Botox Keratin Hair Treatment For Long Lasting Beautiful Hair

Krissy Cabrera
Botox Keratin Hair Treatment For Long Lasting Beautiful Hair
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Botox Hair Treatment is creating a big buzz in the hair care industry right now.

This is regarded as the ultimate at-home keratin straightening treatment that gives you instant results.

You are about to get an in-depth knowledge behind this miracle treatment and all the scientific facts that will convince you about the treatments and why it definitely works.

Why We Call It Botox Keratin Hair Treatment?

Just like Botox treatment is used to iron out wrinkles on the skin, this treatment for hair works by fixing hair frizz that have gone through wear and tear and aged therefore looking dull and lifeless. The treatment is reported to inject lost proteins back into your hair which is the most important building block of the hair strands.

Once the important ingredients amongst others are infused into the hair, it will feel rejuvenated and strong.

The Importance Of Keratin In Botox Hair Treatments

Keratin is a fibrous protein found in hair and nails. It is essentially the key structural component of the hair. Products that are used to straighten and repair hair mostly use a lot of Keratin as key ingredient. Together with other ingredients Keratin is infused by application to the hair and left to superficially bond with existing hair proteins to give your hair the strength and life back.

Why We Need More Keratin In Our Hair

Keratin Proteins amount to 95% of our hair says Sonya Raubeson, director of education for Keratin Complex.

But this is the very first component that gets depleted when our hair goes through environmental factors and wear and tear through the use of chemicals like gels, hair sprays, dyes, and flat iron heating. These cause a lot of damage to our hair which we cannot see, but as the hair starts to look dull and full of frizz and unmanageable, we know it is crying out for help.

This is how we know we need to replenish the Kreatin back and the lost moisture as well. Keratin acts as an external protective protein in the cuticle as well as an internal structural protein for the cortex.

When Keratin is replaced back into your hair, you can feel more elasticity, strength and a youthful healthy look.

So How Does Botox Treatment With Keratin Work?

According to Julia Tzu, M.D., a Manhattan-based dermatologist and Clinical Assistant Professor of Dermatology at New York University, during the process of Keratin application to the hair, hydrolyzed keratins molecules attach to your hair filling the holes where the hair is damaged. The Hair cuticles are coated with the Keratin molecules and applying heat with appropriate flat iron bonds the coating of Keratin to your hair’s natural existing Keratin. This is called the sealing process.

Generally people with curly or frizzy hair do not have enough Keratin compared to those who have straight hair according to Carrie Chapman, Chief Educator at LASIO Professional Hair Care, a leader in keratin reparative hair products and treatments. Processed hair means the hair cuticles have been damaged and the cuticles are open and are more likely going to look dull and brittle.

What Can You Do To Avoid Losing Keratin Naturally?

It is important to avoid causing too much damage to your hair by coloring, heating and use sodium chloride and sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner at all time.

Sulfate and Chloride are known to wash away natural hair Keratin says Leah Rogers Hair colorist (Suede Salon Spa and Body in Marlton, NJ.)

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