Botox For Hair The New Anti Frizz Treatment For Youthful Hair Makeovers

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Shehnaz Shirazi
Botox For Hair The New Anti Frizz Treatment For Youthful Hair Makeovers
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Hair botox is the new anti-frizz and deep conditioning treatment that gives you glossy, soft, and smooth AF hair. Here are the reasons why you need it …

Did you know?

Frizzy and lanky hair make your face look long, drawn, and tired.

Overbleached hair washes out your complexion instead of making your skin glow.

Unkept hair texture frazzles your appearance and makes you look like you haven’t showered in months!

Can you guess where I am going with this?
From the editor Don’t let your hair make you look like an old dog 🤭

Sadly, as you add more candles to your birthday cake, your reflection in the mirror starts to betray you.

You may have a bathroom overflowing with anti-aging face creams and serums, but if your hair looks as dull as a dishwasher, there’s nothing more aging than that!

Forget wrinkles and dark spots. These days it’s your hair that’s ticking up the years in your appearance.

In fact:

Pantene even conducted a study to prove how “can’t be bothered hair” makes you look older and unattractive.

Read: The bad hair day scientifically researched: Beautiful hair matters

The study also concluded 2 things:

Unkept and damaged hair:
People judge you as being lazy and unprofessional. Their attention turns to negative spots like frizz, flyaways, kinks, and dry hair rather than your face.
Healthy and beautiful hair:
When your hair is clean, shiny, and styled, people’s attention focuses on your face and the band of shine around the head’s crown.

In Short:

Bad hair distracts the eyes.

Beautiful hair draws attention to the positive attributes of your face.

For example, check this photo:

keratin treatment for frizzy hair botox results before after

Right or left?

You see:

Aging hair is not just about graying.

It’s also about how healthy your hair looks.

Unfortunately, nowadays, we are torturing our hair like never before.

I blame the obsession with Instagram Selfies.

  • Heat styling
  • Over bleaching
  • Layering toxic products
  • A new color every month
  • Over-washing

All of these add up to make your hair unhealthy, frizzy, and unmanageable.

From the editor I am not the Mother Theresa of hair care either.

I can’t deny that my hair goes through some pretty wild transformations during the summer months.

Bleaching, coloring, curling, it all depends on what my mood is.

BUT, there are times when I would hit hair armageddon!!!

btx hair botox for sale shop online

My hair texture would become so rough that I could even spark a brush fire! 🔥

My locks would buckle under the heat and poof back up at the slightest hint of humidity.

Luckily, it’s not all doom and gloom.

Some smart beauty boffins have been busy working on a solution that can undo years worth of damage with a single treatment.

hair botox and olaplex differences


Gorgeous and youthful-looking hair that’s effortless to style in your busy everyday lifestyle …

Yep, this thing totally gets it.

And as far as anti-frizz restorative hair treatments go, botox for hair is unbeatable.

So take a backseat Olaplex, this new keratin treatment is what our unruly hair’s been crying out for.

Take it from me; once you’ve done a botox for hair treatment, you’ll make every mere mortal envy your dazzling, gorgeous, and youthfully radiant hair.

No matter how much you’ve tortured your locks with straighteners, bleach, and color treatments, no other product can fix it as fast as the botox hair treatment.

It’s like anti-frizz and anti-aging for hair on steroids.

And as the saying goes …

is hair botox good for your hair

There is no room for frizzy and unruly hair when you want to look your best.

A botox keratin treatment is the ultimate savior for those who fight a constant battle against:

  • Frizz
  • Tangles
  • Thinning hair
  • Heat damage
  • Bleached hair disasters
  • Porosity problems
  • Split ends
  • Curl crisis

And yep, pretty much everything you can throw at your thatch.

Ever since I did my first hair botox in Dubai at the prestigious Dollhouse hair salon, I’ve been a big fan.

While I have to admit I am a sucker for smooth and glossy locks, it’s not the only reason I use botox hair products.

I do it every 3 months because it keeps my hair glossed to perfection, full-bodied, and most importantly:

  • Super easy to maintain (wash and go styles)
  • Healthy from root to tip

The most significant benefit of the treatment is its ability to heal, repair, and rejuvenate my hair when nothing seems to work.

If you’re looking for one product to breathe new life into your mane, you’ve got to try hair botox.

The Best Hair Botox Treatment Products (2020)

majestic hair botox 1000ml

1. Majestic Keratin Hair Botox

Majestic keratin is our number 1 best botox hair treatment brand. It contains premium ingredients like Caviar and Argan oil, plus all the pre and post-care products.

Best Pick
botox for hair inoar

2. Inoar Botohair Keratin Treatment

The Inoar botox works for all types of hair. It gives you smooth and glossy results with its Argan and Collagen complex formula.

kashmir botox hair also known as Cashmere

3. Kashmir Keratin Hair Botox

The Kashmir keratin hair treatment is an effective rehabilitative hair therapy.

buy loreal hair botox amazon

4. L'oreal Fiberceutic Botox For Hair

The Fiberceutic L’oreal botox ampoule for hair uses an innovative technology called Intra Cylane that infuses nutrients deep into the hair.

nutree brazilian botox expert reviews

5. Nutree Hair Botox Mask

The Nutree professional hair botox is one of the best treatment for dry and damaged hair with deep hydration and nourishing ingredients.

bm hair botox treatment youtube

6. Botosmart Rejuvenating Hair Treatment

The Botosmart hair botox is a capillary treatment designed to rejuvenate damaged hair.

tahe magic bx botox reviews

7. Tahe Magic Botox Effect

The Tahe magic botox is a hair replenisher that infuses concentrated doses of micronized keratin deep into the hair.

prismax hair with botox youtube maxi

8. Prismax Hair Botox

The Prismax treatment comes in the form of concentrated ampoules designed to repair hair porosity and reduce frizz.

botox for hair keratin brazilian treatment

9. Keratin Research

This salon professional botox for hair treatment comes bundled with all the pre and post-care. Same day wash formula.

botox for hair kit

10. Soft Liss Hair Botox Gel

This Brazilian keratin botox gel treatment contains silk proteins and collagen to help stimulate your hair’s keratin production.

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Table Of Contents

Before I tell you more about this treatment and how it works for different types of hair problems, let me give you the quick lowdown of what I will cover in this article:

  • How does botox for hair work (the science explained)
  • Botox hair treatment ingredients (why it’s safe)
  • Why you should do it (the benefits)
  • How it works for different hair types
  • Different types of hair botox therapies
  • DIY botox hair treatment (how to do it at home)
  • Is botox hair treatment safe? (answering all your concerns)
  • Comparing hair botox with other similar hair treatments
  • Botox for hair brands (what’s available)

What is Botox For Hair Treatment and Why I Do It Every 3 Months?

silk natural botox 3d hair
What is hair botox – before and after results

Contrary to what the name suggests, botox in the hair doesn’t involve any scary injections.

Instead, the term Botox refers to cosmetic procedures that get rid of imperfections and slow down aging.

Much like lips-plumping fillers and skin wrinkle erasers, the Brazilian botox hair treatment targets hair fibers with keratin and collagen to:

  • Eliminate frizz
  • Mend tears
  • Seal split ends
  • Refill lost protein
  • Repair damage
  • Improve hair texture
  • Fix high porosity
  • Improve elasticity
  • Add more definition to curls
  • And add shine

To put it simply, it turns the clock back on your hair.

hair botox reddit
Hair botox for damaged hair repair and healing.

Beyond the feel-good factor, botox hair treatment is more than just superficial beauty. It does an excellent job of restoring your hair’s vitality and health from the inside out.

Let me explain why I keep reaching out for this treatment.

A few years ago, I was living in Dubai.

From the editor Just step out on the balcony after your shower, and your hair is dry in 2 mins. It’s so hot 🥵

My hair was buckling under the intense heat and humidity. Dubai’s water supply also has a high amount of chlorine, which didn’t help.

Heat + humidity + chlorine = A recipe for hair disaster.

I found myself buying lots of hair products to counter the weather’s adverse effects, plus almost every month; I was down at the salon in Jumeirah to perk up my hair with a keratin treatment for frizz.

Dry and severely dehydrated hair is a real problem for most women over there. That’s why salon hair treatments are so popular.

It was during one of my visits to the Dollhouse, that my hairstylist introduced me to this new thing she was so excited about:

The “Botox treatment for frizzy hair”!

Apparently, this was making waves on the hair scene in the Middle East and UAE. And even now, if you check for hair salons in Dubai, this service is always high on their list.

In fact:

They are so popular that in some places, you’ll only find exclusive hair botox salons.

botox hair treatment salon


Because the Emirati women and expats claim that the treatment helps their hair fight the extreme heat.

Check out this video from Emirates 24/7:

botox for hair in dubai groupon deals
© Credit: Emirates Editorial YouTube.

The hair botox conditioning treatment is a new way to fight frizzy hair, enhance texture, and bolster your hair’s resistance to heat, humidity, and breakage.

Let me tell you more about 2 of the products I’ve had in my hair and why they work so well.

Spotlight On The 2 Best Botox For Hair Brands

botox hair treatment products
Best at home hair botox treatments.

Majestic Keratin Hair Botox

Majestic keratin brings the power of Collagen complex and Caviar oil into one product, which no other brand has ever done before.

While Collagen helps to keep your hair firm together, Caviar oil adds shine and gloss.

Combined with nano keratin molecules that seek out the damaged parts in your hair to replenish them, these ingredients work together from each strand’s core to regenerate their cellular activities.

Think of them as botox hair fillers.

Just like Hyaluronic acid plumps the skin, the botox protein hair fillers replenish each hair strand with Collagen and essential proteins.

botox fillers professional hair treatment
The difference with a Botox fillers hair treatment.

Majestic keratin uplifts your hair to add significant volume and reduces hair loss by preventing your hair from disintegrating from daily styling and wear and tear.

The Majestic keratin treatment can be done in salon or at home. I usually buy the Majestic hair botox home kit from Amazon.

I’ve done it at home a few times, and I can tell you that it’s super easy with all the clear and easy instructions you get in the box.

Check out this video for example:

how is hair botox treatment done - training instructions
How is botox for hair done. Video step-by-step guide.


This botox for hair instructions leaflet that comes in the box.

diy botox hair treatment at home
Hair botox treatment at home DIY guide

Majestic keratin is one of the best treatment for dry, damaged, and frizzy hair. Unlike traditional keratin treatments, you can wash your hair on the same day.

You don’t have to wait for 3 days with the serum in your hair, making things a bit awkward.

And the plus point:

You also get the before and aftercare shampoo and conditioner in the pack.

So no need to go on the hunt for sulfate free shampoos and conditioners. It’s all nicely bundled together.

Here’s what you get when you unpack the box:

botox treatment for hair near me
MK professional hair botox
  • 1. Majestic clarifying shampoo
  • 2. Botox Keratin hair serum
  • 3. The Majestic hair botox shampoo and conditioner
  • 4. Full instructions guide

You can buy the sets in the following sizes, depending on your needs and hair length:

  • 125 ml
  • 300 ml
  • 475 ml
  • 1000 ml

Check out my Majestic Keratin hair botox review

Inoar Hair Botox

pink bottle hair botox where to buy
Btx Inoar Cosmetics

The Boto Hair from Inoar is an advanced keratin smoothing treatment designed for straight hair, curly hair, and everything in between.

The unique selling point for Inoar is its core ingredient: Argan oil.

On top of its luxurious shine, Argan oil also packs a powerful punch of:

  • Antioxidants
  • Fatty acids
  • Vitamin E
  • Omega 6

This Huile sublime from the Haha Coast of Morocco does indeed have mysterious powers when it comes to healing the hair and making your skin glow.

botox capillaire urban keratin

No wonder it sells at $300 per liter, making it the world’s most expensive edible oil.

And if you want proof if why it’s so efficient, check out how brands like Garnier, L’Occitane, and L’oreal are investing so much to bring the power of Argan oil in their top of the range beauty products.

In The News
goats on argan tree

Argan oil: The cost of the beauty industry’s latest wonder ingredient

Inoar Cosmetics’ products are all based on Argan oil, because they believe in the liquid gold’s healing powers.

And when you use the Botohair, Argan oil penetrates deep into the hair to:

  • Soften the cuticles
  • Nourish the strands
  • Strengthen the follicles
  • Heal damage and high porosity problems
  • Protect from heat styling damage

Also important to note that the Botohair is a natural keratin smoothing treatment, it won’t change the texture of your hair at all.

You can use it to:

  • Make straight hair look even more polished
  • Add gloss and shine
  • Give your curls more spring and definition
  • Make your hair easier to detangle

The result will always be hair that looks sumptuous and divine from any angle.

What’s even better …

You can enjoy the benefits for up to 3 months, and your hair will be so low maintenance, you’ll even forget that you have a hair straightener at home.

Here’s what you get in the pack:

  • Inoar botox treatment
  • Inoar hair botox shampoo
  • Instructions

Check out my personal review for the Inoar Brazilian keratin hair smoothing treatment

The Problems With Aging Hair and Self-Inflicted Damage

effective hair treatment for damaged hair
The vicious cycle of self-inflicted hair damage

Just like the rest of your body, hair is not immune to the aging process.

Over time, our hair follicles shrink, producing a thinner, more brittle, and unruly strand. Kevin Mancuso
Nexxus Creative Director -

Let’s have a look at how your hair changes as you get older:


Lack of melanin production from the cells means the hair loses pigmentation, making it dry and coarse.

Brittle hair

As you grow older, hair produces less keratin, which also affects structural integrity.

A dip in the keratin protein levels make the hair weaker and less elastic, Which means more breakage when tugged or pulled. The cells on the outer protective cuticle become more fragile, making breakage seemingly inevitable. Rita Perna-Allor
Artistic Director for Alterna -


As your follicles shrink, the hair that sprouts out from the scalp gets progressively thinner. The hair also loses density as it produces less keratin to support the fiber structure.

Lack of volume

Loss of hair volume goes hand in hand with thinning. It’s important to note that as we age, we tend to over style our hair to compensate on the thinning look.

This does more damage to weaken the hair and accelerate breakage.

Slower Growth

During mid-life, the hair growth rate slows down. The hair spends more time in resting phase than in growth phase, which means it won’t grow as long, and there will be less density.

Dryer hair

According to Lars Skjoth, Founder and Head Scientist at Harklinikken, your hair can look more dry and lifeless over time, which is a by-product of hair thinning.

Excessive heat styling, over-washing your hair, can also contribute to dryness.

Change in hair texture

Loss of texture happens because of less protein in the hair. As a result, curly hair may go straight, or straight hair may go curly.

So yes. We all know aging sucks.

From the editor We are being totally ignorant about self-inflicted damage to our hair, which accelerates the aging process.

Let me explain …

Unlike our skin, we don’t feel any pain in our hair.

We take it for granted that if our hair does not bleed, it does not suffer.

After years of heat styling, coloring, and bleaching, the damage only becomes apparent when you start to see less volume, less elasticity, and the hair that once used to be so vibrant suddenly starts to look trash.

Almost everything we do to our hair – washing, combing, and brushing, compromises the surface fibers of hair. Deeper problems happen with things like heat styling, coloring, bleaching, and other chemical processes. As the damage accumulates, it messes with your hair’s structural integrity from the inside out. Kevin Mancuso
Trichologist and Global Creative Director for Nexxus - WomensHealthMag

Imagine the number of chemicals that go into your hair daily.

For example:

Then there are the 300°C heat appliances you use to sandwich your hair.

Would you do the same to your face?

To put it simply:

Our hair goes through a lot.

It’s only fair that once in a while, you give it a complete reconstructive and restorative treatment that can heal the damage and restore it.

From the editor Your hair deserves it. A little TLC jam-packed with moisture-loving and protein infusing goodness will help your tresses bounce back.

How Does Botox For Hair Treatment Work?

botox for hair how does it work
Capillary botox for hair – how it works.

The hair botox keratin treatment goes straight to the problems’ source to fix the hair and give it back its living sense.

Here’s how it works:

Before applying the keratin serum, the hair is deeply cleansed with a clarifying shampoo.

This preparation step is essential because it helps to remove product buildup and residues that can block the treatment from absorbing into the hair.

That’s why you should always use a primer shampoo before coloring your hair for best results.

Once cleansed, the hair botox liquid keratin is applied and left to work for about 45 mins.

And this is when the magic happens.

how does hair botox work

The treatment deploys millions of micro molecules loaded with active ingredients into each hair strand.

These active ingredients then seek out the cracks in the capillary cortex to patch them up and refill the building blocks of:

  • Keratin
  • Collagen
  • Amino acids
  • and lipids

that bind together to make the hair shaft strong and elastic.

Botox capilar gives your hair its substance back. Camelia Smith
Senior Beauty Editor - BotoxForHair

As you can see from the graphic above, there is also a sealing process.

That’s when Argan and Caviar oil come into play.

These healing oils flatten and seal the cuticles to form the protective barrier, which is very important.

Check this diagram below to understand the difference between healthy hair with tightly closed cuticles and damaged hair with wide-open cuticles.

gold botox for hair cuticles
Botox for porous hair damage explained.

When the cuticles are raised (high porosity), they make your hair rough.

Rough hair is hard to manage because:

  • It tangles easily
  • It catches the bristles in your brush (snags)
  • It doesn’t absorb and retain moisture
  • Dirt and buildup accumulate in between the scales
  • It becomes brittle
  • It starts to split
  • It needs a lot of products to style

When your cuticles lay flat:

  • Hair is smooth (easy to detangle)
  • Hair reflects more light (shiny)
  • Less dirt gets in between the scales (no buildup or residues)
  • Hair retains moisture for longer
  • Hair needs fewer products to style

To Summarize:

The botox protein and collagen hair treatment improve the overall condition of capillary fibers both inside and outside.

The treatment:

  • Repairs
  • Nourishes
  • Protects

Botox Capilar is Pure Deep Conditioning Goodness For Stressed Out Hair

capillary botox hair treatment reviews
Botox capilar hair treatment

Finding the right balance in hair care can be more elusive than the perfect avocado 🥑.

Smooth, silky, and luxurious hair doesn’t just happen by throwing a few expensive Kerastase masks and moisturizers at your protein-starved scraggly hair.

It starts with hair that is true to its natural state.

Unfortunately, when your follicles are over-processed, cracks on the surface and the inner structure make your hair weak.

These cracks also allow essential nutrients to filter through, which explains why your hair struggles to retain moisture throughout the day.

This is where the botox intense deep conditioning treatment comes in handy.

First and foremost, the treatment protenizes the hair to ensure all the gaps and cracks are sealed.

As the hair shafts become abundant with keratin and collagen, the antioxidants rejuvenate the fibers for more resilience.

The botox rejuvenating hair treatment gives a new lift and a new youthful glow to your hair.

I call it Biohacking for aging and stressed out hair.

Because it progressively changes your hair to reverse damage and oxidization.

Top-quality ingredients like:

  • Caviar oil
  • Argan oil
  • Hydrolyzed Keratin
  • Collagen

hydrate the eff out of your locks, and allow them to soak up nutrients from your all your favorite products.

And what’s even better, there are no traces of toxic chemicals (more details on the ingredients below).

The most important thing you need to know is this:

Botox for hair, unlike traditional keratin treatments, DOES NOT contain Formaldehyde.

The New Keratin Treatment Without The Formaldehyde

Take a look at this photo below:

It’s a client having a Brazilian keratin hair treatment in a salon.

hair botox formaldehyde free

What do you notice?

3 things immediately raise cause for concerns:

  • The client is wearing a mask
  • There is an air extractor above her head
  • And smoke is coming out of her hair from the straightener

These are signs that the Brazilian keratin straightening or smoothing treatment she is having contains toxic chemicals.

Therefore, precautionary measures are in place to prevent any health-related side effects.

So what exactly are these toxic chemicals?

  • Formaldehyde
  • Methylene Glycol
  • Methylene Oxide
  • Paraform
  • And Formic Aldehydes

Why are they added to hair smoothing and straightening treatments?

To put it simply, they prolong the smoothing and straightening effects. And they are cheap!

But here’s the worrying part …

These colorless and strong-smelling gases can potentially cause health problems if you have long exposures.

Check out the Formaldehyde Fact Sheet Report.

And for this reason, health regulators had to step in to protect both salon workers and clients.

The ban on Brazilian hair straightening products was inevitable when the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OHSA) published a report on the dangers of Formaldehyde.

Manufacturers were forced to comply with strict legislation to ensure they use safe ingredients.

This is how a new breed of keratin treatments came to market.

Botox Capilar is the new generation of smoothing and straightening treatment safe for both salons and home use.

  • Zero Formaldehyde
  • No toxic fumes
  • No face masks required
  • No keratin hood
  • And no allergic reactions

It’s a no B.S hassle-free hair rejuvenation system.

Does The Botox Hair Treatment Contain Botulinum Botox?

botox injections for hair loss
Example of Botox on scalp procedure for hair loss prevention.

No the treatment does not contain any Botulinum Botox.

It’s important not to confuse this treatment with the botox scalp injections for hair loss. These treatments involve injecting botox in the hairline to prevent sweating and potentially improve hair regrowth.

Botox for hair loss and botox for hair growth are completely different things.

Read: Botox for scalp and hair growth

The keratin hair botox treatment is a cosmetic treatment that improves the overall condition and health of your hair.

It does not use any artificial synthetic drugs like silicones to buff the hair.

Instead, it uses highly potent active ingredients that are derived from natural sources.

Let’s have a look.

Hair Botox Ingredients – Clean and Bio Compatible

keratin with botox
Botox for hair ingredients. Adopting a bio compatible hair care routine.

Botox products for hair are made from non-sensitizing, non-irritating small molecules ingredients that your hair understands.

Also known as Bio-Compatible ingredients, the formula blends the highest percentages of actives to give your hair more energy and vitality.

Here’s a list of what goes into the products:

Hydrolyzed Keratin

This is keratin broken down into smaller molecules so that your hair can absorb them easily. Otherwise, the protein fragments would sit on top, causing protein overload and brittleness.

Argan Oil

Argan oil is a highly potent antioxidant that can heal the inner and outer layers of damaged hair. Rich in fatty acids, and Vitamin E, Argan oil also helps to soften the cuticles for a smooth and glossy finish.

Caviar Oil

This luxurious delicacy is rich in Vitamins A, D, and Omega-3 fatty acids.

While vitamin A improves healthy sebum production on the scalp to maintain good hair hydration, vitamin D and Omega help to strengthen the hair fibers.

And the best thing about caviar oil is, it makes your hair smooth AF.

An important thing to note: There are only a few selected hair botox professional products that contain Caviar extracts.

If you want to give it a try, Majestic is the best out there.

liquid botox products

Majestic Botox Keratin

The best Caviar keratin treatment

Collagen Complex

Collagen is the substance that allows your hair to twist, bend and snap back into shape without breaking.

It brings elasticity to your hair, which is essential for effortless styling.

A botox collagen hair treatment helps to regenerate the cellular function of your tresses to fortify them against chemical and mechanical damage.

collagen hair treatment vs keratin

Collagen for hair straightening – Find out why it benefits your hair.

Amino Acids

Amino acids are essential for good hair growth because they are the foundation of protein production in the hair cells.

If you want your hair to feel full of body, shine, and vitality, Aminos are a great natural ingredient to improve hair health.

BONT-L peptide

This is a synthetic chain of Amino acids used in the formula to seal split ends and restructure damaged strands.

That’s why the Brazilian botox keratin treatment is also highly effective for split ends.

Vitamin B-5

Vitamin B5, also known as Pantothenic acid, nourishes the hair follicles so they can function properly. It makes your hair resilient against daily wear and tear.

E vitamins

Vitamin E reduces oxidative stress in the hair.

But what is oxidative stress exactly?

Think of hard water, chemicals in hair color, and sulfates in shampoos.

These lifestyle factors cause an imbalance of antioxidants and free radicals, which can cause hair cell damage in the long run.

Omega 6

Just like our body needs healthy fats like Avocado and Olive oil, our hair also needs fatty extracts for nourishment.

Omega 6 is a crucial ingredient used in many hair and skin products to boost natural fats.

Hydroxylic Acid

Hydroxylic acid is a new innovative ingredient that replaces Formaldehyde.

After years of research, scientists have finally invented a safe alternative that won’t put your health at risk.

Read: Formaldehyde replacement with glyoxylic acid in semipermanent hair straightening – An investigation.

Now that you know about all the goodness that goes into these products let’s find out how they are packaged differently.

And most importantly, which product will suit your hair better.

Types of Hair Botox Treatments

botox for your hair in different types
Btx botox hair treatment in different types.

1. The Serum

Most professional hair botox treatments come in the form of serums.

The serum itself is a thick liquid that contains all the vital active ingredients.

Here’s how the serum works:

Once the hair is deep cleansed, it’s applied in sections and then sealed with a hair straightener at high heat.

The sealing process allows the serum to infuse into the hair to start working.

After 45 minutes, the serum can be rinsed out with lukewarm water.

The Majestic botox hair treatment, for example, has the most potent serum amongst the range.

2. The Nano Keratin Ampoules

Hair botox or protein ampoules are supercharged serums with higher concentrations of Keratin, Collagen, and Amino Acids.

If your hair struggles with regular masks and moisturizers, you need a product that can take it up a notch.

Hair ampoules with higher concentrates of active ingredients make their nutrients absorb faster into the hair compared to traditional masks and moisturizers.

That’s because they contain Nano Keratin (the tiniest possible molecules of keratin), which give your hair an intensive renewal of concentrated high-end proteins to fill up and renew the gaps.

A Nano-molecule is 0.000000001 of the size of your regular keratin treatment molecule. It penetrates even the tiniest fissures of your hair and fills them with keratin to rebuild the damages.

Here’s the list of active ingredients that go into these small vials:

  • Nano keratin
  • Collagen
  • Silk protein
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Vitamins
  • Antioxidants
  • Amino acids
  • Some contain Caviar Oil (Expensive)

L’Oreal’s Innovative Fiberceutics

L’oreal was the first company to introduce hair botox ampoules to the market known as Fiberceutic.

keratin loreal fiberceutic hair botox kit
L’oreal Fiberceutic serum hair botox

The Fiberceutic hair botox, which I’ve used multiple times now, does an excellent job of rejuvenating your hair in 45 minutes.

The secret lies in its patented Intra Cylane Fiberceutic technology, which took over 10 years of research in their beauty labs to develop.

Intra Cylane, as L’oreal describes it, is a breakthrough molecular science that combines active ingredients to repair severely damaged hair by creating a network of Amino acids into the hair shafts.

These Amino acids seek out the damaged parts in the hair to seal the gaps with keratin and collagen.

I call it the hair cell perfector.

It seamlessly regenerates the hair’s natural surface to give it more strength, elasticity, and shine.

It’s a quick 2-step process that will give you Insta-worthy hair in less than 45 minutes!

loreal botox hair treatment price
L’oreal botox treatment for hair quick instructions.

The next product I also love is the Kashmir hair treatment, which is excellent for severely damaged hair.

Kashmir Hair Botox

keratin botox hair treatment reviews
The hair biotex by kashmir keratin

The Kashmir keratin hair botox treatment is a no-hassle quick and easy treatment that can be done at home or in salon.

It also comes in the form of concentrated ampoules, and it has excellent aftercare shampoos that can be used on the same day.

Though the only difference compared to Loreal hair botox is that it takes 2 hours to do as each product comes with its own set of rules to follow.

Tahe Hair Botox

bm botox for hair sallys
The Tahe keratin treatment for frizzy hair

The Tahe Magic Efecto Botox is a nano-keratin damaged hair therapy that heals the hair gradually as you use it.

Rated as one of our top 10 best, it reduces frizz and progressively makes your hair better.

You can buy a box of 6 or 12 ampoules depending on your hair length and condition.

Kerastase Botox for Hair

is hair botox and keratin the same
The Kerastase keratin botox concentrate bottles.

The Kerastase keratin treatment comes from the line of luxury hair products by L’Oreal Paris.

These tiny colorful, and gorgeous bottles pack a choke-full of nourishing hair elixir that can re-energize your hair with an hour.

Definitely worth a splurge if you’re looking for something to perk up your hair before a holiday or a big occasion.

3. The Hair Botox Gel

botox or keratin for hair
The Keratina botox from Soft Liss

Keratin treatments as gels are not very common.

In fact:

There’s only one brand that does it, and that’s Softliss.

From the editor But the reviews are good. This treatment could smooth even the wildest hair by 90%!

It comes with a 3-step process that involves using a clarifying shampoo, then using the gel, followed by the aftercare shampoo.

We asked our hairstylist to give us the lowdown, and here’s the full review on the Keratina Softliss botox gel.

Other exciting products that are launching from SoftLiss are:

  • Strawberry keratin
  • Algae keratin

I can’t wait to try out the strawberry hair conditioning treatment. 🍓

4. The Botox Cream for Hair

hair treatment cream for dry hair
Novex hair treatment cream for damaged hair.

Novex is the only hair botox cream on the market which promises frizz control and smoothness by replenishing moisture and strengthening the hair cuticles.

Like any other Brazilian keratin smoothing treatment, you’ll need to deeply cleanse the hair, apply it, and follow up with a good aftercare treatment.

Here’s a video on how it works:

cream masque hair botox instructions
How to use the Novex botox hair cream. Credit Novex Hair Care

5. The Hair Botox Mask

A botox hair conditioner mask reinvigorates extremely dry and damaged hair that is in desperate need of hydration.

Compared to other frizzy and damaged hair treatments, these keratin masks also infuse emollient-rich ingredients into the hair to support moisture retention for more extended periods.

An excellent product in this category is the Nutree Brazilian hair protein mask.

It uses Marine collagen and Almond oil to boost hydration and keep your hair humidity-proof for a good 2 months.

6. The Organic Hair Botox Treatment

For those green-centric ladies who prefer everything certified organic, the only brand in this range is Kerarganic.

Also known as the organic keratin system, this treatment is also Formaldehyde-free and thermal-activated.

What’s even better …

This brand is taking organic keratin treatments even further by launching a new vegan range too.

Keep an eye for upcoming reviews up on our blog soon.

organic botox for hair for sale

Kerarganic Formaldehyde-free Organic Hair Botox

Contains silk amino acids, hydrolyzed keratin, and argan oil.

7. The Hair Botox Oil

I am a big fan of luxurious hair oils that can also heal and repair my hair while I’m having a lazy day at home pampering myself.

But there aren’t many of these multi-taskers around.

The only one I found is the Alfaparf hair botox Demi Di Lino.

This Italian professional salon quality oil reconstructs and strengthens extremely damaged hair with active ingredients like bamboo marrow and flaxseed extracts.

From the editor I was super impressed with my hair’s glossiness and how vibrant it made my new hair color.

The treatment comes in 3 flavors:

  • Diamond range – for normal hair
  • Moisture range – for dry hair
  • Reconstruction range – for damaged hair

If you’re bored of massaging coconut oil in your hair, give this a whirl – trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

It’s a brilliant hair reparative and reconstructive oil that does a hell of a lot more than your traditional hair oils.

Benefits of Botox Hair Treatments

can botox help hair loss and is hair botox harmful
Whats hair botox and what are the benefits …

No frizz, no flyaways, no split ends, and incredibly chic hairstyles in a flash!

No one says NO to hair that looks effortlessly swank and selfie-ready in minutes.

Botox for hair benefits don’t just stop at:

  • Fending off frizz
  • Reversing hair damage
  • And sealing split ends

It’s a total hair reset that will convince you it’s money well spent.

Let me show you how this treatment will change your hair care routine.

1. Irresistible Age-defying Hairstyles

Get the feel-good factor and let your hair tools be your b*tches.

When your hair is healthy from the inside out, glossy and smooth to the touch, you have the beauty superpowers.

Weave it into any style you want with ease.

Whether you want to seduce someone or make your peers jealous with envy, this treatment will have you buzzing.

2. Zero Frizz and Humidity-resistant for 3 Months

You won’t have to tuck away your fraying frizzies anymore.

The botox hair treatment works from the source of the problem to repair the cortex fractures and smooth out the cuticles.

Moreover, it boosts your hair’s ability to retain moisture for longer, which means they won’t need to seek moisture from the air around.

Yep. Humidity can suck.

Not even the tiniest of autumn drizzle can make your hair freak out.

It’s like having an anti-frizz shield in your hair for 3 months.

3. Ideal for Big Occasion Hair Makeovers

While us women don’t need a good reason to have dead-gorgeous hair, sometimes we need to up our game when it comes to the big occasions.

That’s where keratin and botox hair makeovers are lifesavers.

With one treatment, you can make your tresses glam-fabulous and dazzle with a whole new look.

Many women also choose to have hair smoothing salon treatments before their big day.

It helps to prep the hair for bridal hairstyles that’ll look cover-shoot ready.

4. Super Easy to Manage (Low Maintenance Hair)

Swishy and swooshy hair that is sleek, polished, and flamboyant doesn’t need taming.

It doesn’t even need heat.

When your hair is in perfectly healthy condition, wash and go hairstyles become the new normal.

After my btx treatment, my low maintenance hair care routine saves me lots of time when getting ready.

Want proof?

You should see the relief on my boyfriend’s face!

5. Keep Your Curls (Not Spaghetti Junctions)

Botox Brazilian keratin hair products come in various types.

For example:

If you want to keep your curls and make them more healthy and defined, you can choose a curl smoothing treatment.

You’ll enjoy more curl definition and yet, less breakage when detangling.

If you want to go from curly to straight, you can opt for a botox for hair straightener.

Or if your hair is already straight, you want to add a healthy glow and gloss; any treatment will work.

The most important thing to remember here is that the treatment does not break or alter the hair’s keratin bonds.

They refill and fix, but they do not change your hair’s structural integrity like Brazilian keratin hair relaxers do.

Hello, springy and bouncy curls!

6. Hair Feels Smooth to The Touch

The beauty of botox-treated hair is the silky feel and smoothness all over.

There is nothing like soft and supple locks that feel so irresistible to touch and incredibly desirable.

Just make sure that you don’t keep touching that hair all day.

7. Shiny Hair Glossed to Perfection

The treatment flattens hair cuticles, which makes the surface smooth and reflect more light.

Keratin treatments are a great way to flatten out the cuticle so it reflects more light, which in turn makes hair look healthier and shinier. Adir Abergel
Celebrity hairstylist - WomensHealth Magazine

You won’t need tons of hairsprays to get glossy locks.

See you on the glossy side, gals!

8. It Improves Your Hair Texture

A Brazilian hair botox treatment improves each hair strand’s thickness and density, enhancing the hair texture.

And better texture means more definition and abundance when styling your hair.

You’ll look like you’ve just bounced out of a L’oreal commercial.

9. It Repairs Damage

Call it a hair rehab treatment.

It mends the tears from years of heat styling and chemical abuse and bolsters your hair’s resistance to future breakage.

Instead of coating up the outside’s damage as most hair products do, botox keratin fixes the cortex and seals the cuticles.

With Hydrolyzed keratin, Collagen, Argan Oil, and Amino acids, the product pulls all the big guns to make sure it does an excellent job.

10. It Makes Your Hair Super Resilient

One of the unique selling points of botox for hair is also its ability to protect your hair after the repair and nourish process.

You’ll notice your hair feels more strong when you’re detangling.

No stray hair stuck in your hairbrush, no clumps of hair in the shower.

The treatment makes each hair fiber strong from the core.

11. It Fixes High Porosity Hair

Hair is like a sponge.

When it’s in good condition, it can absorb.

But when it’s in a bad state with too many big holes, water would pass through it.

Wide-open cuticles in your hair are like the big holes in a sponge, which make your hair highly porous.

They allow moisture to pass through, which is why your hair cannot retain any from your moisturizers.

A botox capillary treatment fixes the hair’s porosity to make the cuticles lie flat and even, therefore, reinforcing the hair’s ability to absorb and retain moisture for longer.

12. It Enhances Hair Elasticity

A botox treatment enhances hair elasticity, which means it has enough stretch to resist breakage.

Why is stretch important?

Well, think about how much you manipulate your hair daily.

Curling, straightening, brushing, washing, detangling, and so on.

Without optimum elasticity, the strands would break.

It’s also important to note that dry hair can only stretch by 20% while wet hair stretches by up to 50% of its length.

13. It Seals Splits Ends

From the editor But I have hair, and a lot of those pesky frizzy ends.

I can tell you that the botox treatment does an excellent job of taming my fraying ends.

The secret lies in the power of the healing Argan oil, which women have used for centuries to seal and smoothen their scraggly ends.

14. You Won’t Need Frequent Hair Trims

With less split ends and breakage to deal with, you won’t have to worry about chopping the crinkly and scraggly bits to tidy up your layers.

You can let your hair grow, and those layers will still fall gracefully into place.

15. Easy To Detangle Hair

No more tangles and knots after your shower.

When your hair is smooth to the touch, your brush will glide along like a hot knife through butter.

In fact, I hardly even use a hairbrush other than a Boar Bristle one for my scalp.

My hair simply untangles nicely by just running my fingers through it after my shower.

Having said that, you must use a good towel for your hair.

If you ruffle them with a rough cotton towel, you will get badly tangled and knotted hair.

Use a microfiber towel.

It keeps your hair smooth and absorbs all excess water effortlessly without rubbing.

Also, it’s highly recommended as an aftercare product for both color-treatments and botox keratin.

16. Your Hair Becomes Heat Resistant

The nano keratin coating to the hair works as a barrier against heat, UV, and other hard water elements.

Essentially, everything that oxidizes the hair.

can botox make hair fall out or damage my hair
Botox 4 hair heat protection layer.

When you use any hot styling, the botox on the hair protective layer will buffer the heat, making sure your hair doesn’t suffer.

But having said that, most people who’ve done the treatment confesses to using less heat for styling in general.

17. It Protects and Enhances Your Hair Color

treatment for dry colored hair
Hair botox and coloring – how it works

The same protective barrier that prevents direct heat also works to protect your hair color from leaching out.

The keratin layer locks the color pigments to prevent them from washing out when you shampoo your hair.

That’s why it’s always recommended to color your hair a few days before a botox or keratin treatment.

hair botox uses

How Long After A Botox Keratin Treatment Can You Color Your Hair?

For me, botox capilar is also the best hair treatment for colored hair as it prolongs my highlights and color and makes it look rich and vibrant.

18. It Adds Volume to Lifeless Hair

The treatment adds root lift and body to your locks by using keratin fillers to plumph weak and brittle strands.

Enjoy fuller, thicker, and abundant hair.

If you’re on the hunt for a keratin treatment for fine hair that can give you a volumizing effect, this is it.

Big Sexy Voluminous Hair!

Yep. Count me in.

19. It Reduces Your Hair Salon Visits

With all these benefits, it’s evident that your hair won’t need the regular salon fixes.

How’s that for saving a fair bit of money on the regular trims and perk ups.

Just keep topping it up every 3 months, you’ll realize that it will reduce your salon bills in the long run.

20. 3 Months of Frizz-Free Manageable Hair

A keratin botox for hair treatment will last you for 3 months.

After that, it’s your choice if you want to top it up.

The good thing is, the more you do the treatment, your hair gets progressively better.

Imagine what life would be like if worrying about your hair was off the list of 101 million things you have to juggle with daily?

Well, worrying about frizzy hair and split ends is definitely off my list.

While many of the benefits are similar to traditional keratin treatments, there’s a big difference between keratin and botox treatments.

Let me explain why the latter is far better.

Hair Botox vs Keratin Treatments – A Detailed Comparison

botox treatment for hair vs keratin

While both treatments claim to make your hair smooth or straight, the differences are:

  • Ingredients
  • The way they work
  • Hair type compatibility
  • Waiting time to wash your hair
  • Aftercare rules

Let me explain how the ingredients make a big difference.

Traditional Brazilian keratin treatments are heavy on chemicals, namely Formaldehyde.

These chemicals break the Disulphide bonds in the hair to realign them straight.

On the other hand, a botox smoothing treatment doesn’t alter the structure of the hair.

Instead, it focuses on improving the condition of the hair.

Therefore, no alkaline chemicals or heavy relaxers are used.

A keratin treatment is also primarily used for straightening. So if your hair is already straight, it’s pointless to do the treatment.

If your hair is curly, you’ll need to think twice before transforming them into pin-straight hair, to avoid curl damage.

Another problem with keratin treatments is that they can be too strong for fine and weak hair.

Many people have reported protein overload, which broke their hair, contributing to significant hair loss.

Therefore, a keratin treatment requires careful consideration and consultation with your hairstylist before you decide to take the plunge.

However, a botox treatment works for all types of hair as it doesn’t cause excess protein deposit.

It replenishes the hair’s essential building blocks with active nutrients that shoot right into the hair’s cortex.

A botox treatment for hair:

  • Boosts fine and thin hair
  • Make curls smoother and more defined
  • Makes long straight hair easier to manage

The Aftercare Nightmare

Another critical difference between the Brazilian keratin and botox is the aftercare, which many people struggle with.

A keratin treatment usually carries a longer list of post-treatment rules that you have to follow by the book.

The most important one is that you cannot wash your hair straight after the treatment. You have to wait 72 hours, at least.

Read: Keratin treatment aftercare rules. Things you cannot do.

Most Botox treatments, on the other hand, are a same-day wash.

And to make things even better, the kits contain pre and post-treatment care shampoos.

Here are the main differences between hair botox and keratin treatments:

Hair Botox Brazilian Keratin Treatment
Formaldehyde-Free Contains Formaldehyde
Same-day wash 3 days wait before washing
Micro keratin that infuse into hair Normal keratin molecules that stay on top hair
Easy to do at home Requires pro hair stylist because of chemicals
Suitable for all hair types Not suitable for all hair types
Contains Collagen May not contain Collagen
Reconstructive Deconstructs hair bonds to realign hair
Smoothing, straightening Primarily for straightening

To Summarize:

  • Hair botox is Formaldehyde-Free. Keratin treatments are not
  • Botox reconstructive hair treatments have Collagen and more advanced active ingredients than traditional keratin treatments
  • Hair botox treatments can be washed on the same day, whereas keratin treatments require a 3 days wait
  • Botox uses nano keratin to prevent protein overload. Keratin treatments use large keratin molecules which may struggle to penetrate the hair shafts

What about Olaplex?

It’s been hailed as one of the best products for dry and damaged hair too.

So what’s different?

Hair Botox vs Olaplex

botox for hair vs keratin and olaplex

No doubt, Olaplex has taken the hair care industry by storm.

Endorsed by high-profile celebrities like Kim Kardashian, it works wonders when you want to color or bleach your hair.

The product is no B.S, no hype. It simply works.

The only difference between hair botox is that Olaplex is applied to the hair before you do any processing.

In short:

It’s an auxiliary treatment that prevents damage. You can mix it with your color or bleach treatments to buffer the oxidizing effects of chemicals.

Olaplex doesn’t have active nourishing ingredients as botox does.

The application process is also tricky, where the first 2 steps require a professional hairstylist.

Hair Botox vs. Olaplex. Here are the differences:

Hair Botox Olaplex
Active nourishing ingredients like Keratin, Argan, and Caviar No active hair nourishing ingredients
Repairs the hair after damage Prevents hair damage when used before processing
Can be done at home Some steps require professional help
Coloring done before Done at the time of coloring

Different Treatments For Different Hair Goals

botox hair treatment amazon

Now that you understand what hair botox means and how it compares to other hair repair treatments let me show you how you can use it to achieve your hair goals.

Botox for Hair Straightening Treatment

Hair botox straightening does exactly what it says on the box.

Like any other keratin hair straightening products, it gives you silky, swingy, smooth, and symmetrical hair.

Instead of using a copious amount of follicle-damaging heat and chemicals, you can do this treatment once and enjoy the benefits for as long as 3 months.

The fact that the treatment is semi-permanent, you don’t have to worry about losing your hair pattern.

If you do hair botox on curly hair, it’s important to note that it won’t damage your curls since it does not break the S bonds to realign them straight.

Read: Does hair botox remove curls?

Unlike relaxing treatments, btx won’t change the shape of your true natural curls.

The botox treatment on hair progressively aligns the strands to give you smooth, straight, and easy to manage hair that doesn’t require heat.

Here’s the one product I recommend to make your hair straight:

Hair Botox Smoothing Treatment

Hair smoothing is the new magical way to conquer even the most seemingly unmanageable hair.

You want to keep your waves, but don’t want split ends and frizz …

Then a botox keratin smoothing treatment is all you need.

On top of its repair, nourish, and protect benefits, it eases your wavy cascades into perfectly tousled, velvety, and voluminous styles.

Smoothing adds that touch of feminine softness into your hairstyles.

And trust me, you won’t stop touching your hair.

The product I recommend:

Curl Definition

Curly hair is hard to manage because you never know what to expect when you wake up the next day.

Sometimes it feels too dry, sometimes limp, and sometimes too stiff and crunchy.

Which reminds me of this:

When your hair is curly, sometimes there is a fine line between “sexy romantic waves” and the “evil witch of Azkaban.”

When your curls have given up on you for whatever reason, you know it’s high time to perk them up.

And there’s no better solution than a botox keratin therapy for curly hair.

Add bounce, curl definition, and get a full head of happy, springy, and voluminous curls again.

The Inoar range provides an exclusive set of botox smoothing treatments for curly hair, which are absolutely worth trying.

Check out botox treatments for curly hair from Inoar.

Frizz Prevention

Frizz prevention is one of the unique selling points of this treatment.

Instead of firefighting every day with a gazillion of anti-frizz products and heated hair tools, why not fix the root of the problem?

Frizzy hair happens when the hair is highly porous, and the hair cannot retain moisture.

By filling up the gaps, sealing the cuticles, and applying a protective layer on the hair shafts, the botox treatment effectively does all the things you need to stop your hair from freaking out.

And the best part, it stays like this for 3 months.

Your hair can absorb and retain moisture. Therefore, it won’t explode into frizz even if it’s humid outside.

Maintain Color Treatments For Longer

hair botox and color
Botox for blonde hair – prevents brassy tones and discoloration.

Want your eye-popping pastels to look dimensionally daring and vibrant for longer?

Then do a botox treatment right after your hair color.

Why right after?

Because the protective layer locks in the color pigments, which means they won’t leach out when you wash.

Usually, color treatments fade as you wash your hair because the color molecules start to dissolve when water gets into the cortex.

After the botox treatment, the protective layers repel water, UV rays, and even pollutants that oxidize hair color to make it look washed out.

However, an important thing to note:

Never do these treatments the other way round.


  • Hair color first then botox
  • Not botox then hair color

The reason for this is because your color treatment won’t be effective as the hair is already coated. So color molecules will struggle to absorb into the hair.

Hair Makeovers for Big Occasions

what does a hair botox treatment do
Hair botox or keratin treatments are ideal for big occasion makeovers.

Hair transformations and makeovers among the most important things women look for when they have to attend a big occasion.

Be it a wedding, an engagement, a special date or even your wedding.

For me, having my hair looking spot on on a special occasion is 80% of my struggle sorted.

I don’t spend as much time on makeup and dressing up as much as I do on my hair.

After all, it’s the thing that everyone notices first.

You don’t want to be looking back at photos and regret how your hair looked in them.

So if you want your hair to look bang on, hit up one of these:

Majestic or Inoar Botohair.

It will give you A-list worthy and cover-shoot ready hair.

Botox Hair Treatment for Different Hair Types

hair botox pros and cons

Botox for Curly Hair Treatment

If your curls are damaged from heat or relaxers, a botox treatment for curly hair can save you a lot of money trying to restore them.

Contrary to what most people think, hair botox is not only for straightening. And it certainly does not remove your curls.

Hair botox works for all hair types. It’s not a harsh product and it won’t totally take away the natural hair waves or make it stick straight as Keratin does. Aboudi Fakhreddine
Owner of Dubai-based Hush Salon - Interview with - Al Arabiya

It’s a semi-permanent treatment that does not break the disulfide bonds in curly hair.

Applying a keratin botox treatment on curly hair will reinforce its structure and integrity from within.

While you’ll still have to cut some of your damaged curls, the treatment will help to nurse back your hair from the roots with healthy regrowth.

And the result?

  • More curl definition
  • More bounce
  • More spring and elasticity
  • Stops humidity from deconstructing your curls
  • Keeps curls hydrated – no crunchy or stiff feeling
  • Enhance natural hair’s texture
  • Low maintenance hair
  • Less need to detangle
  • Repairs curl porosity
  • Protect your curls from heat damage
  • Works on all African American hair

The product I recommend:

best hair botox for curly hair

Inoar Botohair with Argan

Best hair botox for natural hair.

Hair Botox Treatment on African American Hair

fitness professional keratin hair botox
Hair botox for black hair

The hair botox experience is a much better alternative to relaxers.

Unlike relaxers, you don’t lose your curl pattern after the treatment.

Compared to Lye or No-Lye Relaxers, here are the benefits you’ll love from a botox hair treatment for black hair:

  • You can transition between straight and curly styles
  • You’ll notice fewer knots and breakage
  • Your hair loosens up
  • It makes detangling easier for you
  • It cuts down on blow-drying time

The product I recommend:

Hair Botox on Natural Hair

If you are starting on your natural hair journey, a botox treatment for natural hair like Inoar will help you get a head start.

Here’s why:

Your focus will be on low maintenance hair.

If during this time, your hair is not behaving as it should with lots of frizz, dryness, limp curls, you may get tempted to quit.

But if your hair remains in good condition throughout your transitions period, it will motivate you.

Besides, you won’t be using any shampoos or using low-suds ones.

Low maintenance is the key to natural hair transition.

Start it right and give your hair a head start.

Hair Botox on Relaxed Hair

The problem with relaxed hair is that it tends to feel over-processed. Over time the hair will become dry and brittle, which can lead to breakage.

That’s because relaxers use harsh chemicals that are alkaline and oxidizing.

I will never recommend anyone doing such treatments.

But if you’ve done it recently, you’ve got to protect your hair from disintegrating.

A botox treatment for relaxed hair infuses keratin and rich amino acids into the shafts for reinforcement.

Instead of pin-straight stiff-looking hair, you get smooth and swinging layers that don’t feel artificial and fake.

Color-Treated Hair

Lock in your vibrant hair color with this protective treatment.

Think of it as a color-protection shield.

You’ll be able to stretch your balayage, color treatments, and bottled-blonde hair for much longer without even having to use purple shampoos or color lock sprays.

To make it even better, botox keratin shampoos also work exceptionally well to protect hair color because they are sulfate-free and sodium-free.

It’s a no-brainer.

Botox For Gray Hair

The problem with gray hair is: how do you always keep it looking fresh and vibrant?

Because gray hair is no color pigments and is so light, just about everything that accumulates on top makes it look dull and dirty.

For example:

  • Smoke
  • Pollution
  • Hard water minerals
  • Chlorine water
  • And even hair products

To protect your silver strands from turning yellowish, a botox rejuvenating hair treatment can help protect the outer layers from pollutants.

It helps to keep discoloring elements away.

Another bonus is the nourishing properties of the treatment.

We all know how aging hair feels coarse and dry.

The botox treatment boosts hydration to allow your hair to lock in more nutrients and moisture.

Botox for Blonde Hair

If you want your blonde hair to look naturally radiant without brassy tones, you need a product that packs a punch.

A product that can:

  • Repel brassiness
  • Help your hair retain moisture for longer
  • Reduce your blow-drying time
  • Make your hair look smooth and shiny as glass

Because blonde hair is naturally more porous than normal hair, it absorbs impurities faster.

That’s why every blonde complains about how her hair starts to look warm without any shimmer and contrast.

Trust me; this happens to the best of us, even Jenifer Aniston, who never puts a follicle wrong.

All blondes go brassy.

The best products to revitalize your blondelicious locks are those with antioxidants and hydrolyzed keratin.

For example: The Majestic keratin platinum blonde.

Check it out:

The treatment is also excellent for bleached hair that is in desperate need of moisture.

Hair Botox for Fine and Thin Hair

If you have thin and fine hair, you can forget about the “sexy bedhead hair” you used to have many years ago.

Getting volume out of thin hair is almost impossible.

What you need is a product that can amplify your hair and make it thick from root to tip.

The perfect product for this: The Botugen hair botox for thin hair.

dominican botox hair treatment

Fanola Botolife Filler Intensive Reconstructor

Botox treatment for hair loss and thinning. Makes hair thicker from the roots.

What this product does is:

It infuses molecules into the hair shafts that expand to create a three-dimensional mesh to thicker the hair fiber.

It also plumps up brittle hair and repairs the damaged areas.

Botox for Hair Regrowth

Healthy hair from the roots means you spend less time at the hair salon trimming those pesky ends.

Plus, with stronger hair from the inside out, you’ll notice less hair breakage.

Whether you’ve had to chop your locks because of heat damage or other chemical treatments gone wrong, a botox treatment can heal your hair to ensure healthy regrowth and better hair quality from the roots.

How to do a DIY Botox Treatment for Hair at Home

how to apply botox for hair instructions and usage

Botox treatments for hair are designed for easy application.

You don’t need a professional hairstylist.

All you need it the hair botox kit and a few tools to help you with the process, and you’re ready to go.

Let me show you how I do mine at home and from my experience what you need so that you are well prepared.

Checklist of what you’ll need to do the botox for hair process at home:

  • Clarifying shampoo
  • A good microfiber towel
  • A blow dryer
  • Large hair clips
  • Mixing bowl
  • The botox keratin serum
  • Applicator brush
  • Straightening iron
  • And a sulfate-free shampoo for hair botox

Where to do it?

Ideally, in your bathroom, and use your bathtub to bend over to wash your hair.

Make sure you open the windows to keep the space well-ventilated.

Before you start, I suggest you prep everything on your table so that you don’t end up running around like a headless chicken.

I usually lay out all my products and hair tools in the specific order they are required. (I’ve already ordered them nicely for you above).

I would even suggest you write sticky notes with the number next to each to follow the sequence quickly.

How to Apply Hair Botox – Step by Step Procedure

  1. Start by washing your hair with the clarifying shampoo
  2. Wash it twice so that your hair is properly purged and prepped
  3. While washing, take your time to massage the shampoo well and let it work. Don’t rush it
  4. The more dirt and buildup the shampoo can dissolve from your hair the better the result will be
  5. After the deep cleanse, rinse your hair thoroughly with warm water (not hot)
  6. Once you’ve removed all the lather, pat your hair dry
  7. Make sure you use a microfiber towel to do it gently
  8. You don’t want to tangle your hair as this will cause more work
  9. Pat dry until there is no excess water in the hair
  10. Now use your blow dryer at medium heat to dry your hair at 100%
  11. Once your hair is dry, divide it in equal sections and use the clips to hold them the sections
  12. Now open the botox serum and pour the required dosage in the mixing bowl
  13. The dosage will depend on the length of your hair. Instructions on dosage are written on your product guide
  14. Use the applicator brush to mix it well
  15. Now start applying the solution to your hair starting from the back
  16. Make sure you distribute the serum evenly throughout the hair for maximum coverage
  17. Move on the next section until you’ve covered every inch of your hair
  18. Even if you applied some excess, leave it. There is no need to remove the excess
  19. Leave the botox solution to sit in your hair for about 1 hour
  20. After the 1 hour wait, rinse your hair with lukewarm water (Not hot)
  21. No need to pat dry at this stage as it will remove the keratin
  22. Use your blow dryer at medium heat to dry your hair thoroughly
  23. Next, section your equally and use the clips to help you
  24. Make sure you don’t clip them too tight or manipulate your hair too much
  25. Now it’s time to seal the treatment with heat
  26. Use your straightener ideally at 450° F / 230%deg; C
  27. Run the plates through each section at least 10 times
  28. Make sure you run them through very thin layers to get best results and maximum coverage
  29. Once you’re done with all sections, sit down and relax
  30. There is no immediate need to wash your hair as the treatment won’t smell
  31. If you wish you can wash your hair later on with the hair botox aftercare shampoo that comes in the kit
  32. And voila!

You’ve just successfully done your hair botox treatment at home.

You can also watch this video for more details:

YouTube: Majestic botox keratin for hair application instructions


Most products have similar instructions. The steps are pretty much the same, but bear in mind – each product may have different requirements for how long to leave in hair and what specific hair straightener temperature to use.

Can you do hair botox without flat iron? Expand
No. Heat is an essential part of the treatment to seal keratin into the hair. Without heat the treatment will not work.

Check out the best hair botox home treatments with very detailed instructions guides.

How Long Does Hair Botox Last?

botox for hair how long does it last

Most hair botox treatments guarantee to last for 3 months.

Read here: How long does botox for hair treatment last?

However, it all depends on what you do to your hair during that period.

To avoid the common mistakes, we’ve put together a very detailed list of what you should avoid doing, which is super handy.

Check it out:

best shampoo after hair botox reviews

What not to do after a keratin or botox hair treatment

Most times, if you follow a good aftercare and maintenance routine, you can stretch it for even longer.

It’s essential to use the right shampoo after your hair botox treatment, which should be sulfate-free and sodium-free.

While most hair botox professional packs come bundled with the aftercare products – if for some reason you decide to buy an alternative shampoo, here’s what I recommend:

mk botox shampoo for hair

Arvazallia Keratin Care Shampoo Set

Best shampoo for botox treated hair – Sulfate-free and Sodium-free.

Check out the Arvazallia keratin shampoo ingredients.

This set contains all the essential products you need to maintain your hair after any keratin treatment.

The products contain Argan oil and Hydrolyzed keratin to help your treatment stay fresh for longer.

People who bought the Arvazallia also rate it as the best sulfate free shampoo for botox hair treatments.

Another excellent product is LuxeOrganix, which is also sulfate-free and sodium-free.

fast care hair botox reviews

LuxeOrganix Sulfate Free Shampoo

Very good botox for hair after care shampoo set.

Hair Botox Aftercare – Getting It right

Let me give some more exclusive tips I’ve picked along my way from my hairstylist and my personal experience.

11 things you should do after a hair botox treatment:

1. Wash your hair less

Any semi-permanent keratin treatment will fade with washing. Same as color treatments.

While a sulfate-free shampoo slows down the fading, it’s impossible to stop water from dissolving the treatment, especially if you have hard water, which contains lots of minerals.

2. Use a microfiber towel

A smooth towel that is highly absorbent ensures that you don’t create friction when drying your hair.

A microfiber towel absorbs more water than cotton towels without rubbing, plus they don’t tangle your hair.

3. Avoid over-styling your hair

The more you manipulate your hair, the more you need to add products and heat to style.

Manipulating your hair also causes friction, which can scrape the protective layer of keratin.

4. Avoid heavy workouts and sweating

To avoid over-washing your hair, I recommend you stay away from sweaty workouts. However, after 2 weeks, when the treatment has settled in nicely, you can carry on with your gym routines.

5. Avoid touching your hair

I know you’ll be tempted to keep touching those smooth and silky layers of hair, but please don’t.

Touching your hair makes them greasy, which requires more frequent washing.

6. Sleep on a silk pillowcase

Just like cotton towels are bad for your hair, cotton pillowcases are bad too.

They cause friction when you move around during your sleep, and you’ll 100% end up with frizzy hair in the morning, which requires styling.

Silk pillowcases have a smoother layer, therefore allowing your hair to glide without causing knots and tangles.

Plus, silk is an excellent temperature regulator. It keeps your head cool and doesn’t make your scalp sweat.

7. Do not use heavy oils

Heavy oils are hard to wash out. You’ll need a lot of shampoos to get rid of them. So don’t touch them for a while.

The truth is, your hair will stay well-moisturized so you won’t need them much.

8. Avoid coloring your hair for 3 weeks

Color treatments are best done before. Hairbotox will make your hair more vibrant by locking in the color.

If you do a color treatment, the color pigments will stay on top rather than absorbing into the cortex because the protective layer of keratin will block them. Similarly, do not bleach your hair after either. It’s a big no-no.

9. Avoid chlorine waters

Chlorine is harmful to your hair.

You do not want this chemical anywhere near your hair after such treatments. It will strip keratin from your hair.

10. Avoid high heat

If you need to heat style your hair, turn down the heat. Otherwise, it will melt the keratin layer.

Also, do not use hot water when showering.

11. Use a boar bristle brush

The only brush I recommend after a botox and keratin treatment is a Boar Bristle.

The soft bristles untangle your hair gently without causing any kinks.

Is Hair Botox Safe?

Hair botox is safer than traditional keratin treatments because it does not contain harsh chemicals like Formaldehyde and oxidizers.

It’s important to note that the treatment does not deform the hair bonds to achieve the result you want.

We even contacted a few manufacturers to understand more about the ingredients they used instead of formaldehyde.

And here’s what we got back for 2 of the most popular manufacturers:

Majestic Keratin

Majestic keratin, manufactured by TMY PRODUCTS LLC, kindly responded to our email with the following:

amazon keratin botox

Being a loyal customer myself, I’ve been in contact with the brand several times over email. I was assured that the products wouldn’t cause:

  • Allergic reactions (Although they did mention to do a patch test)
  • Toxic fumes
  • And itchy eyes

And after using it at least 10 times now, I can personally vouch it’s safe and hassle-free.

Inoar Cosmetics

Here’s another product we were keen to test for safety. The Inoar Botohair.

Instead of using formaldehyde, they use a safer alternative called Glyoxylic Acid.

Inoar cosmetics have always been incredibly committed to salon-safe and consumer-safe products.

Check out the patent for this ingredient:

is hair botox good for hair
Patent WO 2011104282 A2

Please Note:

Since every person is different, his/her skin may react differently to specific products. I recommend you do a patch test.

The best place to do it is behind your ears.

Are There Any Hair Botox Side Effects?

Should you be worried about botox treatment for hair side effects?

No, there’s no need to worry about the treatment unless you are pregnant or allergic to hair treatments.

More on these below.

Botox for hair doesn’t have any known side effects due to the good and mindful ingredients.

The products are designed for customer safety first.

However, here is some important information you need to know if you order hair botox online:

  • Avoid fake products on sites like eBay and Groupon
  • Fake and cheap products may contain Formaldehyde
  • Check for expiry dates when your product arrives
  • Buy from approved retailers like Amazon

When You Cannot do a Hair Botox Treatment?

Here are some questions I see people often asking in forums:

  • Can I do hair botox while pregnant?
  • Is botox hair treatment safe in pregnancy?
  • Can you do botox for hair while breastfeeding?
  • Is hair botox bad for your hair?

Hair treatment using Botox and other types of chemicals are NOT appropriate for pregnant women. Doctors recommend women to stay away from chemicals during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

YOU SHOULD read the instructions.

If, at any point, you are not 100% sure you understand, do not use it.

Botox products for hair are also NOT recommended for:

  • Children under the age of 6
  • and anyone who suffer from skin allergies.

To Recap:

  • Brazilian hair botox products are NOT recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women
  • Not for kids under 6 years old
  • Not for people who suffer from allergic reactions

What Do You Get in a Hair Botox at Home Kit

  • Clarifying shampoo
  • Botox serum
  • Botox aftercare shampoo
  • Application instructions

Here are the essential things to check when you buy botox for hair kits online:

  • Look for the Formaldehyde-free label
  • Avoid cheap versions on scammy sites (might be expired)
  • Check that it contains all the pre and post-treatment products
  • Should contain clarifying shampoo
  • Should contain sulfate-free shampoo
  • Check that it includes the instructions leaflet
  • Check that its compatible with your hair type

Botox Hair Treatment Cost

cost of botox hair treatment

Now that you know enough about the treatment and how to do it, no doubt you’ll want to know about the prices.

So how much does hair botox cost, and what are your options?

It may sound a tad expensive, but the good news is:

You have options.

Hair botox costs around $100 – $300.

If you just want to give it a try, you can go for the smaller size sets, which cost around $100.

If you think you’ll be using it more than once in the next 12 months, then sure go for the bigger bottles, which gives you at least 3 times more usage.

For example:

Majestic Keratin provides a few options starting from $100.

The cheapest hair botox treatment, which is 125ml, can be used for a couple of treatments.

The bigger options are 300ml, 475ml, and 1000ml.

They are more suitable for people with long hair or hair salons requiring multiple uses.

To help you find a good deal:

I have also hand-picked a list of BTX hair products that I have personally used and seen my hairstylist use on other clients.

If you still have concerns and questions, please check the section below:

Frequently Asked Questions

What does hair botox do to your hair?

Hair botox rejuvenates, repairs, nourishes and protects your hair for up to 3 months. It gives you easy to manage frizz-free, smooth, and glossy hair.

What are hair botox side effects?

Hair botox does not contain harsh chemicals like Formaldehyde and other Aldehydes. However, if you have any allergies, it’s best to talk to your hairstylist, Doctor, or Dermatologist before you do the treatment.

It’s also recommended to do a patch test behind your ear.

Is hair botox safe during pregnancy?

No. Doctors do not recommend such treatments during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Is hair botox damaging for hair?

No. Hair botox is a reconstructive treatment that repairs damaged hair.

It will make your hair condition better with hair-friendly ingredients like Keratin and Argan oil.

Are there any hair botox treatment disadvantages?

There are no disadvantages to doing such treatments.

If anything, the nano botox hair treatment makes your hair progressively better over time.

You’ll notice less breakage, less frizz, and low maintenance hairstyling routines.

What is hair botox made of?

Hair botox is made of Hydrolyzed keratin, Collagen Complex, Argan oil, Caviar extracts, Amino acids, and Hydroxylic acids as their base ingredients.

Different brands may have their own patented formulas, which contain extra ingredients.

Does hair botox straighten hair?

Hair botox is a versatile treatment can be used for various hair makeovers.

While straightening is one of them, you can also use the treatment for smoothing, curl definition and add volume.

Is hair botox good for curly hair?

Yes. Some hair botox treatments can be used for natural hair as well as curly African American black hair.

It’s also important to note that the treatment does not change the texture of your curls. It’s semi-permanent, which means once it wears out, your natural curls will retain their texture.

Is hair botox permanent?

No. The treatment lasts for 3 months without changing the texture of your hair.

Is hair botox better than keratin treatments?

Absolutely. Hair botox is the new generation of keratin treatment re-engineered without the toxic chemicals that were banned.

The botox serum also works more efficiently with micronized molecules that penetrate the hair faster.

And unlike traditional keratin treatments, there is no waiting time to wash the hair.

Where can you buy hair botox treatment products?

Always buy hair botox treatment kits from approved online retailers like

Or directly from your hair salons.

I don’t recommend buying from sites like eBay and Groupon.

Can you do hair botox at home?

Yes, absolutely.

I’ve personally done Majestic and Inoar Botohair at home with no fuss at all.

Just follow the instructions included. It’s so easy, you’ll be done in 1 hour.

How much is hair botox?

Hair botox can cost between $100 – $300.

It all depends on how much you need based on your hair length and frequency of use.

How often should you do the hair botox therapy?

Top up the treatment after every 3 months.

That’s what professional hairstylists recommend.

Ultimately it’s up to you.

Can botox cause hair thinning?

Absolutely not.

The treatment nourishes the hair from the roots to ensure all broken parts of the hair are sealed and reinforced with keratin.

This makes your hair more resilient from daily hairstyling routines to minimize breakage and thinning.

Your Frizzy Hair Treatment Just Got a Whole Lot Easier!

Get the feel-good factor with hair botox.

Thanks to its innovative mix of Keratin, Collagen, Amino acids, Caviar, and Argan oil, the treatment gives you youthful and lustworthy hair.

And it lasts for at least 3 months!

How’s that for frizz-free low maintenance hair that looks effortlessly swank with minimal effort ever day!

Get ready to give your hair a new lift.

majestic btx hair botox price near me

Majestic Hair Botox

Rated 4.5 from 37+ online reviews.

Best botox for hair treatment.

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