BotoExpert Keratin Smooth – The Intense Conditioning And Smoothing Treatment For Dark Hair

Laura Ellis
BotoExpert Keratin Smooth – The Intense Conditioning And Smoothing Treatment For Dark Hair
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I like to choose hair products that are specially formulated for my hair type. For darker hair, the BotoExpert Keratin Smooth is an excellent choice when I want sleek and manageable locks.

BotoExpert Keratin Smooth gives intense conditioning and smoothing for frazzled dark hair.

But, you’re thinking …

… so many different products do that!

That’s true, but every hair botox product offers something unique. BotoExpert is especially good for both dark and curly hair.

If you have:

  • Dry hair
  • Split ends
  • Lots of frizz
  • Unmanageable hair

… you need a product like BotoxExpert formulated especially for Dark Hair.

It uses four different nourishing oils to keep your hair soft and easy to style.

Lighter hair seems to get a lot of attention when it comes to special hair products. It leaves us people with darker hair thinking “where are our products?!”

If you have dark hair, the Botox expert keratin treatment can solve your problems, including:

  • Getting rid of frizz
  • Repairing damaged hair
  • Giving your hair a healthy glow
  • Nourishing your locks with essential ingredients
  • Straightening and relaxing your curls

Let’s take a look at what the BotoExpert Capilar treatment can do for you, especially if you have dark hair.

The Right Mix Of Ingredients For Dark Hair

Why should you buy a hair botox product that’s made for a certain hair type? Why should you buy one that’s made for a certain hair color?

Well, I think it’s important to treat your hair as kindly as possible. Everyone’s hair is different. So a one-size-fits-all product doesn’t always actually suit everyone. If you use the wrong product, you could do more harm than good to your beautiful mane.

Choose a product formulated just for your hair type, and you know it’s going to be gentler on your hair. Whether your hair is light or dark, fine or thick, curly or straight, the ingredients have been chosen specially for you.

Keep reading below for more details on these ingredients.

But Why Does Dark Hair Need Special Products?

Firstly, people with dark hair often have thick, coarse or curly hair too. It needs special treatment if you want to cut down on frizz, prevent damage and keep things sleek.

When you have dark hair, you’ll also want to make sure it has a beautiful high shine and doesn’t lose its luster or fade.

Natural oils like those in the botox expert treatment are ideal for darker hair. They help to support healthy hair in every single strand. They condition, repair and soothe for naturally healthy, shiny dark hair.

Nourish And Smoothen Dark Hair

This hair botox treatment uses four oils chosen especially for dark hair. They are selected to give your hair the deep nourishing it needs.

It has argan, coconut, olive and macadamia oils to nourish your hair right down to the roots.

The ingredients in Keratin Smooth are rich in vitamins and proteins to give your hair essential nutrients.

The product contains a thermoactive compound designed to give you an intense smoothing effect, glowing coiffure, and sleek feel.

Keratin is an essential protein in your hair. And replenishing it with a product like Keratin Smooth helps it to stay healthy.

For people with dark, curly hair, regular keratin treatments from a salon might feel necessary to keep your hair looking as you want it. But too many treatments can be expensive and inconvenient.

A hair botox treatment provides a safe alternative that you can do at home.

What’s In BotoExpert Keratin Smooth?

BotoExpert Keratin Smooth has 4 key ingredients that distinguish it from other products.

  • Argan oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Olive oil
  • Macadamia oil

Each of these oils gives its own magical benefit to your dark hair. I also love the smell some of these oils have.

Argan oil is incredible for your hair, follicles and scalp. Apart from its nutty scent, its other benefits include protecting your hair from heat. It also treats hair loss and giving more definition to your curls.

Coconut oil is a fantastic moisturizer, adding shine and softness to your hair. A lot of people recommend it for preventing, slowing down and even repairing hair loss too. It helps to stimulate scalp health and nourishes right down to your follicles.

Olive oil is one of the simplest but best ingredients for moisturizing. It has so many natural uses, and its benefits for your hair are legendary. Olive oil strengthens your hair. It helps to prevent split ends and soothes for extra manageability and softness.

Macadamia oil is full of valuable nutrients, like calcium, iron, magnesium, and copper. It also has a high concentration of fatty acids – which is awesome for your hair and skin. Like the other oils, it has reconstructive properties, repairing your damaged hair. It contains an important antioxidant. This protects your hair and skin by fighting off damaging free radicals.

If you’re looking for a powerful, super hydrating formula, these four oils combined are what you need.

The oils are full of incredible vitamins and minerals, which are just what your hair requires to stay healthy, glowing and manageable.

How to Use BotoExpert Keratin Smooth

Like many other hair botox treatments, BotoExpert Keratin Smooth is easy to use.

Here are the steps you need to take to get its full benefit.

  1. Wash your hair with a Clarifying shampoo to remove buildup
  2. Rinse your hair thoroughly
  3. Dry it to around 80%, so it’s still wet but not dripping
  4. Section your hair
  5. Apply BotoExpert Keratin Smooth
  6. Leave it in your hair for 15 to 25 minutes
  7. If you want your hair straighter and smoother, leave it in for longer
  8. Rinse out the treatment and gently towel dry it to 50%
  9. Blow dry
  10. Split your hair into 4 parts
  11. Use a keratin flat iron, straighten it in thin sections
  12. Run the flat iron over your hair at least 4 times to seal the treatment in
  13. Style your hair however you like with your new

One of the things that I love about the BotoExpert Keratin Treatment is that it comes in big 1kg tubs.

This is awesome because it means I rarely need to by it, and it’s great value. It lasts for up to 25 applications, although it depends on the length and thickness of your hair.

BotoExpert Keratin Smooth Aftercare

To keep your treatment fresh and make it last longer, use sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners.

You can also follow my hair botox aftercare guide to even more useful tips.

Finally, A Keratin Treatment For Dark Hair

Use the BotoExpert Keratin Smooth to give your dark hair the shine and glow it deserves.

The intense conditioning will make your hair smooth to the touch, and frizz-free for weeks.

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BotoExpert Keratin Smooth

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