Tresemme Shampoo For Frizzy Hair Review (Coating Frizz With Plastic)

shehnaz shirazi
Shehnaz Shirazi
Tresemme Shampoo For Frizzy Hair Review (Coating Frizz With Plastic)
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The Tresemme shampoo for frizzy hair coats your hair with silicones to hide frizz and flyaways.

It’s not bad for a “quick-fix”.


It comes with a few unexpected problems you need to know about (if you’re planning to buy one).


  • Nice floral bubblegum smell
  • Affordable and available everywhere
  • Can be used every day
  • Good for oily hair


  • Not good for fine hair
  • Makes your scalp and hair dry
  • Contains sulfates
  • Contains silicones
  • Bottle is awkward to use
  • The shampoo is too thick
  • Makes your hair flat and limp

Today I’m going to share my little experiment with the TRESemme Smooth and Silky shampoo and explain why it sucks.

I will compare it with another budget shampoo which is a tad more expensive …

… but definitely worth it.

From the editor It’s co-owned by Jennifer Aniston.

Let me give you 5 reasons why I don’t like the Tresemme shampoo for dry and frizzy hair.

The Gloss And Shine Is Nothing But Plastic

Most frizzy hair products use oils and silicones to make your hair look glossy and shiny.

Read: Are you putting plastic in your hair?

If you take a look at the Tresemme anti-frizz shampoo ingredients:

You will see Dimethiconol is high up the list.

This means it uses a considerable amount of silicones.

“The higher on the list the ingredient is, the higher the percentage of that ingredient you will find in the product. If the ingredient is listed towards the bottom of the list, then you are getting very little (sometimes as low as 0.5%) of that ingredient.”Source: Celebrity Hairstylist Shai Amiel – The Coveteur

Although I did know I was putting silicones in my hair, I wanted to see how long the “quick fixes” will last me.

I can’t deny that my hair felt clean. I also loved the floral bubblegum smell.


After a week or so, I started to notice some changes.

White Flaky Buildup In My Hair

For this review, I did not use any of my regular hair products. I only used this shampoo for 2 weeks for an unbiased review.

So my hair was a clean slate.

Before I started my experiment, I did not have:

  • Dandruffs
  • Itchy Scalp
  • The urge to wash my hair every day

But all this changed after week 1.

The waxy silicones in this shampoo were too stubborn to wash out and started causing white flaky stuff across my hairline.

This eventually followed with minor dandruff problems and scalp irritations. Ouch!

But I did not panic.

This is what I did next …

I got my clarifying shampoo from my beauty pantry and gave my hair and scalp a proper detox.

After week 2, I went back to my John Master’s Organic Shampoo .

Needless to say …

There were no white flakes, no dandruff, and no silicones buildup.

Key Takeaway:

Silicones stick to your hair like glue and become stubborn waxy buildup.

Silicones Are Hard To Wash Out

Unless you use a good clarifying detox shampoo every week, silicone won’t rinse out easily.

Because it’s hydrophobic by nature. Which means it repels water.

And you may find yourself with a few problems like:

  • Your Hair Becomes A Dirt magnet: Silicones attract dust and dirt
  • Washing More: It makes you wash your hair more
  • Residues & Buildup: They stay in your hair as residues
  • Melting Hair: These residues melt on your hair straightener

And it doesn’t stop here.

This is one of the thickest shampoos I’ve seen around.

The Thick Texture Does Not Help With Hard Water

The Tresemme anti-frizz shampoo is thick and highly concentrated.

It’s all goo and no bubbles when you use it with hard water.

That’s because minerals in hard water stop your shampoos from lathering. So you’re neither rinsing away the sticky shampoo nor the hard water minerals.

From the editor I would dilute the shampoo and lather it well in my palms before applying to my hair.

This shampoo is not for someone who likes the fresh feel after shampooing. I should have paid more attention – it also has oil in it.

And many more hidden chemical villains.

The Tresemme Shampoo For Frizzy Hair Contains Sulfates

Use Tresemme’s smart label to see the full list of ingredients here:

TRESemme shampoo for dry and frizzy hair Ingredients »

The 3 ingredients that stand out are:

  • Sodium Laureth sulfate
  • TEA-dodecylbenzenesulfonate
  • Cocamidopropyl betaine

These are chemicals used in detergents like household cleaning products. But they are common in most drugstore shampoos you buy anyway.

Sulfates are in most cosmetic products we use daily. So don’t panic!

Just make sure you don’t use this shampoo to wash your hair after a keratin treatment.

If you’ve been following my blog and articles on this website, you’ll know that we do not recommend sulfate based shampoos at all.

But due to our reader’s questions about drugstore brand shampoos, I wanted to do this review to share my opinion.

So how did the harsh ingredients in this shampoo affect my hair ?

Well, the changes were obvious and here’s what I experienced:

  • My hair felt drier than usual after week 2
  • I started feeling the occasional itch on my scalp
  • Looking at my parting lines, I could see white flaky residues
  • My hair felt flat and limp

It did nothing to fix the frizz and flyaways because the ingredients in this shampoo are nothing fancy.

Argan Oil Is Non Existent

If there was one thing that tempted me to buy this shampoo, it was the NEW Moroccan Argan oil formula.

But trust me:

This is nearly non-existent. It’s listed right at the end of its ingredients list which makes me think it’s only to market the product with a new angle.

When a product contains a substantial amount of Moroccan Argan oil, you will pay a premium price for it. Not $10 – $20.

Read my article on Argan oil products and you’ll understand why they don’t sell for cheap.


You can get a silicone-free shampoo for a budget-friendly price today!

Jennifer Aniston’s Hair Is The Living Proof

Say hello to the NEW Living Proof Haircare line.

Co-owned by Jennifer Aniston, the Living Proof shampoo has already won the Allure Best of beauty awards a few times.

The best thing about this shampoo is the Zero Silicone formula.

Instead, it uses a new patented “Healthy Hair Molecule” (OFPMA) formula that does not weight down your hair.

Tests also reveal that it blocks humidity 70% better that traditional silicones.

This is the budget-friendly frizz busting shampoo you’ve been looking for.

And you won’t find any harsh ingredients like sulfates, parabens, and oils which also makes it an ideal shampoo for color-treated hair.

So let me compare these 2 brands for you below:

TRESemme Shampoo vs Living Proof Anti Frizz Shampoo


Living Proof

TRESemme frizzy hair shampooLiving Proof Frizz-Free Shampoo
Contains Silicones No Silicones
Contains Sulfates Zero Sulfates
Contains Parabens Zero Parabens
Contains Oils Completely oil free
Not good with hard water Works well with hard water
Blocks humidity Blocks 70% humidity
Not for color-treated hair Works on color-treated hair
No pump and hard to squeeze No pump but easy to squeeze
Not travel friendly Travel friendly
Big bottle 946 ML Average size 236 ML
Proteins (Silk) Proteins (Hydrolyzed Wheat)
Budget-friendly Budget-friendly
Available everywhere Only selected stores
More Details I will go for the next one »
Get Yours » I’ll pick this one all day !


If you’re a shampoo snob like me, then the Tresemme shampoo for frizzy hair is not for you. I’ll rather pay a bit more for the silicone and sulfate-free option.

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