VAV Hair Dryer From Vivid And Vogue Review

Camelia Smith
VAV Hair Dryer From Vivid And Vogue Review
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I did an “impulse buy” last week. I bought the VAV hair dryer by Vivid and Vogue.

vav hair dryer straightener
The VAV hair dryer from Vivid & Vogue Review
From the editor The candy apple red finish of this dryer is simply too tempting to resist

But am I overly enthused about it ?

Let’s see.

Here’s a quick glance on what I like and what I don’t.


  • Good air velocity
  • 3 Heat and 2 speed settings
  • Flow direction control
  • Uses negative ions to reduce frizz
  • Has a cool shot feature
  • Removable air vent for easy cleaning
  • Has a concentrator nozzle
  • Compact size


  • Buttons are right where you hold it
  • Bright red light at end of barrel

My Verdict

It’s durable, has some pretty good features, and it’s not outrageously expensive either.


I saw this hair dryer on Amazon’s Best Selling hair care list, and decided to give it a go.

Why not ?

I’m always on the hunt for new products, and for that price …

It is a bargain.

The Vivid Vogue Hair Dryer is light. Given that my hair is long and I do tend to hold my hair dryer for a while, my arm didn’t hurt at all.

It weighs around 500 grams, lighter than the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer at 659 grams.

Ok, this goes without saying …

It’s nowhere near as sophisticated as the Dyson, and I won’t even dare compare the two.

But the Vivid Vogue does its thing well.

It cuts down my on hair drying time and on a good day I can save up to 10 mins.

So, top marks for drying my hair in a quick blast with its well-engineered air speed.

Unlike most hair dryers that blast too much heat but not enough air velocity, this hair dryer has the perfect balance.

It Locks In Moisture Rather Than Sucking It All Out

I didn’t realise that this budget hair dryer could make such a welcome difference to my hair texture.

If you have a thick head of hair like me, you’ll notice less static and a good moisture retention too !

And I did not even have to blast the heat to maximum.

Do you know why ?

Because it uses this “NEW advanced Ionic technology”.

Let me explain how this works:

vav hair dryer for curly hair

Vivid Vogue hair dryer – How negative ions work. Credit Vidal Sassoon

The intelligent heat from this hair dryer locks in moisture rather than sucking it all out of your hair.

And at 3 variable heat settings, it works for even the most desiccated hair.

If you’ve had your hair tortured with bleach and other chemical treatments, use the lowest setting and direct the air flow exactly on the parts you’re working on.

The Nozzle Is Amazingly Concentrated

vivid vogue hair dryer nozzle and concentrator

VAV hair dryer nozzle concentrator

I know most people won’t even touch it, but that duckbill nozzle has a purpose.

The VAV hair dryer nozzle concentrates the air flow directly to the parts I am working on. So my hair is not all over the place.

I use it to follow-up and out with my Paddle Brush to give my hair volume at the roots.

Then I point it down the length of may hair for extra smoothness.

And Tada !

3 Position Rocker Switches Are On The Inside

I don’t know if this is a good thing or bad.

The buttons are on the inside of the handle. Right where you hold it.

vav hair dryer voltage

Vivid Vogue hair dryer buttons

While this makes switching back and forth easy for me, I’ve heard a few complaints about this feature.

And yes I agree …

Buttons on the inside of the handle can get in your way at times.

Super Long Cord For More Space To Move Around

The Vivid Vogue hair dryer has a 1.8m long power cord for extra convenience to move around with your hair brush.

You don’t need to sit right on top of the wall socket !

The ultra convenient hang loop also makes it safe to store. Just hang it after you’re done and let it cool down.

Removable Air Vent For Easy Cleaning

vav hair dryer light

Vivid Vogue removable air vent

I no longer have to use an old toothbrush to clean up hair clogging the impeller.

I have an OCD for cleaning that vent and I’ll tell you why it’s important.

The more you let hair accumulate in the vent, the more you’ll hear rattling and screeching noises.

This means your hair dryer is blocked and is overworking. In other words over heating too !

And overheating only means one thing. It will cause heat damage to your hair.

So, the removable air vent is a big plus point here.

Lock Your Style In Place With The Cool Shot !

vav hair dryer wattage

Vivid Vogue cool shot button

Set your style in place with a blast of cold air once you’ve finished drying.

The cool shot is my favorite feature in this hair dryer. Not only it controls heat damage, it also reseals my hair to give it that polished and glossy feel.

If you haven’t used that cool shot button on your hair dryer yet, you’ll be surprised how much it helps you.

Here are a few reasons why you should use it:

  • Closes the hair cuticles
  • Seals product into your hair
  • Adds body to your hair
  • Makes your hair keep its shape
  • Your hair style lasts throughout the day
  • Cools your scalp if you’ve overdone it with heat
  • Reduce damage and split ends
  • Cool your face when it feels muggy and humid 🙂

Let’s just assume for a minute that your hair is plastic.

While it’s warm you can bend it in any shape. You can make it curly from straight, or vice versa.

Now what happens when you cool down hot plastic fast ?

It retains the shape you’ve moulded it to.

This is how the instant cool shot works for your hair too.

So lock down that perfect hair style you took so long to do, and make it last all day !


The Vivid Vogue hair dryer is cheap, durable and comes beautifully packed, which also makes it suitable as a gift.

You’ll love the bright red ceramic finish.

Unless you have a spare few hundred bucks to drop on a Dyson Supersonic , this VAV hair dryer is good enough for the job.

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