Annoying Snags! The “Best” Hair Straighteners We Refuse To Buy And Why …

Charlene Latreuille
Annoying Snags! The “Best” Hair Straighteners We Refuse To Buy And Why …
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We’ve cranked up the heat on the so-called best hair straighteners on the market.

And do you know what ?

Under the glossy finish and the hi-tech claims …

We found alarming problems.

For example:

  • Plastic handles that burn your hands
  • Plates that don’t sit flush and snag your hair
  • Bootleg versions and counterfeit cheap flat irons
  • Horrid smell when the plates heat up (I will tell you why …)
  • Hair straighteners that were used, returned, and sent to other customers

They will make you cringe !

So before you go and splurge on a new hair straightening iron …

You need to read this.

  • We’ve tested 39 of the most popular hair straighteners
  • We’ve even used an Infrared thermometer to test the heat on their plates
  • We went though distressing reviews on Amazon, Ulta, Sephora, and eBay
  • We’ve listened to customers like you on popular forums

And we know exactly what products you should NOT buy.

Here’s the thing …

Out of 39, we only kept these 3 … (I’ll explain in more details below)

Our best rated hair straighteners

From the editor Because they meet our high standards & expectations.

Now listen:

“Cheap but good hair straighteners” won’t hurt your wallet.

But I know one thing for sure …

You’ll be buying yourself a lot of frustration and a helmet head.

Babyliss ceramic straightening brush hair

Let me show you why …

Table Of Contents

Quick Overview:
  • Problems with cheap hair straighteners: Why they don’t work
  • Hair straightener reviews: How to unmask the fake 5 stars
  • Plastic handles: The cheap ones that overheat
  • Curved plate flat irons: If the plates don’t clamp, they are useless
  • What makes a good quality hair straightener: What to look for
  • The top 3 hair straighteners: Because we know what works

You Don’t Want Your Hair To Look Like Candy Floss

I’ll get straight to the point.

Doing your hair in the morning is a deal with the devil.

What you get with best cheap hair straighteners at walmart

Because your hair has a frazzled life of its own.

To transform it into glossy moveable straights that last all day …

You need heat. A lot of it !

And this soon sucks you into a long hard struggle with hair damage and frizzies.

Read: Do hair straighteners damage your hair?

You know it when:

  • Your hair starts to look like a frizz ball
  • Your layers flick out and refuse to stay flat
  • Your hair waves unevenly when you blow dry
  • You cannot hold a hair style anymore
  • Your head looks like candy floss
  • And you panick at every breeze

At this stage …

The only thing that will save your locks is a bank-busting salon treatment. (Plus tip !)

I’m sure you’ve seen it all before. Dealing with hair damage can get très expensive.

Like you:

I hate frizz and I like to control every inch of my hair.

It makes me look:

  • Put together
  • Effortlessly cool
  • And confident

It makes room for more personality to emerge above my clothes.

From the editor When I have a good hair day, everything else falls into place nicely.

There’s no denying this. Confidence starts with your hair.

It starts with a good hair styling tool that makes it happen.

You want something that can refashion your hair at the flick of a switch.

A flat iron that senses the texture and porosity of your fragile hair.

You want something that is:

  • Easy to use
  • Sensitive to your hair texture
  • Fast and efficient to save you time
  • Easy to handle and doesn’t hurt your wrist

You don’t want to battle with a clunky old flat iron that has a weird mind of its own !

Trust me, I know how it feels when your straightener:

  • Pulls your hair: Instead of gliding smoothly
  • Doesn’t have a tight clamp: You have to press hard to straighten
  • Is too hot on the outside: You can’t hold the handle for long
  • Takes forever to work: You need at least 5 passes on each section
  • Has the most idiotic temperature control: That makes no sense
  • Sounds like a crying duck: Every time you use it

Or worst …

It has an unreliable auto shut off.

I bet there are days when you sit in the office wondering if you’ve switched yours off.

I am going to be brutally honest with your here …

When you buy a hair straightener on the cheap, you get what you pay for.

Want proof ?

Let me show you the crap we had to deal with and WHY you should AVOID them.

Click on the red buttons to read the distressing reviews. (I know you’re curious …)

Don’t buy these cheap hair straighteners that damage hair.
Image Product Reviews
NOT the best remington hair straighteners for long hair

S5500 Remington Flat Iron Reviews

  • Smells of burning plastic
  • Unreliable temperature
  • Rough plates
  • On / Off button problems
flat irons ion hair straightener ceramic ionic

HSI Ceramic Hair Straightener Reviews

  • Poor quality
  • Temperature flickers
  • Problems with returns
babyliss hair iron ceramic straight hair

Babyliss Pro Flat Iron

  • Hot plastic handle
  • Too thin. It cramps your hands
  • Gap between the paddles
infiniti pro conair hair straightener reviews

Infiniti Pro Conair Flat Iron Reviews

  • Plates don’t clamp
  • Temperature always stays high
  • Power cord shorts out

Let me start with the worst of the lot.

The Remington Hair Straightener That Smells Of Burning Plastic

hot iron hair straightener brands
Why this Remington hair iron sucks

There’s a horrid smell that comes from the plates when this thing heats up.

Customers describe the smell like:

Check it out: Frustrating reviews on the Remington hair straightener »

It’s so strong that it gives you headaches and will make you want to throw up.

remington cordless hair straightener

We were curious to find out more and this is what we did …

We heated the Remington hair straightener at various temperatures and we noticed the smell once it hit 370° F.

Then we did the same test again (30 times) over a 2 week period.

And each time, we cleaned the plates with a damp cloth to make sure there were no
hair product residues baking on them.

Guess what?

The lingering toxic smell did not disappear.

So we contacted the seller, explained the problem, and asked for a replacement.

Funny thing here is …

We got a replacement that was opened and used. But that was the least of our problems.

We figured out something was fishy.

With so many unsatisfied customers returning this product, the seller definitely had a huge stock of returned items piling up.

No wonder why they were shipping defective ones back to new customers.

Needless to say, the replacement had the same problem.

So we went to search for answers from forums and contacted customers who had the same problem.

And here’s what we found …

A Proposition 65 warning. The product contains Styrene (Wikipedia Link).

best hair straightener remington dangers

According to the Agency For Toxic Substances (ATSDR):

Manufactured Styrene may contain aldehydes, which gives it a sharp and unpleasant odor.

This warning was nowhere on the product’s poor packaging.

And things got even worse.

The Hair Straightener Temperature Was Awfully Inaccurate !

We noticed the temperature would spike at certain points on the plates.

It would never reach the numbers we set.

So we used an IR thermometer to run a series of tests on the plate surface.

And here’s the shocking truth:

pro ceramic flat hair straightener iron

This thing was only running at 230° F when it’s supposed to heat at 368° F.

What does this means for you ?

Well, first of all:

It’s NOT the best of straighteners for thick and coarse hair as advertised.

Because it doesn’t generate the hight heat you need to straighten thick hair.

Our tests prove that you’ll be spending too much time going over the same sections.

And yet, you’ll still struggle to get the results you want.

While the uneven temperature causes hot spots, you’re also using repeated heat strokes that burn your hair.


Flat ironing your hair should be one pass and effortless.

You can only do this with smooth ceramic plates, which the Remington doesn’t have.

The Poor Ceramic Coated Plates Will Rip Your Hair Off

The S5500 hypes itself up as the best Remington hair straightener with anti-static plates.

It’s a complete lie !

It snagged my hair on a few occasions and would leave crimps at the top.

I was not impressed at all.

The plates are rough with a grainy texture.

Compare this with a professional ceramic hair straightener like CHI

And you’ll see the difference straight away.

ultra chi tourmaline ceramic hairstyling iron

NEW CHI G2 Ceramic Hair Straightener

The NEW G2 CHI top rated ceramic flat iron.

The Remington’s plates only contain a thin layer of ceramic on top of aluminium.

How do I know this ?

I used a 50p coin to scratch the surface and voilà !

100% ceramic hair straighteners do not have cheap aluminium plates underneath.

Now let me tell you about the most irritating part …

The On/Off button is supposed to do only one thing.

Switch the damn thing on and switch it off.

This one had a mind of its own. It would switch off for no reason at times.

cheap flat hair iron curler
Remington cheap straighteners with power button problems

And when you try to switch it on, it takes at least 3 hard presses to get it to work.

After a few weeks the button got stuck and it wouldn’t work at all.

Honestly, I wouldn’t even take this Remington flat iron for free !

We also rated these similar products and they got a BIG ZERO for safety.

Image Product Reviews
wet to dry hair straighteners reviews

Remington Wet To Dry Flat Iron

Spits out hot steam. Can burn your hands.

Not the best keratin hair straightening products

Remington Keratin Therapy Flat Iron

Terrible reviews + it smells as well.

what is the best top brand of hair straightener iron

Remington New Diamond Shine Flat Iron

Also contains Styrene in the plastic handle.

Key Takeaway:

  • The plastic handle has Styrene – A hazardous product
  • It will make your hair smell like rotten egg
  • The seller is difficult to deal with when you want to return the item
  • The S5500 from Remington is NOT a dual voltage flat iron *
*(only works on US outlets)

Do NOT buy Remington low-priced hair straighteners.

They’re made with cheap hazardous materials that will put you at risk.

Why I say no to this best hair straightener from remington

Next in the list is HSI.

It’s listed as one of the best budget flat iron hair straighteners you can buy for under $50.

I know you love a bargain. But you don’t want to be taken for a fool !

Watch out for this.

The “Professional” HSI Flat Iron With 8, 934 Fake Reviews

According to Fakespot and the best hair straightener consumer reports…

The HSI professional hair straightener has low quality reviews.

hsi one and only argan oil heat infused flat iron hair straightener and curling reviews
HSI cheap professional flat irons reviews

Here’s what their report say:

  • Reviewer patterns reveal deception
  • Reviewer accounts are generated by automation
  • There are correlations with other fake reviewers’ profiles data and language.

We also did a check with another service called ReviewsMeta:

cheap flat irons that work but have a lot of defects
HSI cheap ceramic hair straighteners exposed.

And their results were similar too:

  • The reviews were written by unverified customers
  • The reviews were written on high volume days
  • Reviewers admitted to receiving incentives
  • And there were reviewers who posted more than once

No wonder why the HSI ceramic flat iron had the fastest growth in best reviews over the last 10 months.

Click here to see the HSI tourmaline hair straightener reviews »

And here’s the trick they use.

Every time there’s a bad review that shows on top …

… the seller would pay or encourage people to write 5 star reviews to suppress the bad ones.

Let me save you the hassle of going through all these dishonest reviews

This straightener is nothing but junk.

I’ve made a summary of problems you’ll face if you buy this item:

  • The electric power cord is defective – It loses power
  • The power cord twists a lot – it is irritating
  • The temperature would never stay consistent
  • You don’t get the free Argan oil as advertised
  • The plates only touch at the tip – There is a large gap
  • The corner brackets pull your hair
  • It has low-grade ceramic coated plates
  • You may find some missing screws at the back
  • There are squeaking noises from the spring
  • The plates will come apart in a couple of months
  • The temperature light flickers and it will confuse you
  • You still need many passes at the highest temperature
  • It takes up to 10 long minutes to heat up

And if you decide to travel with this …

… you’re more likely to blow the fuse in your hotel !

best travel dual voltage flat irons for europe reviews
Why you need Dual Voltage for travel hair straighteners.

Because the HSI is falsely advertised as a dual voltage hair straightener.

We tried it here in the UK, and it shorted out immediately.

To make things worse …

This was the longest running return transaction we had to deal with.

We paid £8 to send it back.

After a week, the item was returned to us with this message:

“Refused to Accept”

We sent it back again with a bigger and more detailed complaint.

hsi flat iron review and complaint

And this time they acknowledged the problem, but still took them 2 months to refund the money.

My advice:

Avoid this scam.

Up next is the Babyliss nano “thin” titanium straightener.

So thin that it hurts to hold on to it.

The Babyliss Flat Iron With Blistering Hot Handles

babyliss hair flat iron ceramic nano or titanium
Babyliss pro nano titanium flat iron 1 inch reviews »

I don’t know about you but …

I always use my thumb and index finger to grip the end of the handles when I’m straightening my hair.

It helps me apply just enough pressure to run it through and get the job done fast.

But not with this Babyliss hair straightener.

The heat from the plates radiate through the plastic handles to make the back of the iron blistering hot.

You can’t even hold the base to squeeze the ceramic pads.

Although the Babyliss pro flat iron is great for Brazilian keratin treatments, the plastic material on the outside is cheap and flimsy.

It’s so thin that your hands will cramp trying to hold on to it. Plus, no matter what heat settings I use, I find it hard to grip.

Even at 165° F, the handles were scorching my hand.

Read: Babyliss straightener reviews (The ones with hot handles complaints)

The plates are 29% longer – But Is This A Good Thing ?

curling hair with ghd straighteners
Babyliss Pro nano titanium hair straightener vs GHD straighteners

I agree. Longer plates cover more areas faster.

But try it around your ears and you’ll understand my frustration.

It gets awkward around the corners and hard to reach areas.

To make things worse …

There is a huge gap between the paddles.

The Plates Don’t Touch No Matter How Hard You Clamp !

The plates are so far apart that I have to tussle to get a smooth flow.

They also move from side to side and never align.

We contacted Babyliss to find out why, and here’s what they had to say:

“There is a gap between the plates when the iron is cold.

But, when the iron is on and the plates heat up, the plates expand and the gap will no longer be present.”

Like I said …

This makes a good Brazilian blowout straightener at 450° F, but I won’t recommend using it at home.

  • It will burn your hands
  • It cannot style around your ears
  • You’ll struggle with the gaps between the plates
  • And it will take you forever to get a smooth flow

Here are other similar Babyliss Pro straighteners with the same problems:

Click on the red buttons to read the reviews.

Image Product Reviews
titanium plate hair straightener vs ceramic

Babyliss Titanium Xtreme Flat Iron

Same gap problems between the plates.

babyliss straightening iron hair products

Babyliss Pro 2 Inch Flat Iron

Bigger plate surface – more heat through the handles.

what is the best and top brands of hair straighteners

Babyliss Wet To Dry Flat Iron Ultra Thin

Does a better job at re heating your sandwiches !

babyliss curved plate flat iron hair straighteners

Babyliss Ceramic Flat Iron With Comb

Don’t be fooled by it’s reasonable price, because it’s a fake !

babyliss steam hair straighteners reviews

Babyliss Steam Straightener

It fails to contain the hot steam. Can be a hazard.

babyliss flat iron review mini travel

Babyliss Mini Flat Irons

Gets way too hot and can burn your skin.

The Infiniti Pro Conair Flat Iron With Plates That Don’t Clamp

Not the best conair hair straightener
Conair Infiniti straightener reviews

The Conair Infiniti hair straightener will hit your hair closest to the ends but won’t touch any of the rest.

Unless you hold the outer clamp area and force it to grab all your hair.

Now who wants this ?

Here’s what happens when the plates don’t take in all your hair:

  • The edges of the straightener catch your hair
  • You end up doing 5-7 passes extra
  • You get cramps in your hands
  • It frustrates the hell out of you !

If you didn’t know, let me tell you this:

Conair and Babyliss are the same company.

This is just another clone of the Babyliss hair straightener I mentioned above.

Can you see the similarities ?

Here they are:

Babyliss vs Conair Hair Straightener
Conair Infiniti Pro Babyliss Nano Titanium
conair flat iron reviews
cheap titanium flat iron natural hair
  • 29% Longer plates
  • Ultra Thin body
  • Cheap plastic handle
  • Same gap between the plates
  • Same temperature variations
  • Identical heat controls
  • Same style power cord connector

Essentially, you are getting the same crap but for a bit cheaper.

Now, let’s be honest …

You use a hair straightening iron pretty much every day.

  • It locks out your frizz
  • It keeps your flyaways down
  • It keeps your hair under control
  • It keeps your ends clean and tidy
  • It gives your hair a generous boost of volume
  • You can fake a professional blowout in minutes
  • It makes you look glamorous for any special occasion
  • It makes your hair look incandescent when it catches the light
  • You get to see different sides of yourself in different hair styles

Or you can even chalk dye your hair!

what is a really quality affordable good straighteners for chalking

Looking satisfying at the click of a switch has never been easier.

A Professional Hair Straightener Costs Cheaper Than A Trip To Your Salon

When your frizzy hair takes on a mind of its own …

It’s always your hair styler that saves the day.

Believe it or not …

For me, a professional straightener works out cheaper than a trip to my hair salon.

Even at $200 it pays for itself.

what is the best hair straightener

If you want hair styles that look crisp and fresh, you need a no-nonsense top of the line flat iron that gets straight to the point.

A heat styler that glides down your hair without snagging or pulling.

You want something that speeds through your morning routine in half.

And yet, still makes you look twice as gorgeous.

From the editor The good news is, we’ve hand-picked the crème de la crème for you right here.

The Best Hair Straighteners We Trust And Buy

Here are the cool 3 brands we secretly use and we’ll buy them with our eyes closed.

1. The Newest Platinum GHD Flat Iron

new ghd hair straighteners reviews best price nz

GHD Platinum

The NEW GHD hair straightener

For years I’ve scorched my hair with heat.

Sometimes even up to 400° F and beyond just to transform my waves into smooth and straight styles.

I blame it on my ignorance. Didn’t know what I was doing.

Until I read this:

There’s apparently an ideal temperature for your hair. And this is it »

ghd best hair straighteners temperature. How hot do ghd straighteners get ?

According to Marie Claire Magazine:

Your hair straightener temperature should NOT go above 365° F (185° C).

If it does, then it’s literally frying your hair !

Even the scientists at GHD’s research lab in Cambridge UK back this theory.

Read: Inside the GHD Research Lab: Is GHD the best hair straightener ?

From the editor I needed a flat iron smart enough to do that for me.

The GHD Platinum professional styler takes the stress out of heat settings.

Here’s how …

There is no temperature dial to fiddle with.

So I have to accept its permanent state of 365° F (safest heat according to experts).

This fixed temperature is GHD’s way of telling you that it’s time to stop cranking the heat north of 400° F.

GHD says lower temperature protects hair from breakage while preserving the color integrity of dyed hair.The Cut: A Foolproof new way on how to straighten your hair with a flat iron »
From the editor It knows how to keep the temperature even when you’re styling.

Trizone Sensors Make Sure Your Hair Doesn’t Burn OR Snag

ghd slim straighteners
Ceramic plate flat iron with built in sensors.

Let the styler do the smart thinking for you.

Unlike the earlier generations of GHD ceramic hair straighteners …

Platinum comes with 6 heat sensors along the plates to distribute equal heat throughout.

All you have to do is switch it on and style your hair.

The sensors make sure temperature never fluctuate between the plates
to avoid hot spots.

I usually get ready with one eye closed in the morning, and this definitely saves me a lot of time.

I’m so much at ease now knowing that my straightener can sense my distressed hair.

It’s simple, efficient, and designed for busy women. Like you.

It heats Up In 8 Seconds And Has Auto Shut Off Too

ghd ceramic flat iron heat settings

Now, how’s this for convenience !

Just switch it on and it’s ready in a blink. 8 seconds to be precise.

You can style and dash looking your absolute best.

And you don’t even need this little reminder …

The Wishbone Hinge Aligns The Plates Perfectly At Any Angle

best price for ghd hair straighteners
The ghd platinum wishbone hinge

The problem with hair styling is, you always have to twist and turn and get in different angles.

Now this causes your plates to lose their alignment, and catch your hair.

GHD solves this problem with its unique wishbone hinge.

Hairdressers know that even the best stylers can suffer when the plates meet awkwardly and slide vertically against each other, causing slippage. The new wishbone hinge design of the GHD platinum ensures a perfect fit that’s totally stable, allowing for a completely smooth, controlled finish. Zoe Irwin
GHD's UK brand ambassador - HypeMyHair

Flip the platinum around at any angle and see how the plates stay perfectly aligned.

From the editor I swear you’ll never want to go back to another straightener after using this.

This, my friend is a life saver !

  • It doesn’t catch your hair
  • It gives you more styling control
  • It keeps the straightener sturdy so it doesn’t slip

And it gets even better …

The Zero Friction Plates Glide Through Your Hair Effortlessly

cheap ghd iv hair straighteners best price
Platinum has zero friction plates compared to GHD original hair straighteners

The styler has floating plates with a high gloss coating.

It is hands down the best flat iron for frizzy hair.

Because every single glide feels smoother than your average ceramic straighteners.

The last thing you want when you’re running a straightener through your hair is friction – this can cause (painful!) snagging and potentially breakage. This friction typically results from the straightener plates being either uneven, poorly aligned or a bit rough on the surface.
To overcome this, the hot plates on GHD platinum have a low-friction coating. Dr Tim Moore
Chief Technical Officer - GHD research lab - Mamamia

And I don’t have to repeat the same sections.

One stroke does the trick.

Less Snagging With One Stroke Styling

best hair straightener less damage
Hair straightener that doesn’t damage hair.

GHD Platinum uses One Pass technology.

With precise alignment and a solid even temperature, your hair gets straight in one go. So there’s less risk of burning or heat damage.

You can do pin-straight hair and those model-off-duty waves in half the time.

The Floating Plates Adjust Better To Cushion Your Hair

ghd flat iron 2 inch floating plates
What are floating plates on straighteners?

The plates tilt and angle to continuously adjust tension and friction.

Because they have springs that allow them to cushion your hair.

This gives you full flexibility to create sleek, wavy, or curly hair without a single snag !

Without floating plates:

A 10 minutes job becomes an attempt to straighten your entire head inch by inch until eternity.

Because your straightener is missing parts of your hair at difficult angles.

So if you’ve got long hair that needs a lot of effort:

  • The high gloss friction-free floating plates will cut your styling time in half.

And for those with short hair:

  • It’s super lightweight and easy to manoeuver.

So easy that you can even craft textured curly hairstyles.

Make Unlimited Enviable Hairstyles With GHD

ghd flat iron curls

Click here to buy your GHD hair stylers »

Make Instagram-worthy:

  • Pretty prom hairstyles
  • Wedding and bridal hairstyles
  • Glamour waves for the big nights out
  • Festival hairstyles (Bohemian / Boho chic)

The Platinum styler will seduce you with its unlimited possibilities.

Have you ever thought how a different hair style can dramatically change your look ?

Check this out:

How to create fashionable looks with your GHD Platinum hair straightener »

Let’s see how the Platinum styler compares to your original GHD hair straighteners …

Platinum Styler Vs GHD Professional Hair Straighteners

  ghd® Eclipse ghd® Platinum ghd® IV styler
ghd hair flat irons on sale
ghd classic flat iron
ghd stockists
TriZone Sensors
Auto Shut Off
Dual Voltage
Aerogel Handle
Color Options
Reviews » Reviews » Reviews »

Which GHD flat iron is the best – Comparison table

What I Like And Dislike About The GHD Platinum

  • Safer-for-hair heat: One heat setting of 365° F (the ideal temperature)
  • Color Integrity: Does not fade your hair color *
  • Heat Sensors: Maintains its temperature through the plates
  • Reduces Hair Breakage: By over 50%
  • Increases shine: Gives your hair a healthy glow
  • Wishbone Hinge: Perfectly aligned hair straightener plates
  • No Slipping: Hair stays perfectly positioned throughout styling
  • Control: Greater control to create any style
  • Heat Guard: A beautiful and convenient hair straightener heat mat (Bonus)
  • Auto Shut Off: For complete peace of mind it shuts off after 30 mins
  • Universal: The best dual voltage hair straightener
  • High Spec Glossy Finish: For effortless, smooth styling, and shine
  • Ceramic Plates: Top end ceramic flat iron that won’t snag your hair
  • 2.7m Swivel Cord: For convenient styling
  • Floating Plates: Won’t catch your hair
  • Single Pass: One stroke styling
  • Light And Easy To Hold: Makes hair styling a pleasure
  • Fast Heat Up: Ready in 8 seconds !
  • Outer Body Aerogel: Insulation for the coolest handling yet
  • Do Waves & Bends: The best flat iron to curl your hair too !
  • Warranty: You get the standard 2 years warranty
  • Size: Not available in wider plates
  • Not For Thick Hair: Check out the GHD large straighteners
  • Counterfeits: Watch out for poor quality copycats

* We tested this against GHD hair straighteners at 230° C temperature.
* For untreated hair we saw 2x more colour integrity compared to a normal styler.

best ghd flat iron best price

GHD Platinum

GHD flat iron reviews

Also Frequently Bought Together:

GHD remains a true classic that is not defined by time or fashion.

When you buy a GHD hair straightener, you get the perfect combination of …

Beauty, style, and technology at its best.

From the editor Because you know your hair deserves it.

Emerging from the Shadows of GHD …

This is the next generation of sophisticated hair straighteners.

2. Cloud 9 – The Apple Of Hair Straighteners

cloud nine hair straightener dubai

Cloud 9 The Touch

The Touch – Best Cloud 9 hair straightener

This is Cloud 9 Touch.

The most high-tech straightener for hair I’ve seen to date.

If you want:

  • Flexibility
  • Creativity
  • And reliability

The Cloud 9 Touch does it all without using searing heat.

This brand is leading a new evolution in hair styling.

And their moto is simple:

Less Heat. More Style.

So why is Cloud 9 making so much buzz in the beauty industry ?

We did some research on the brand and this is what we found …

The founder of the company is Robert Powles. One of the original founders of GHD.

He went his separate way in 2010 to make his own brand because he believed he could create better products.

And rightly so …

His new brand is so successful now that some salons are even replacing GHDs with the latest Cloud 9.

Let me give you a lowdown on this:

The Cloud Nine with touch technology is so sleek, it looks like a design brief from Apple.

You can’t help but notice the seductive gentle curves and the flawless aesthetics.

ceramic flat iron reviews

Cloud 9 Ceramic Hair Straightener

The best ceramic hair straightener from Cloud 9

And of course like the iphones, there are no buttons at all.

You clamp the plates together to switch it on and clamp it twice to increase the temperature.

From the editor I love the packaging. I seriously couldn’t throw it away.

As an added bonus …

You get a little booklet with many cool ideas for alternative hairstyles.

The Cloud 9 Straightener Feels Good In My Hands

Once you pick it up, you can feel the quality straight away.

  • Solid
  • Comfortable
  • And light like a feather

It comes with 3 heat settings and an LED display.

This will completely change the way you straighten your hair.

The one touch tap controls allow you to switch the heat without even pausing halfway.

Smart Heat Sensors Keep The Temperature Constant

Just like the GHD platinum …

The heat sensors on the mineral infused ceramic surface keep the heat even throughout.

The plates also float to cushion your hair against snags.

You’ll love it even more if you have processed, bleached, or color-treated hair.

From the editor … but there is a sense of mystery about these plates.

Every time I use it, my hair sparkles with splendor and stays put all day long.

There’s no reversion from humidity at all.

A Smart Chip Keeps It Authentic And Prevents Counterfeits

All Cloud 9 hair straighteners come with a smart RFID and a unique number.

100 top ceramic flat iron

Once you buy yours, you go online and register your number.

This way Cloud 9 can check usage of the straighteners they sell.

I think this is a brilliant feature for many reasons:

  • It prevents counterfeits
  • It helps to find patterns and their lifetime
  • It helps the company make improvements to their products
  • Monitoring helps to find how customers use their straighteners

Now this is a company that takes customer care seriously.

Other things you’ll love:

  • Bag: A luxury heat-resistant bag
  • Dual Voltage: You get a 2 in 1 plug
  • Warranty: 1 year peace of mind warranty
  • 360° Swivel Cord: For flexibility to move around
  • Heat Guard: You get an iron protective heat guard
  • Auto Shut Off: The iron goes on hibernation mode after 30 mins
  • Hairstyles Booklet: A magazine style booklet with hair styling ideas

What are you waiting for?

Tap into unlimited gorgeous hairstyles with the NEW Cloud 9 Touch.

the best way to flat iron natural hair
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And here’s our third favorite.

The queen of hair straighteners. This time with the features you’ve asked for …

3. The Best CHI Flat Iron Gets A Smart Upgrade And You’ll Love It

Your cult classic CHI straightening iron is now sleeker, sexier, and smarter.

best chi hair straightener with temperature control for thick hair

CHI Hair Straightener

Best CHI flat iron hair straightener reviews

Unlike the old original chi flat iron that has no variable temperature control …

The G2 has a smart mode button with presets in a multicolored digital LCD screen.

And it’s so easy to use that even my grandma can do it.

Check this out:

You get a + and – button on the handle and an LED display which lights up in 3 colors.

chi flat iron hair straightener temperature for natural hair


CHI adjustable temperature flat iron

Here’s what the colors mean:

  • Green: 370° F for fine hair types
  • Blue: 395° F for medium and wavy hair types
  • Red: 425° F for coarse/resistant hair types

You don’t have to remember or semi guess what’s the right temperature for your hair anymore.

How cool is this ?

And you can even go as low as 180° F.

At Low Temperature It’s The Best Hair Straightener For Fine And Thin Hair

If your hair is on the sensitive side, just switch it to green mode.

You’ll get the safest heat to work on your fine and fragile hair.

From the editor This smart multicolored digital temperature display alone makes it worth the money.

Imagine how easy it makes your life when you’re getting ready in a rush !

The design feels more dynamic and the curved edges make it easy to do soft and bouncy curls.

Trust me, you’ll always come back to the smoothest glide of the CHI.

Because the ceramic plates are out of this world.

That’s right !

They are inspired by NASA’s research on nanomaterials.

So What’s Chi’s Ceramic Hairstyling Irons Got To Do With NASA And Space ?

Here’s the ionic twist …

CHI uses space exploration technology to make its plates better than anyone else.

Sounds weird, but let me explain …

All CHI straighteners come with NASA-grade ceramic plates as standard.

It all started In 2001.

Farouk Shami (founder of Farouk systems) brought in NASA scientist Dr. Dennis Morrison.

With his help, CHI made the new Cationic Hydration Interlink hair styling irons.

Inspired by Nanomaterials (Materials that are 10,000 times smaller than hair) …

CHI pioneered their ceramic plates that would produce the smoothest of ions.

In other words …

You get the finest grade of luxurious ceramic to run through your hair.

And it’s self sterilizing too !

The benefits of using a CHI ceramic hair straightener:

  • It reduces static
  • It provides smoother and glossier hair
  • It works well to battle awful 6th grade frizzies
  • You get even heat distributed throughout the plates
  • It glides through your hair without pulling or snagging
  • And the plates last longer without any chemical erosion

The best part ?

The premium ceramic plates preserve your hair’s natural oils for improved moisture retention.

Combine that with tourmaline:

The plates generate even more negative ions for friction-free hair styling.

If your hair always feels frizzy no matter what …

You may want to check out the CHI Air tourmaline ceramic flat iron.

Chi Air Flat Irons – Smart, Fun, And ColorFul

chi air hair straightener reviews

CHI Air Straightener

CHI Air hair straightener reviews

Get frizz free shiny hair in minutes with the unmatched heating intensity
of ceramic and tourmaline.

In just one session, you can feel your soft and silky tresses when you run your fingers through.

The Air version is:

  • Super light
  • Easy to handle
  • And works to create curls, flips, and waves

It comes in 5 summery vibrant colors with a more feminine touch.

  • Fire Red
  • True Teal
  • Pure Pink
  • Onyx Black
  • Midnight Violet

Unlike the original CHI flat iron which:

  • Is bulky
  • Is only available in black
  • Does not have auto shut off
  • Is limited to only one temperature

CHI Air gives you more options with the same quality and durability.

Let’s see how much more value you get from the Air model.

  CHI Air Straightener CHI Original
chi hair straightener dual voltage official website
top best cheap chi flat irons for natural hair
Temperature Control
Ceramic Plates
Color options
Auto Shut Off
Reviews » Reviews »

With its 410° F max temperature, this is the best Chi flat iron for African-American hair.

Here are the features you’ll love:

  • Dual voltage
  • Goes up to 410° F
  • LED indicator light
  • Available in 5 colors
  • It turns off automatically
  • 30 seconds fast heat up
  • 9ft long 360° swivel cord
  • 1 Inch curved floating plates
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • 2 years warranty (more than the usual standard)

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Work your hair like a pro with the NEW upgraded range of CHI Air hair straighteners.

If you’re more into curls …

Then feast your eyes on this new hair curling iron (and straightener in one)

The Ellipse Teflon 3-in-1 CHI Curling Iron

chi curling iron wand

CHI Teflon Styler

CHI flat iron and curler in one

The Ellipse Teflon from CHI is versatile and multi-purpose.

You can use it to do:

  • Loose curls
  • Grungy bends
  • Undone waves
  • Crimped waves
  • Bouncy blowouts
  • Or even mermaid locks like a Disney princess

Spark your creativity and start making show-stopping Instagram hair styles.

With the latest designs accommodating all types of hair, you also get a hair tool that refuses to die.

Yes, they last for up to 10 years ! No joke.

In fact, I have some numbers to prove this …

How Long Do Chi straighteners Last ?

I did a bit of research on this:

According to a survey on Influenster, this is what customers say:

chi iron straightener
Chi hair straighteners lifetime according to customer surveys

Chi hair straighteners have been around for almost 2 decades.

And they have a large number of faithful followers.

The original black model has an impressive 3, 467 reviews on Amazon.

Hair stylists consider CHI as the gold standard in heat styling for many good reasons:

  • Durability: They last for up to 10 years
  • Smooth: They have the smoothest glide
  • Floating Plates: They don’t catch your hair
  • Fast Heating: Hot and ready to go in seconds
  • Dual Voltage: Use them anywhere in the world
  • Long Power Cord: They are flexible to move around
  • Curved Design: You can also make well-controlled curls
  • Strong Hinge: They never lose stability. They have good alignment
  • Press Sensitive: The plates allow you to control the pressure on your hair

Ever since the first CHI ceramic flat iron was introduced in 2001, it’s been the safest and most reliable hair straightener in the market to date.

So good and versatile that, it’s a trusted sponsor of the Miss Universe contest.

From the editor The exclusive range of Miss Universe CHI flat irons in pink.
types of chi flat irons

Miss Universe CHI hair straighteners

Miss Universe pink CHI hair straighteners

“In order to achieve so many looks on so many hair types and textures, we rely on CHI® Hair Care and the Miss Universe Style Illuminate Line to provide the results we need. The lines allow us to successfully create consistent, beautiful styles for each contestant from photo shoots to on-site appearances to the actual live airing.”Says Tammy Mixon, Farouk Systems’ Global Artist and lead stylist for the pageants
chi 1 inch flat iron

Kardashian Beauty Hair Products Are Also Made By CHI!

chi elite flat iron reviews

Kardashian Beauty Straighteners

Kardashian beauty straighteners and products by CHI

“Farouk Systems is a company of hairdressers dedicated to creating beauty, new trends and innovative styling products, so the partnership with Kourtney, Kim and Khloé to introduce Kardashian Beauty was a natural fit.

Our team worked hand-in-hand with the sisters to create a premium product line directly inspired by their iconic styles and individual hair needs, while also honoring our company’s commitment to offer superior-quality professional products.”

Basim Shami, CEO of Farouk Systems, Inc.

According to Women’s Wear Daily (WWD):

The Kardashian Beauty product line will generate more than $200 million in retail sales in its initial year.

Is it worth the hype ?

Yes, I think so.

Other than the branding, it’s an exact copy of the G2 model.

From the editor I bought one as soon as it was out, and it’s definitely something I will be keeping.

For all of you loyal CHI followers, these upgrades are definitely worth every penny.

The Best CHI Straighteners You Can Buy

In Conclusion

Now it’s your turn to make the right decision.

To recap, here are some tips to help you avoid the bad ones.

  • Reviews: Check with Fakespot
  • Handles: Do customers complain about them ?
  • Voltage: You want to make sure it works abroad
  • Smell: You want to avoid them because of toxic chemicals
  • Clamping: Check if customers complain about clamping too hard
  • Temperature: Is your hair too thick for fixed temperatures ?
  • Plates: Don’t buy coated. Get a 100% ceramic plate flat iron
  • Floating: Make sure they are curved and the plates float

Be smart and get yourself a professional hair straightener right from the go.

Because it just makes more sense.

In the long run it works out better value for your money.

And trust me:

You don’t have to break the bank to buy the best of hair straighteners.

The Best Hair Straighteners We Trust »
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