Which Keratin Treatment Is Right For You ?

shehnaz shirazi
Shehnaz Shirazi
Which Keratin Treatment Is Right For You ?
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A Keratin Treatment is your perfect solution for manageable and runway-ready hair !But:As seductive as this may sound…It’s also the most confusing hair treatment to choose and buy.Because everyone’s hair is different…And it comes down to what you really want as end result.Remember: Keratin Treatment for hair is not a one size fits all. It’s about texture management.Here’s the deal:Once you figure out what’s the right product for your hair, you’ll be hooked.Imagine:Frizz free, less time blow drying, and easy to detangle hair after every wash !Today, I will tell you about the different types of hair keratin treatments …Quite simply…You’ll be surprised with all the options available and the different benefits they offer.And you’re going to love this…

There’s Definitely A Surprise Product For You Right Here!

So jump right in…

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The Best Keratin Treatments And Reviews

majestic hair botox kit

1. Majestic Hair Botox

Majestic uses Caviar oil, Argan oil, and Collagen to eliminate frizz and add shine to your hair.

Best Pick
inoar botohair

2. Inoar Botohair

Packed with Argan oil and Collagen.

Most Liked
kashmir keratin hair botox

3. Kashmir Keratin System

The Kashmir Keratin Hair Botox Treatment rebuilds your hair back to health. It is an effective rehabilitative hair care package that also helps fight hair loss. Read more about Hair Botox Vials And Ampoules.

loreal hair botox treatment

4. L’oreal Fiberceutic Botox For Hair

L’Oreal Fiberceutic hair botox uses an innovative technology called Intra-Cylane micro molecules that penetrates your hair and fill in the broken gaps instantly.

nutree bottox

5. Nutree Bottox Expert

Get humidity-free hair for 2 months. Works for all hair types.

botosmart treatment

6. BotoSmart Rejuvenating Hair Treatment

Special capillary treatment formulated to rejuvenate your hair.

tahe magic botox effect

7. Tahe Magic Botox Effect

Magic Botox effect Hair replenisher. This treatment rejuvenates curls, fine hair, transforms thick, dry and coarse hair into silky, shiny and smooth hair.

keratin research hair treatment

8. Keratin Research

Infused with Moroccan Argan Oil, coconut oils, and Amino acids, this Keratin Kit will leave your hair elastic, vibrant, and well nourished.

botox keratina

9. Keratina Botox Gel – SoftLiss

New Keratin treatment Gel from SoftLiss. Immediate results. Formaldehyde-Free.

Keratin Treatment Benefits

“A keratin hair straightening can save up to 40% of your time blow drying everyday!”Henri Borday – Hair Stylist New York Mizu Salon and Corporate Educator for Global Keratin.
If your hair gets wiry or turns into a frizz ball every summer…

Experiment with a keratin product!

Benefits of keratin treatment for your hair:
  • Cuts down styling and blow drying time
  • Fortifies your hair
  • No more frizz
  • It removes bad chemicals from your hair (hard water, shampoo residues)
  • Your hair retains moisture
  • Gets rid of split ends
  • It replenishes the hair’s natural keratin protein
  • It makes hair color look more natural
  • No grow out. Your hair will return to its natural state after 3 months
Let’s face it…Everyone wants picture perfect hair : be it for selfies, to look good for work, going on a date or just a self-confidence boost.This starts with hair that is easy to manage, which means: Get rid of the frizz first.

What Causes Your Hair To Frizz?

Hair frizz do get progressively worse, and the main reasons are:
  • Environmental conditions
  • Dampness
  • Heat
  • Static
  • Coloring and heat stylling
One thing common in every keratin treatment is: Frizz reduction and control.So take control now. Frizz control is easier than you think.

How Does A Keratin Treatment Work?

Keratin does not make your hair straight !The treatment is neither a relaxer nor a straightener. It’s a frizz reduction therapy.Relaxers and straighteners use harsh chemicals to change the texture and break the bonds in your hair. While Keratin softens, smoothes, and makes your hair manageable without even touching the cortex.Remember:88% of your hair is keratin, and it wears out with ageing, environmental factors, and styling.A keratin treatment replenishes your hair’s natural protein, which helps combat frizz. It evens out the porosity and damaged parts of your hair, smoothing the cuticle. The finishing touch of the treatment seals the shaft of the hair to make it straight and sleek.As a result your hair appears freshly blown out making everyday styling a breeze.Although the results are not permanent, your picture perfect hair will last for a good 3 months at least.

Formaldehyde Free Is The Way To Go!

Did you know?When Keratin Treatments were first introduced to hair salons, hair stylists had to wear masks to use them. The treatments back then contained Formaldehydes.Yes, Formaldehyde gas that causes irritation to the skin, eyes, nose and lungs.But:In 2011, the OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) issued a warning and a ban on these products. As a result, keratin treatment suppliers now follow strict regulations.Any products used today should be Formaldehyde free. If you’re unsure, ask your stylist or check your product label.

How To Check For Formaldehydes:

Types Of Keratin Treatments

There are thousands of keratin treatment products available online and in salons right now.I’ll be honest with you….A lot of people end up buying the wrong product because of the confusing choices.I’ve broken it down in easier categories.By reading through this list, you’ll understand better what your hair needs and which type is better suited for your hair.

Botox Keratin Hair Treatment

Hair Botox is the latest trend in Keratin Treatments. The products are Formaldehyde-Free, contains Caviar oil, Collagen, Amino acids, and supercharged Nano Keratin molecules.Right now, it’s very popular in hair salons and also available as DIY kits.A Hair Botox kit will usually consist of:Find out more about this exciting range of products:
Hair Botox Reviews

The Brazilian Keratin Treatment

Keratin treatments originate from Brazil since 2005. Empowering women to turn wild, frizzy hair into manageable and touchable tresses.Although the first Brazilian Blowout range was banned by the OHSA for using harmful formaldehydes, the newer generations are regulated. Brazilian keratin treatments DO NOT contain any aldehydes and dangerous chemicals.They are safe to use, non permanent, and will naturally fade out in 3 months.Brazilian keratin treatments work on any type of hair:
  • Virgin
  • Permed
  • Colored
  • Previously straightened
  • Bleached
  • Blonde
Where To Buy Keratin (Brazilian)By far, the best range of Brazilian Keratin is available on Amazon.com. With plenty of reviews on each product, you get a good heads up before you buy.
The Best Brazilian Keratin Treatments

Brazilian Blowout Keratin Treatment

The Brazilian blowout takes up to 90 minutes, depending on your hair length.But guess what…You can wash your hair right after the treatment.Blowout means: blow-drying the hair with the option to flat iron.The process includes using a blow-dryer with a comb attached. You can also use a handheld dryer combined with a vent brush, paddle brush, penman brush, or round brush.What to expect: Your hair is gently relaxed and straightened. The results will last for 3 months but that of course depends on your hair texture and aftercare.
The Best Brazilian Blowout Keratin Treatments
Mini Keratin Blowouts (Blowout Express)Coppola Just Blow - Blowout Express Keratin SprayIf you haven’t got time for a full on Keratin blowout treatment, you can use express blowouts to tame your frizz.Brazilian Blowout vs Keratin Treatment (Regular)The differences between Brazilian Blowout and Keratin treatment:
Brazilian Blowout vs Keratin Treatments

Brazilian Blowout vs Keratin Treatments

Benefits Of Brazilian Blowouts
  • It takes only 90 minutes to perform and provides more convenience for you.
  • You can wash your hair right after the treatment on the same day!
  • Brazilian blowouts do not contain formaldehyde and will cut down on your time for daily styling.
Brazilian Blowout ExtendersMake your Brazilian Blowout last longer by using the right products for hair care and maintenance.You can use products like Kerapure Extender, Pantene Blowout dry shampoos, or Simply Smooth Intense blowout to help.
The Best Keratin Blowout Extenders

Brazilian Blow Dry Keratin Treatments

Compared to a Brazilian Blowout, a Brazilian Blow Dry treatment requires 72 hours after the treatment to wash.The keratin Blow Dry treatment works as any other keratin treatment. Semi-permanent smoothing with extra nourishment and conditioning to your hair.
Brazilian Blow Dry Treatment Kits For You

Cysteine Complex Treatments – A New Type Of Keratin Therapy

Cysteine treatments use natural amino acids to straighten your hair. The natural amino acid is considered safer than formaldehyde based straighteners and is easily absorbed.What’s more remarkable…A Cysteine keratin treatment is suitable type 3 / 4 hair as it does not contain any complicated chemical formulas.Other benefits for you:
  • It takes a lot less time to apply, and costs less
  • Contains the finest botanical ingredients and natural proteins
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Natural smoothing effect with total frizz reduction
  • Provides intense conditioning and improves hair texture quality.
De Fabulous Cysteine Treatment Keratin

Japanese Keratin Hair Treatment

This change is permanent until your hair grows out.Japanese straightening restructures your hair by breaking the bonds and re aligning them. Unlike traditional keratin which washes out over time, Japanese straightening will grow out.Japanese hair straightening requires a lot of upkeep.It may last longer than your regular keratin straightening.But:Regular keratin is safer.If you don’t like the end result of your Japanese straightening…You’re stuck ! Unless you chop your hair off allowing it to grow out again.
It is highly recommended to check with your stylist first before going for the Japanese treatment.
In my opinion:Chemically breaking your hair is not good. It will make your hair brittle, weak and weird in the long run.

The Japzilian (Japanese And Brazilian Fusion)

The Japzilian Keratin Treatment is a hybrid of Brazilian smoothing and Japanese straightening.Why this idea?G-San, a stylist from the Joseph Martin Salon in Beverly Hills introduced this idea exclusively for her salon. Her experiment proved that this treatment lasts a lot longer than a Brazilian treatment.Yes, that’s 5 months longer than a Keratin Brazilian treatment alone !Here’s how it works:The Brazilian treatment loosens the curls first, followed by the Japanese product on top of the hair to seal and lock out the frizz. This combination does not need any heat styling. For a perfect finish, use simple air drying.This combined treatment can take up to 5 hours though. Definitely not for the impatient.There is no 72 hour waiting time to wash. You can rinse your hair and blow dry 1 hour after completion.There isn’t any Japzilian Kits on sale right now, but we will keep you updated once the products are available.

Italian Keratin (Thermal) Hair Treatment

The Italian version of keratin treatments uses thermal styling to re arrange the chains of hair keratin, extending them to give a smooth and sleek feel.The only Italian keratin therapy I found online so far is the Alfaparf Milano Lisse Design Keratin Therapy .It’s marketed as parabens and formaldehyde free…But:It does smell and smoke a lot. The bottles are also too small limiting the amount of treatments you can get for your hair.However, it does the job for it’s low price.

Moroccan Keratin (Argan Oil) Therapy And Treatment

Similar to Brazilian Keratin treatments, the Moroccan formula rebuilds your hair to make it elastic, soft and naturally vibrant.The extra benefit of this treatment lies in one secret ingredient: The Moroccan Argan oil.Argan oil gives your hair intense conditioning and vitality.
Moroccan Keratin Treatments (Argan Oil Infused)

Dominican Keratin (Curl Reversion) Treatment

Originating from the Dominican Republic, this treatment can be varied to suit individual hair types.But there are limitations to this method:
  • It lasts only up to 4 weeks
  • The procedure takes longer
  • Your hair will revert back to its natural state as it gets wet more often
  • Requires very high levels of heat
  • A heat protectant is also required
  • Can cause heat damage to your hair
  • Should be done sparingly to avoid heat damage to your hair
The Dominican Keratin Formula is recommended for strong hair. If you have chemically treated or damaged hair, you should avoid it.How long it last also depends heavily on your individual hair type, although an average of 4 weeks is the maximum.

The Soft Keratin Treatment

Ideal for those who love their curls and wavy hair.Sometimes, you simply want to get rid of the frizz without changing your curl pattern.In other words:You want smooth manageable hair but with the same curl definition. A Soft keratin formula is the right one to go for.Best suited for fine to medium textured hair, the treatment coats your hair from root to tip. It is then sealed with a blow dryer and a ceramic flat iron.Enjoy curly, wavy textured hair with more definition and no frizz for at least 2 months with a soft keratin hair treatment.
Soft Keratin Treatments (Keep Your Curls)

Keratin Treatment For Different Results

Keratin Smoothing Treatment

A Smoothing therapy is different to conventional straighteners.While straighteners and relaxers break the protein bonds in the hair structure…Smoothing coats hydrolysed keratin on the outer layer of your hair.The difference:Keratin straightening reforms your hair into a permanent straight shape.Smoothing treatment with keratin renews the smoothness of your hair from the outside.The benefits of smoothing your hair with keratin:
  • It does not break your hair
  • Smooth hair looks healthier
  • Smooth hair can be styled wavy or straight (more versatile)
  • Smoothing works on all hair types
  • Gets rid of unwanted frizz
  • The treatment is cheaper and takes less time to perform
  • No harsh chemicals involved
  • Less heat damage to your hair
  • Less maintenance and upkeep
  • Keeps your hair volume intact
  • Enjoy luxurious texture and intense shine
  • Moisturizes your hair with Argan oil
  • Lasts 6-8 weeks
  • Provides a protective layer on your hair (strong hair)
If you still prefer a straightening treatment over smoothing, I suggest you go for the semi permanent Keratin straightening with Hair Botox.Fortunately, there are a lot of good non permanent products that straighten without damaging your hair.
Best Keratin Smoothing Treatments

Keratin Straightening Treatment

Always go for the semi permanent hair straightening treatment.Avoid the aggressive Japanese style straightening by using deep conditioning treatments instead. This will also ensure your natural hair structure remains intact and gradually return.I recommend Keratin Botox Straightening, and there’s plenty of reasons why:
  • Formaldehyde-Free
  • Semi-Permanent
  • Awesome Pre and Post treatment care included
  • 95% reduction of frizz
  • Safer than Japanese treatments and relaxers
  • Good for over processed hair
  • Easy to do it yourself at home
  • Less down time. Can be washed same day
Check out these awesome products ( including Hair Botox Kits):
Best Keratin Straightening Treatments

Keratin Relaxers

Get the results of an expensive Brazilian Blowout for LESS THAN $30.Yes, that’s right. nunaat keratin hair relaxing treatment The most loved Keratin hair relaxing treatment at the moment is the Nunnat Ultra keratin touch.One happy customer claims this product made her hair feel like the expensive weaves she used to buy. Keratin relaxers are very popular among African Americans.Another popular product is the Keratin Complex natural smoothing.Avoid the high costs of hair salons, smooth and relax your hair with these cheaper alternatives.

Using Keratin For Hair conditioning

Make your keratin hair treatment last longer with a conditioning treatment.Not just any conditioning …Look for Keratin shampoos and conditioners that complement your smoothing or straightening.These conditioners and keratin after care solutions improve the feel and texture of your hair. Keratin conditioners make your expensive treatment feel like it was just done yesterday.Benefits of a rich keratin conditioner:
  • Superior penetration of keratin
  • Keeps your hair moist and smooth
  • Maintains your hair’s elasticity
  • Helps protect your hair color from fading
  • Prevents split ends
  • Adds shine and protect from sun damage

Deep Keratin Treatment

Get 3 months out of a 6 weeks Keratin Blowout !

If your hair is still on the dry side after your your Brazilian hair treatment, then use a deep keratin conditioning product.An deep intense moisturizing cream will fortify and nourish your hair even further. Giving you longer lasting frizz free hair.A lot of women claim to use deep keratin treatments at home in between treatments:The added benefits:
  • Keep moisture locked in
  • Prolongs your keratin treatment results
  • Nourishes your hair
  • Good for chemically processed hair that stay dry

Zero Frizz Quickie

The Zero Frizz Quickie is a treatment developed by Julien Farel, famous celebrity stylist in New York.It’s a 45 minutes quick keratin treatment that straightens your hair and eliminates frizz.But the best part is…It retains your hair’s natural volume and texture as opposed to other keratin treatments.The Zero Frizz Quickie difference:
  • Treatment last for 6 to 8 weeks without compromising style and body
  • No chemical damage – only hydrolyzed keratin used
  • No odors or sensitivity caused (formaldehyde free)
  • No downtime
  • Only 45 minutes for the whole treatment
  • Products are cheap and affordable

Keratin Leave-In Treatment

Use a Keratin Leave-in treatment as a daily restorative styling product.It’s cheap and it does a lot of good to your hair.First of all, it’s lightweight: You won’t even feel it in your hair. It’s so easy to use and carry around, it has become a must have for most women.I have one of these in my bag always: It's a 10 Keratin Leave In Treatment

It’s A 10 Miracle Leave-In Plus Keratin

There’s 10 good reasons why:
  1. Good for maintaining your keratin treatment
  2. Improves on styling and managing your hair
  3. Works for all hair types
  4. Replenishes lost protein
  5. Protects natural keratin in your hair
  6. Heat damage protection
  7. Good hydration balance
  8. Detangles, de frizzes your hair easily
  9. Makes hair structure stronger
  10. Extra silky hair feeling

The Progressive Keratin Treatment

A common misconception about keratin:The longer you leave the serum in your hair the stronger your hair will be.That’s not true.It’s the opposite. A one day Keratin treatment holds your hair stronger than those needing 3 days to wash.In my opinion: the 3 days wash is to avoid harsh shampoos that can strip the keratin from your hair.Remember:Even if your keratin treatment allows you to wash on the same day, you should avoid shampoos that contain sulfates.Sulfates will strip Keratin layers from your hair.Progressive Keratin requires no waiting time for washing. It restores the lipid layers of your hair that have suffered coloring and styling damage.You apply the treatment over a 30 day period rather than in one sitting. Which means your hair gets to absorb and repair gradually over a period of time.Progressive Keratin treatment benefits:
  • Your hair is more resistant to damage
  • Progressive straight effect
  • Reverses capillary aging
  • It can take up to 30 daily applications
  • Use it as a styling aid for curls
  • Controls humidity and gives your hair a healthy bounce

Intense Renewal Keratin (Kerabond Technology) Treatment

intense renewal keratin treatmentThe dry and brittle hair solution.Soy proteins and antioxidants in any hair products add extra repairing power to banish dry hair.What you get with an Intense Renewal Treatment:
  • Keratin formula that mends even the most damaged hair
  • Antioxidants in your hair
  • No fumes treatment
  • Reduction in hair breakage
  • A revitalised natural protective layer for your hair
Intense Renewal Keratin products use Kerabond Technology. A smooth combination of amino acids, pure keratin, antioxidants, and organic fruit extracts.Products are available as serums or hair sprays.
Intense Renewal Keratin Treatments

Keratin Repair Treatment

Talking about repair and renewal…… it’s important to note that only real keratin can repair hair damage.Keratin is the most important building block of your hair. Therefore, any type of damage essentially degrades the keratin protein cells first.What you need is functional keratin proteins that adapt and bonds to the damaged areas of the hair follicles. This type of smart keratin molecules know how to adequately fill up the damaged areas of your hair, leaving each strand smooth and plump.

If your hair is crying out for a damage rescue treatment:

Try Keratin Repair Treatments !

Keratin Infusion Treatment

An Infusion treatment locks hydration and nourishment in your hair.The ultimate benefits of using a Keratin Infusion treatment is to make your hair look lustrous and well nourished. Well nourished hair is always full of bounce and vitality.After all:You want your hair to be beautiful from the inside too.Evenly distribute an Infusion keratin serum on towel dried hair and watch how it enhances your hair’s body and shine. Ideally these types of Keratin solutions are used before or after blow-drying.You can also use it after you use hot iron to style your hair.

Keratin Color Lock In Treatment

How do you prevent fading between hair color treatments?It’s easy.Brassy tones, and dull looking hair color are the results of UV rays, environmental factors, and harsh sulfate shampoos.Use a color lock and smooth 2 in 1 after color sealer with Keratin spray. This formula is designed to keep your hair color looking natural and vibrant.Moreover, a Keratin Express Color Lock treatment will keep your hair frizz at bay.The benefits of a color lock Keratin leave-in treatment:
  • Locks in color
  • Prevents fading between color services
  • Eliminates frizz and softens curls
  • Makes keratin color treatments last longer
  • Adds shine and vibrancy
  • Speeds up styling/finishing time
  • Easy to use and versatile
  • Locks in moisture with a humidity barrier
  • Improves elasticity of your hair
  • Repairs split ends
  • Can shampoo after 24 hours
Add a healthy luster and high impact shine to your hair with a color lock treatment. This also adds a protective layer to coat your hair while replenishing Keratin and Collagen.Works on all types of hair and will last for up to 4 weeks.

The Protein Treatment

First of all, it’s important to note that *too much* protein can make your hair brittle.Find out if your hair lacks protein.You’ll know that if you hair feels:
  • Porous
  • Stretchy
  • Gummy
  • Frizzy
  • Suffering from chemical damage
Then choose an appropriate Keratin protein solution.I have hand picked the best for you right here:
Best Protein Keratin Hair Treatments

Bio Ionic Keratin Formula (Ion Transformation Treatment)

If you’re still not sure about the so-called “No Formaldehyde” products, Bio Ionic is an option you can consider.Hair stylists call this the “Ion Transformation”.It guarantees only the use of finest natural Ion Complex ingredients.This treatment uses close to 32 natural occurring minerals. No Carcinogens and other cancer causing chemicals.The process is as follows:
  • The minerals transfer negative ions into your hair
  • The Ions then break water molecules into tiny ones that penetrates and moisturise your hair.
  • Bionic Straightening makes your hair strong against humidity and frizz
What you get with a Bionic Keratin Straightening Treatment :
  • You only need to do it once a year (compared to every 3 months with regular Keratin)
  • Straightens 100% of your curls
  • Even the most extreme humidity won’t affect your hair
  • No Carcinogens or harsh chemicals (Formaldehydes)
  • Smooth, Frizz-Free hair for one year
The only downside of this treatment is the permanent results. Your hair won’t revert back to it’s natural state unless you grow it out.

Collagen Keratin Hair Treatment

Collagen makes your skin plump.Used as an important ingredient for skin cosmetics, it improves elasticity and strength for a youthful appearance.It has the same effect on your individual hairs too.Add Collagen to your hair and you’ll get…… improved elasticity, volume boost, resilient hair and a more youthful appearance.

Keratin Oil Hair Treatment

Keratin oil contains fortifying proteins and Phyto IV Complex to make your hair soft, smooth and vibrant.And the best thing…It’s very simple to apply: just apply it evenly on damp hair and leave for as long as you like.Here’s how your hair benefits from a keratin healing oil:
  • Reduces drying time for your hair
  • Heals excessive damage
  • Reconstructs the inner layers of your hair
If your hair is cracking off too easily, use the anti-breakage benefits of a healing oil loaded with Keratin.Just avoid using too much at once. You don’t want your hair to look too greasy.

Keratin Product Options (One That Suits You !)

The different types of Keratin treatment for hair:Let me tell you a bit more about each type:

Keratin Serum For Hair

A Hair Serum protects your hair from styling tools damage like straightening irons.It coats your hair with:
  • Silicone
  • Amino acids
  • Ceramides
The liquid keratin and silicone formula conditions the outer layers of your hair.And the best part …It does not change your hair structure.Remember: Keratin serum treatments are not permanent.Use them to treat stubborn frizz and make your hair lustrous.

Get That Healthy Sheen Back In Your Hair !

Pure Keratin Hair Treatment

Pure Keratin prevents vapour during ironing.I’ll say most Keratin treatments are Formaldehyde-Free these days…But:You can still expect a small amount of smoke or vapour during the flat ironing process.Ingredients like pure neutral water, pure mineral silicone and Keratin makes the pure range a safe option to use at home.The results: Long lasting gleam and softness for your hair.

Keratin Mask Treatment

A Keratin mask helps your hair with a moisture surge.Do it once a week, you’ll feel the boost in hydration to your hair.A Keratin mask treatment can be done in as little as 20 minutes.Here’s how you do it for best results:
  1. Apply it to your hair evenly
  2. Get a warm damp towel and wrap it around your head
  3. Leave for 20 minutes
  4. After removing the towel, leave your hair to cool for a few minutes
  5. Then rinse
Whether it’s overzealous detangling, excessive heat styling or coloring, we’ve all been careless with our hair at some point.A hair mask is the perfect solution to give your hair a weekly TLC.Added benefits:
I love the glorious scents of hair masks and the glossy finish they give to my hair.

Try out and see !

Best Keratin Mask Treatments

Nanokeratin Hair Repair Treatment

Nanokeratin hair treatments use Biomimetic Keratin (imitates nature) processes to rejuvenate your hair.These treatments contain the tiniest possible molecules of Keratin. They absorb faster and easier into your hair.Sometimes, a regular Keratin serum is not enough for your hair.If you’ve done Keratin treatments in the past and they did not work well for you, it’s time to give Nanokeratin a go!Perhaps your hair needs a Keratin formula for more deeper penetration because of the hair quality.This is the most intense Keratin formula you can get.
Best Nanokeratin Hair Treatments

Keratin Cream For Hair (Reduce Combing Friction)

Use a Keratin cream to reduce friction and damage when combing your hair.Yes, that’s right !Did you know that glide force and detangling also damage your hair. Especially if you brush your hair right after washing.Water displacement in Keratin healing oil creams increases lubricity and surface slip.Apply the cream to your damp hair, then comb after washing.Notice the easy glide and the BIG difference.

Keratin Spray For Hair (Hair Mist)

A Keratin hair spray is cheap.It’s something you can easily slide in your handbag and use while you’re out.With a 2 minutes quick fix Keratin spray, you get a light brushable hold with good layers.And even better …A Keratin-enriched mist spray gets rid of the static flyaways.I use the Chi Keratin Mist spray . It smoothes all the spritzes at the bottom of my long hair when blow drying.I also recommend a Keratin spray as a good follow up for Keratin aftercare.

Vegan Keratin Treatment (100% Cruelty Free)

According to theveganwoman.com, your shampoos and hair treatments contain Non-Vegan Ingredients.Watch out for Biotins, a common ingredient in shampoos and hair serums.If your product label does not explicitly say it’s 100% Vegan, you should assume it’s not.Ingredients in hair products that are Non-Vegan:
  • Biotins
  • Gelatin
  • Hyaluronic Acids
  • Cetyl Alcohols
  • Stearic Acids
If you’re 100% Vegan, watch out for these on product labels.Look for keratin hair products that are green and plant-sourced.

Keratin Organic Treatments (Non-Toxic)

For those who are completely against toxic products, there’s Organic alternatives.Products like Keragreen and Kerarganic are suitable non-toxic alternatives rich in pure organic ingredients.These products claim to use only Certified Organic Extracts. Therefore, no health risks and eco-friendly.Common ingredients in Organic Keratin Hair Products:
  • Chamomile Extracts
  • Green Plant sourced Keratin
  • Rosemary Extracts
  • Comfrey Root Extracts
  • Nettle

Engage Your Senses With Flavors and Scents

Are you worried your hair will smell of bad chemicals after your treatments?If that bothers you…Try Chocolate or Cocoa flavoured Keratin treatments

Keratin Treatment That Smells Like Chocolate And Cacao !

Don’t worry, you won’t smell like a chocolate bar!The Brazilian Chocolate Keratin dampens the chemical process with a touch of chocolate and cacao fragrance.The smell may feel strong during the treatment, but eventually wears off after the first wash.Try something new today…

Ignite your senses with Chocolate Keratin today !

Find The Right Solutions For Your Hair Type

Not sure about your hair type?

Straight Hair, No Volume, Split-Ends ??

If this sounds like you….Get friendly with hairsprays, mousses, and gels now !Women with fine, straight hair desire ONE thing: More Volume.But…why?The truth is: With fine straight hair, you can’t get creative.Type 1A to 1C hair are quite slippery. Making styles like twists, buns, or wearing them up gets messy and don’t hold for long.Another thing I noticed with my hair:It’s not easy to maintain the perfect symmetry. Straight hair looks flat and dull sometimes.I am a big fan of Keratin Hair Sprays as you know. This keeps my hair in good shape all the time.Good tips for women frustrated with straight hair:Use:
  • Keratin Smoothing for good texture and volume
  • Keratin Sprays for Volume
  • Keratin Split Ends Repair

Wavy Hair – Are You Stuck In The Middle?

If you have wavy hair, then you’ve got the best of both worlds.You don’t have to worry about knots and tangles from curly hair plus you get volume and bounce lacking with straight hair.But the problem is…You’re stuck in the middle when it comes to finding the right products.Let me make it simple for you.The key to maintaining wavy hair is: Balance.Find the right balance, and you’ll love your hair !If your hair is thick, coarse, and curly: Stay away from volumizers.Use smoothing products and wave defining silicones.If you have fine hair, more on the straight side, use volumizing products.

Curly Hair – Classically Femme

Frankly…I think curly hair is sexy and feminine.I would love the feeling of having thick and curly hair for one day.My hair has always been straight…I know I am missing out on the playfulness, coquetry and other charming styles I can possibly add to my looks.But never mind.On the downside, most women with curly hair claim it’s hard to maintain.To keep your curls out of whack throughout the day, use leave in conditioners (Keratin based).This will freshen them up and keep the frizz away.

Keratin Treatment For Black Coily Hair

Why is a Keratin treatment good for African American Black hair?There are 5 good reasons:
  • It straightens the coils in the hair
  • It makes it easy to comb through
  • It gives the hair a healthy sheen
  • There is less hair damage
  • Its not a permanent relaxer
It’s no surprise why Keratin treatments are so popular in Florida and Miami.It’s true that most black women now prefer natural hair. Going natural makes you understand your hair better.But caring for natural hair is also essential.Use good slip conditioners and a wide tooth comb to avoid detangling damage.

Keratin Treatment For Kinky Hair

If you have 4B or 4C kinky hair, you may consider a Keratin treatment to add manageable waves and spirals.It just allows you to work with your hair a bit more, while keeping the breakage and tangles to a minimum.A Keratin treatment for kinky hair will not dramatically change the texture.It loosens the roots and you’ll love the results.What you’ll get:
  • Faster hair drying time
  • Detangling sessions become easier
  • Transition between curly and straight hair easily
  • Goes without saying: Less frizz
  • Minimum breakage
Things to consider:It may set you back around a $100, but it’s a worthy investment.You will need to use some heat styling to seal in the Keratin, plus you won’t be able to color your hair in the first 2 weeks after your treatment.

Keratin Treatments For Color Treated Hair

2 important things to remember for color treated hair:
  • Do your hair coloring before your Keratin treatment
  • DO NOT color your hair after a Keratin treatment. At least for 2 weeks
Why color your hair before the treatment?Keratin enhances the color in your hair making it look more natural.In fact:Keratin will prolong the color vibrancy while keeping your hair smooth.A color treatment right after your Keratin treatment is pointless.Why?Because your hair will be layered with Keratin. This makes the color treatment ineffective.In other words:Color will not be able to penetrate your hair while Keratin is acting as a protective shield.Wait for a few washed, ideally 2 weeks until the Keratin has settled in properly.Ideal Keratin treatment for color treated hair is the Keratherapy Color Lock & Smooth Spray .This product complements color treated hair.

Keratin For Blonde Hair (Brassy & Ashy Tones)

Blonde hair can look brassy and dull if not taken care of.Enviromental pollution, UV rays, and fading color can make your blonde hair suffer.Yes, I see many friends who complain about brassy hair tones.To fix these unwanted warm tones, you need a natural smoothing Keratin therapy.This will infuse your hair follicles with Keratinous bonds and protect it from toxins and discoloring.The protection will last 3-5 months at least.Don’t let yourself feel Blondorexic (hair dyschromia) with brassy and ashy hair tones.A Keratin blonde hair treatment can definitely help you!

Keratin Hair Treatment Process (Step-By-Step)

Each Keratin product has it’s own set of instructions.But:There are some simple steps that are common in all and they are as follows:
  • Pre-treatment clarifying wash
  • Dry your hair
  • Apply the Keratin evenly
  • Wait for about 30 mins
  • Blow dry with Keratin in your hair
  • Use a flat iron to seal the Keratin in
  • Wash your hair (Depends on the Keratin treatment instructions)
  • Use a keratin treatment shampoo and aftercare
Here’s a video I found on Youtube from Chelsea Mercado who explains how simple a DIY Keratin treatment is.


[sub]Keratin Treatment at home video by Chelsea Mercado[/sub]

Doing Your Keratin Treatment At Home Will Save You Money !

A professional Keratin treatment in salon costs more than double the price you will pay for the product.But trust me:It’s easier than you think. All you need is good preparation and the right tools.

Tools You Need For A Home DIY Keratin

ImageToolUsed ForLink
allure blow dryer for diy keratinBlow DryerUsed for blow drying in between wash and application. Grab It !
keratin-applicator-brushKeratin Applicator BrushUsed for keratin serum application. Grab It !
keratin-applicator-bowlKeratin Applicator BowlUsed for mixing and preparations. Grab It !
keratin-flat-ironFlat IronUsed for sealing keratin into the hair. Grab It !
keratin-application-glovesLatex Firm Grip GlovesUsed for hair colouring and keratin application. Grab It !
keratin-applicator-combo-packApplicator Combo PackAll in one bestselling hair treatment tools. Grab It !

Concerned About Side Effects?

Yes, you should be.DO NOT buy cheap products. They contain fillers, additives and fake ingredients.Some known side effects from cheap brands are:
  • Hair falling out
  • Hair becomes too flat
  • Allergies and irritations from chemicals
  • Intoxication from Carcinogens
  • Dry and brittle hair (breakage)
Always go for the trusted brands, use our top 10 recommended Keratin products as a good starting point.We recommend Formaldehyde-Free products and organic alternatives to avoid side effects.


Be more versatile with your hairstyles.Doing your hair every day shouldn’t be something you dread of.

Love Your Hair And Feel More Confident.

Start with the right Keratin treatment for your hair today!
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