Smart Protection BotoSmart Rejuvenating Hair Botox Treatment Review

Pawena Kaniah
Smart Protection BotoSmart Rejuvenating Hair Botox Treatment Review
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The new BotoSmart Rejuvenating Hair Treatment ticks most boxes for what I usually go for:

  • Sulfate-free
  • Paraben-free
  • Formaldehyde-free
  • Safe for color-treated hair
  • Keratin aftercare shampoo
  • Easy to use at home instructions

And it plumps your hair with plenty of natural keratin too!

But there’s a catch.

Unlike the Inoar Botohair or Majestic Keratin hair botox, you cannot wash your hair on the same day.

I know this sucks!

But having said that …

If you’re looking for a purse-friendly, easy to use hair treatment that gives you:

  • Plenty of envious admirers
  • Effortless wash and go hairstyles
  • Picture-perfect hair for your selfies
  • Stress-free morning brush-outs & detangling

Then the Smart Protection Hair Botox (BotoSmart) is a must-have.

It’s an affordable hair rejuvenating botox treatment you can use at home. Plus it saves you money from frequent hair salon touch-ups.

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BotoSmart Rejuvenating Hair Treatment

Rated 4 from 11+ online reviews.

Smart Protection Hair Botox Review.

BotoSmart delivers maximum anti-aging potency with plenty of Collagen and Keratin to spring your dull hair back into life.

I decided to give it a try and here’s my 2 cents …

BotoSmart Rejuvenating Hair Treatment Review

When I received my BotoSmart kit from Amazon, I was pleasantly surprised.

  • It was nicely packed
  • Each bottle clearly labeled
  • No weird-looking caps or lids!
  • The shampoo & conditioner were generously big
  • There was a full instructions leaflet in English & Spanish

I followed the step by step guide, and there was nothing too confusing about the process. (More details below)

In 1 hour I was done.

But here’s the hard bit …

I had to wait one week to allow the keratin to set in before washing. I have to admit; I did feel a bit gross.

So I cheated my way through it with this lightweight dry shampoo.

It wasn’t too bad after all.

But after that first week, I noticed a few positive changes.

Let me tell you about the 5 good things I loved about it.

1. BotoSmart Pumps Your curls With Plenty Of Natural Keratin

Unlike Brazilian keratin treatments that make your hair straight, I noticed my curl pattern did not change at all.

In fact, I had a good distribution of curly volume that was evenly shaped and silky to the touch.

So top marks here for transforming my hair into a full head of happy springing curls. I couldn’t complain.

2. It Gives You Frizz-Free Shiny Hair

Secondly, I felt like my hair has regained its lost luster.

I recently dyed my whole mane, and my hair felt damaged, dry and very straw-like. So much that I wanted to cut it all off and start all over again.

But I didn’t want to lose the length of my hair I had taken almost forever to grow!

Thankfully the BotoSmart rejuvenating hair treatment did enough to save me going for the chop.

I was very impressed with how it restored the vibrancy and smoothness of my color-treated hair.

3. It Deeply Moisturizes Your Hair

We all know how important moisture is to our hair.

It keeps your hair strong and resilient against breakage and heat damage.

And if your hair can keep hold of moisture, trust me, you won’t have to worry about bad hair days anymore!

The BotoSmart keratin hair treatment uses special hair moisture boosters from pure botanical extracts to help you with that.

And to top this …

A gentle balance of Emollients, Keratin, and Collagen, keeps your hair elastic and supple too.

4. It Allows Your Hair To Gorge Back Its Lost Nutrients

This non-toxic botox hair treatment contains all the essential nourishing stuff that your hair needs.

For example:

  • Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein
  • Collagen
  • Arginine
  • Bilberry fruit and leaf extracts
  • Sugarcane extracts
  • Sugar maple extracts
  • Bitter orange peel extracts
  • Citrus limon extracts
  • Ginger extracts
  • Sunflower seed extracts
  • Glutamine extracts

After using it, my hair felt like it just had a therapeutic treat.

And did I mention? It smells heavenly.

5. Botosmart Is Formaldehyde-Free

Now, this is the most important thing I look for when buying keratin treatments.

It has to be Formaldehyde-free. Otherwise, it’s a big NO for me.

Read: Why Formaldehyde-free hair botox treatments do not have any side effects »

The Smart Protection Botosmart hair botox treatment is safe to use at home as it doesn’t contain any aldehydes. I checked the ingredients list thoroughly and noticed it uses Glyoxylic acid, which is a better and safer alternative to Carcinogens like Formaldehyde.

And I can confirm, there was no fumes, no itchy eyes, and no allergic reactions or discomfort.

However, as everyone is different, I would still encourage you to check the full ingredients list on Amazon for anything you might be sensitive to, and do a strand test first.

Now, let me show you how easy it is to do at home.

How To Use The Smart Protection Hair Botox

Unwrap the package, and this is what you get:

  • A sulfate-free clarifying shampoo
  • The smart protection keratin treatment
  • A sulfate-free aftercare shampoo
  • A sulfate-free aftercare conditioner

Note: You will need a good keratin hair straightener that can heat up to 450 ° F.

Step 1 – Use The Keratin Pre-Treatment Shampoo

I always recommend you use a clarifying shampoo before your keratin treatment.

Here are the reasons why:

A clarifying shampoo removes all excess buildup and elements from your hair that may interfere with your keratin treatment.

In fact, most hair salons do this too. They use treatments like the Malibu C Crystal gels to remove impurities from your hair to get the best out of your color or keratin treatments.

So make sure you use a generous amount and lather out all the impurities.

Then, sponge out the excess water with a microfiber towel.

Step 2 – Apply The Botox Keratin Treatment

To get even and maximum coverage, divide your hair into sections.

Small sections allow you to work from root to tip and ensure you are not over saturating your hair with keratin.

Once you cover every section with the liquid keratin, let it sit for 45 minutes under a plastic cap to avoid making any mess around.

After that, rinse your hair with warm water (Avoid hot water).

Please note: At this stage, you only need a light rinse. Not a thorough wash.

After your rinse, allow your hair to air dry or use a hair dryer at low heat.

Step 3 – Seal The Keratin In With A Hair Straightener

To help me with this part, I used a keratin hair straightener which I bought a while ago from Amazon.

Here’s the link: Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Flat iron »

It heats up to 450° F in seconds, and the Titanium plates are smooth enough to glide through your hair without getting sticky from the liquid keratin.

Again, to get good coverage of your hair, work with small sections.

Go through each section around 4-6 times and then you’re done.

You’ll notice how smooth and shiny your hair looks once you’ve sealed in the keratin.

Step 4 – Aftercare

Caring for your hair after a keratin treatment is an ongoing process.

But trust me, it’s not hard at all.

As long as you use the sulfate-free and paraben-free keratin shampoo, you’ll be fine.

Stick to the free smart protection keratin shampoo that comes with the BotoSmart treatment. There’s no need to shop for extra hair products.

The Results

The treatment itself would last you a good 3 months. It’s been 2 months for me now, and my hair is still holding well.

And the number of compliments about how healthy my hair looks have only just started. Naturally, my elder sister also purchased the same product for herself and my faith was only reinforced.

I would recommend this product hands-down.


The BotoSmart hair rejuvenating treatment is an affordable product for those who want to try the new hair botox trend.

Despite taking a little longer to set in, it has safe ingredients and gives you reliable results.

And the price won’t make you weep. So what are you waiting for?

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Click to buy BotoSmart.

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