argain oil.

And say goodbye to unwanted frizz and split ends.

The Oleo de argan Inoar 7ml is now available to buy from

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