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Progressivas Inoar Pyramid

Let me show you how I use Inoar Argan oil and its line of keratin treatments to make a hair care routine that doesn’t suck.

You don’t want to miss out on this.

Because this is the trick that keeps my hair frizz free after every shower.

And it gets even better:

Heat, sweat, or humidity does not confuse my hair anymore !

If you’ve got 99 problems and frizzy hair is all of them …

Listen to this:

It hasn’t always been that easy for me.

Like you, on a typical day …

I could:

  • Rush my shower
  • Skip my breakfast
  • Half-ass my makeup

… but my hair would still take 45 minutes to do.

Do you know why ?

Because I struggled to find products for all the 10 million textures in my hair.

And this pretty much sums up my past struggles with frizzy hair:

Buzzfeed: 23 photos people with straight hair will never understand »

Are you still struggling with frizzy hair ?

Whether it’s your overzealous detangling, or slaving away with the hair straightener every morning …

Frizz is the damn thing that makes you late every time.

inoar pos progressiva resenha

© Credit: Aunty Acid

Because when your hair is frizzy:

  • It has high porosity
  • The keratin bonds are broken
  • It’s always dehydrated
  • You can’t figure out your hair texture
  • Splits go deep to break your hair

In short, your hair is out of whack and a total mess !

Truth is:

You can’t see the details with your naked eyes. That’s why I’ve done a simple illustration to help you.

what causes frizzy hair

What is frizzy hair ?

Frizz is why you:

shehnazAnd I'm sure you'll agree with me when I say ...

Nothing puts a crimp in your style faster than frizzy hair !

Sure, there are thousands of hair care products to fight frizz …

kit pos progress inoar

Frizzy hair products


John Frieda’s Frizz-Ease, the first frizzy hair product released in 1991 …

… to this year’s Moroccanoil’s frizz control spray.

But, there is one problem.

Anti frizz products only coat your hair to keep moisture out until your next wash.

And guess what ?

It’s coming right back again !

“You can make it go away for a day, but if it’s raining or if you take a shower, that baby is coming right back. The more you mistreat it, the drier and frizzier it becomes and you hate your hair even more, so you stay in a vicious cycle.”

Says Lorraine Massey, co-owner of Devachan Manhattan hair salon.

Source: The New York Times

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried frizzy hair products and given up.

And I’ve learned 2 important things from my bad experiences:

  • I was wasting my money on quick fixes
  • I was overloading my hair with more junk

Listen to what I did next …

No, I didn’t eat Doritos on my couch and hope that my hair will become silky smooth overnight.

Instead, like most people do in a tight spot, I started Googling.

And that led me to …

The Inoar Capillary Pyramid

inoar keratin hair straightening treatment pyramid

Inoar Capillary Pyramid hair care system. © Credit:

Now, here’s an interesting coincidence …

I had my first Botox Capilar using the Inoar Botohair keratin smoothing treatment.

shehnazBefore you ask ...

Yes, the Botohair gets a big thumbs up from me

And I still use it.

So, I was curious to find out more on that pyramid.

And boom !

I was pleasantly surprised.

Inoar Keratin has a product for every aspect of hair care. From damage repair to the finishing touch.

That’s when it hit me.

This pyramid is the structured hair care routine I was missing.

Do you have a hair care routine ?

Don’t worry.

Today I’m going to show you the complete list of Inoar hair products and how they fit together to solve your hair problems.

This is how you get long-lasting frizz-free hair.

Use a PROVEN system that works round the clock to heal and protect your hair.

Let’s have a little fun and find out.

Here’s what’s in for you:

  • Argan Oil: The anti-ageing serum that heals damaged hair
  • Best Products: The best Inoar Brazilian keratin hair treatments
  • Inoar Botox For Hair : I love this and I’m sure you will
  • The Capillary Pyramid: Your complete hair care routine
  • Easy Homecare: Inoar hair treatment kits you can use at home
  • Inoar Keratin Treatment Instructions: How to use the products
  • Inoar Aftercare Range: Products to support your Inoar treatments
  • Inoar Keratin Shampoos: Sodium sulfate free shampoos
  • Inoar Argan Oil Systems: Complete set of Argan oil treatments
  • The Duo line: Inoar’s new advanced formula for keratin aftercare
  • BB Creme Inoar: Luxurious and hydrating hair masks
  • Inoar Natural Oils Collection: Exclusive and limited editions
  • Serums: And how to get rid of split ends

Table Of Contents

The Inoar line of hair products works for one simple reason:

Argan Oil – The age defying liquid gold of Morocco.

Argan Oil Is The Secret To Moroccan Women’s Exotic Beauty

oleo inoar argan

Morocco’s Exotic beauty

There’s a good reason why pure Moroccan Argan oil costs $300 a litre.

It is the most expensive edible oil within the 430 Billion Dollars personal care market according to Bloomberg.

According to the Financial Times, Argan oil is the gold that grows on trees.

Read: Argan Oil – Miracle or snake oil ?

But is it really the anti ageing wonder ingredient that stops frizzy hair ?

Let’s look at the facts …

Women from Morocco and the Middle-East use the Argan liquid gold serum on their hair and body every day.

And their mesmerizing beauty speaks volumes.

oleo inoar argan

Inoar oleo de Argan. Click for reviews »

If you’ve ever wondered what’s so mysterious about Middle-Eastern beauties, here’s a quote from Amina Allam (Morocco’s number 1 top model) :

“I regularly use argan oil which is very common in Morocco. I use it both on my face and on my body. It gives a very pleasant feel on your skin which remains well hydrated for a long time”
Amina Allam

Scientists claim the super high levels of antioxidants and vitamin E make Argan oil work. These potent ingredients rebuild cells and promote ageless skin and hair.

And for this reason …

Cosmetic companies like Inoar and L’oreal have exclusive patents to use this miracle oil.

Here are the well documented benefits of Argan oil:

  • It packs antioxidants and vitamins into your hair
  • It works as a natural serum for damaged hair
  • It pumps vitality and shine
  • It’s lightweight and versatile
  • It’s compatible with any other hair products
  • It adds protective and moisturizer coating
  • Just a tiny drop will give your hair a nourished glow

Ask Orlando Pita, the hottest catwalk hair stylist, and he’ll tell you how he uses Argan oil to make his models’ hair flow with that strong feminine feel.

Argan oil is the elixir du jour.

You’ll find it in every hair salon, and in every single Inoar hair product too !

Here’s a quick peek at the bestsellers …

Warning: These products sell fast. Grab yours before someone else does !

produtos para progressivas inoar

The Best Inoar Keratin Treatment Reviews

produtos inoar botox

1. Inoar Hair Botox

The Inoar Botohair makes your hair smooth and luminous in one day. No need to wait 3 days to wash either !

More Details

keratina inoar g hair tratamiento

2. Progressiva G Hair Inoar Anti Volume

The Inoar G Hair treatment fixes your fluffy and poofy hair in one go. What are you waiting for ?

More Details

produto de cabelo inoar pro - Power Powder Defrizz

3. Inoar Powder Powder Kit

See Inoar’s new Brazilian keratin treatment in powder form. The easiest keratin treatment you can imagine

More Details

kit inoar redutor de volume

4. Plastica Capilar Inoar Volume Reducer

Manage your god-given volume. Make your hair super soft, bouncy and easy to control

More Details

inoar g-hair keratin kit

5. Inoar G Hair Keratin Treatment (Extreme Premium)

Read the Inoar G Hair reviews and see why so many people love it

More Details

inoar afro hair keratin treatment

6. Inoar Brazilian Afro Keratin System

A better alternative to relaxers. Read the Inoar Brazilian Afro keratin treatment reviews

More Details

© All Photos Credits:

Now that you understand more about the brand and its obsession with Argan oil, it’s time to show you the pyramid that works.

The Inoar Capillary Pyramid And How To Do Yours

inoar keratin reviews personal care

Keratina Inoar capillar Pyramid. Credit: Inoar keratin hair treatment Brazil Website

With today’s sleek hair styles, and a buzzing Instagram full of hair divas …

You’ll be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t strive for a perfect hair day. Every day !

Yes, beautiful hair is important. It’s the aesthetic element that defines you.

But it doesn’t just happen overnight.

It’s the result of:

  • Ongoing care
  • Patience
  • Using the right products
  • And knowing when to use them

The problem is:

While you may be buying the right products for your hair …

… without a proper haircare routine you may be unintentionally harming your strands.

mascara de tratamento inoar organ oil

If you don’t follow a routine, you’re more likely to do these:

  • Use Too Much Products: You let products build up in your hair
  • Forget Regular Trims: This is why you get dry split ends
  • Use Dirty Hair Brush: You put the dirt back into your hair
  • Brush Wet Hair: You break fragile wet hair with your brush
  • Use Too Much Chemicals: They make your hair porous

A structured hair care routine matters.


  • It kicks out the bad hair habits
  • It streamlines your mornings
  • It gives you gorgeous effortless hair

Let me show you exactly how to do it.

Produtos de progressiva profissional

Linha Inoar Argan hair care regimen

The Monthly Hair Care Routine

Table 1: Quick overview on how to make your monthly hair routine
What To DoHow To Do It
Repair hair damage

Make your hair resilient against chemical treatments

Use Inoar Arganplex »
Do your hair porosity treatment

Make it smooth with keratin

Use the Botohair Inoar plastica capilar »

hair routine monthly tips

Let me introduce you to my favorite product that keeps my monthly hair routine in check.

The Inoar Botohair keratin treatment with argan oil (also known as the Botox Capilar).

Botox Capilar Inoar Makes Your Hair Smooth And Shiny As Glass

botox hair inoarGet Your Inoar Botox Capilar Now »Recommended By Professional Hair Stylists

Botox Inoar repairs your hair in one treatment without compromise.

When you combine the power of:

… you get shiny smooth hair strands.

Look at the difference this Inoar progress solution makes to your hair:

comprar inoar argan oil

I’m sure you want to be on the smooth and shiny side. Right ?

This is what I like about the product:

  • Same Day Results: Go and show off your new hair !
  • Plumps Your Hair: Boosts and redefines your hair
  • Removes Frizz: You won’t see frizz for 3 months
  • Elastic Hair: Your hair is full of life again
  • Glossy Hair: Get hair shiny & smooth as glass
  • Formaldehyde-Free: No funny smell, no toxic fumes

In fact:

This product is so good that …

… Daniel Baseggio, hair stylist at Vito Esposito salon uses it to style models’ hair for the New York fashion week.

New York Fashion Week: My Backstage Looks With Daniel of Vito Esposito Salon


It will make your hair look naturally radiant and full of life as if you were a fashion model.

And it lasts you for a good 3 months too !

Yes, you can skip 3 months of hair maintenance and cheat your way through.

produtos inoar botox

Inoar Hair Botox

The Inoar Botohair makes your hair smooth and luminous in one day. No need to wait 3 days to wash either !

More Details

If you color your hair, I suggest you do it before. Botohair will amplify and protect your hair color to make it look natural.

Talking about hair color treatments …

Here’s another trick to make your hair color dimensionally daring …

Inoar Arganplex Makes Your Hair Color Rich Vibrant And Full Of Life

keratin inoar review

Hair color stylist

We all love highlights, streaks, and balayages.

Right now it’s the hottest thing on my Pinterest feed.

In fact:

Pretty much every Victoria’s Secret Angel is rocking an ombre or a balayage on the latest fashion runway.

According to Redken’s celebrity colorist Tracey Cunningham:

Most of her clients want the ombre highlights she did for Lily Aldridge.

But all these fancy hair styles create a few problems like:

  • Over processed hair
  • Splitting hairs
  • Limp and fragile hair
  • You can’t use hot hair styling tools
  • You need lots of moisturizers every day
  • Your hair feels crunchy and doesn’t move
  • Your hair feels like spaghetti when it’s wet

That’s right.

Colouring, bleaching, and straightening suck the life out of your hair.

And you feel it with the stiff, crunchy, and straw-like texture.

Although Kim Kardashian’s confession about Olaplex does sound promising …

Don’t rush to get that Olaplex Hair Perfector just yet !

I have a better solution.

A similar product, but with the extra added benefits of Argan oil.

Use Inoar Arganplex. The new auxiliary product that mixes with your chemical treatments for damage protection.

Use it in:

  • Colorations
  • Discolorations
  • Straightening

Add 15 ml of Arganplex to bleach or dye and voila !

You get the clearest of radiant platinum blonds and damage-proof hair.

It really is that simple.

This is why I would use Arganplex:

  • It does not interfere with any chemical treatments
  • It makes my hair resilient & durable
  • It prevents oxidization
  • I’m guaranteed 8 uses from 1 pack

See below how easy the Inoar Arganplex treatment is with hair coloring …
Press Play:

A video posted by Inoar UK (@inoaruk) on

Quick Inoar Video for Arganplex. © Credit: @InoarUk

keratin treatment inoar

Inoar Arganplex

Get Inoar Arganplex and shield your hair from aggressive chemicals

More Details

Make bleaching, colouring, and straightening fun again !

Next up is hydration.

Feed your hair with nutrients and let it soak up essential moisture.

The Fortnightly Hair Care Routine

Table 2: Quick overview on how to make your fortnightly hair routine
What To DoHow To Do It
Intense hydrationInoar Argan oil intense mask
Make your hair soak up nutrientsMascara Inoar BB cream (hair mask)

hair routine fortnightly tips

You probably moisturize your hair every day …

… but are you properly hydrating it ?

To be honest, I did not know the difference between these two until I read about hygroscopy on wikipedia.

Let me explain this for you:

inoar shampoo resenha

  • Hydrating: Ability to absorb water from the surrounding
  • Moisturizing: Ability to lock water and moisture in

Ever felt like all the moisturizers you slather on are, well, just sitting on top of your hair ?

Doing nothing !

There’s a good reason to explain this.

Your hair does not have enough nutrients inside. It doesn’t matter how much moisturizer you apply, it won’t make a difference.

Because moisturizers only lock nutrients and moisture that’s already in your hair. They do NOT add moisture.

Your hair needs intense hydration.

Hydrating agents (humectants) draw in moisture from the surrounding to increase the level of hydration in your hair.

Like moisture magnets.

They give your hair a balanced level of hydration which means your hair never gets a chance to go dry and crunchy.


Go and make amends to your crispy tresses with these lush hair masks …

Inoar Professional Masks For even The Most Desiccated Hair

mascara inoar bb cream hair resenha

Mascara Inoar BB Cream

Click below for the BB Mascara Inoar reviews

More Details

mascara de tratamento inoar 500g

Inoar Absolut Daymoist CLR

Work some magic into your hair with the DayMoist hydration masque

More Details

inoar mask profissional resenha

Inoar Mask Profissional With Intense Hydration

Feel the deep hydration effects from this professional hair mask

More Details

mascara de hidrataco inoar kit macadamia

Inoar Mask With Wheat Protein (250 G)

Inoar macadamia leave in also comes in different sizes. Like 500 g and 1 Kg

More Details

Hair hydration checked.

It’s time to look at how to moisturize your hair.

The Weekly Hair Care Routine

Table 3: Quick overview on how to make your weekly hair routine
What To DoHow To Do It
Use the right shampooInoar BB cream shampoo kit
Nourish & moisturizeInoar Argan oil system

hair routine weekly tips

Did you know ?

A good hair detox makes your moisturizers twice as effective !

That’s because the detox lifts up all the dull residues that accumulate in your hair.

Now that your hair is clean, detoxed, and able to hydrate:

  • Give it nutrients
  • Give it more energy to move

Here are my handpicked products for your weekly fix:

bb cream hair inoar

BB Cream Inoar Hair Kit

With the Inoar BB Cream hair trio you also get a BONUS hair mask & healing hair oil

More Details

inoar macadamia resenha

Inoar Macadamia Oil Premium

Return that natural elasticity to your hair with extra silkiness, shine and softness

More Details

oleo de argan inoar resenha

Inoar Argan Oil System Kit

Read the Inoar Argan oil system reviews. Click the button below

More Details

Now you’re ready to add sparkle to your hair with finishing oils and serums.

Use daily hair care products that brush effortlessly from your hair with zero build-up.

Let me show you how …

The Daily Hair Care Routine

Table 4: Quick overview on how to make your daily hair routine
What To DoHow To Do It
Use a good finishing product to hold your styleInoar Argan oil treatment
Inoar professional hair repair serums
Use products that don’t build upInoar shampoo and conditioner

hair routine daily tips

You wake up with zero time to spare …

… and you want hair that looks bang on point all day !

oleo de argan inoar como usar

Fast hair styling tips

Unless you’re good at quick 10 minutes hairstyles like:

  • The half-crown braid
  • Simple french roll
  • or twisted “phony”tail

There’s zero chance you can disguise your bed head in less than 10 minutes !

Because of this:

Inoar Brazilian blow dry reviews

Luckily, you can cut your morning beauty routine in half like I do.

I use a multitasking hair product with a vent brush, evenly distribute it over my hair, and voila !

“Applying several products to your hair takes time. So to speed up your routine, use one styling product that does multiple things, and then apply it using a vent brush for even application. Once you’ve brushed the product into your hair, rinse off your brush and continue styling as you normally would.”

says Nathaniel Hawkins, celebrity hairstylist in NYC.

Source: Cosmopolitan Magazine – Hair care routine and how to get ready faster »

The right daily finishing product will instantly hydrate and smooth your parched, dry hair.

No need to wash, no need to straighten.

Go ahead and hit snooze !

The Daily Hair Routine Products That Get You Out Of The Door Faster

Inoar oil argan system

Argan Oil Inoar (60 ml)

Bonus point, this product also smells amazing !

More Details

linha inoar argan oil

Handbag-Friendly Inoar Argan Oil Treatment (7 ml)

Slip this into your handbag. It’s the simple and convenient hair refresh oil you’ll always need

More Details

onde comprar progressiva inoar

The Serum That Prevents Split Ends

I can’t live without this. It makes my hair feel luxurious all the time !

More Details

mascara de hidratacao inoar

BB Cream Healing Oil

Lightweight oil suitable for all hair types. Rapid absorption with incredible frizz control

More Details

vent brush for daily styling

Denman Vent Brush

And of course using the right brush is important. Pick yours

More Details

shehnazWant some help with yours ?

See below how I build my hair care pyramid with these products.

produto inoar

Produtos da Inoar pyramid

Let me summarize this for you:

Monthly (Hair damage repair)

Fortnightly (Hydrate your hair)

Weekly (Moisturize)

Daily (Use serums & finishing products)

While the system works for most, you may have to tweak a few products here and there for your specific hair type.

Because, everyone’s hair is different.

A Product For Every Type Of Hair

progressiva inoar argan oil

Progressiva da Inoar

You want to:

  • Do big loose curls
  • Straighten afro hair without relaxers
  • Get different shades of blonde hair
  • Add volume to flat hair
  • Reduce hair volume

Inoar has a product for you.

These tried and tested products are sure to beat the clamminess and control your frizzies.

When your hair is waaayy too puffy, curly, kinda wavy, and kinda frizzy ….

You know it’s time to turn down the volume.

Lock Out Puff-Inducing Moisture With Inoar Redutor De Volume

Let’s see what happens when you have way too much hair that you’re ever gonna need:

  • It takes a ridiculous amount of time to style and blow-dry
  • Your conditioner always runs out before your shampoo
  • Good luck trying to get your hair to lie down
  • Humidity puffs out your hair even more
  • Your hair gets bushy as the days go on

You need a treatment that gives you nice calm waves.

Volume reducing keratin treatment

Buy the Inoar Brazilian Blowout for volume reduction »

Unlike chemical relaxing, this Inoar Brazilian blow dry system does not damage your hair strands to make them straight. It’s a natural relaxer that defines your curls without breaking the bonds.

Inoar’s Redutor De Volume uses Kem3 Complex to make your hair smooth instead.

Let me explain how this works …

Kem3 Complex uses positive charges from the hair cortex and negative charges from the outer layer of the hair to seal the cuticle. This makes your hair durable, smooth, and shiny for at least 60 days from one treatment alone.

For those with monster frizz, take it up a notch with the strongest Inoar Brazilian treatment.

The Lissage Inoar GHair Keratin

g hair inoar tem formol

G Hair Inoar resenha. Click for reviews »

Ghair Inoar is super strong. I call it “the last resort” for the most unruly frizz.

Use it on virgin hair, chemically treated hair, or even relaxed hair, it works.

And you won’t have to walk around with greasy, smelly chemical in your hair for 3 days. It’s a same day wash keratin treatment.

Expect your hair to dry to a pretty wave and blow dry straight in a few hours.

This is what you get when you buy the Ghair Inoar smoothing kit:

  • A deep cleansing shampoo
  • The Inoar keratin hair smoothing treatment
  • A deep hydrating mask
  • Disposable gloves
  • The G Hair Inoar Keratin instructions

With super soft and glossy hair, you won’t slave away with heat styling tools anymore.

From day one, you’ll notice how fast you can style your hair and get out of the house in a snap !

keratina g hair de inoar

G Hair Inoar Lissage (Smoothing)

The Inoar G Hair Keratin treatment kit is your easy smooth hair home remedy

More Details

g hair inoar preço

Lissage Inoar Ghair Extreme Premium

Also known as the Lissage Bresilien Inoar Ghair, this product is only available from Amazon France

More Details

progressiva da inoar g hair

Inoar Ghair 250ml

The Inoar Ghair keratin treatment is also available in smaller sizes. Perfect for a first time try

More Details

Progressiva Inoar G Hair Instructions

I managed to get usage instructions from a professional hair stylist, so let me share it with you here:

como aplicar progressiva inoar lissage bresilien ghair mode demploi

Progressiva Inoar G Hair Passo Passo

Most keratin treatments follow the same process. This will give you an idea on what to expect when you’re buying one online.

Keratin Treatment Instructions:

  1. Deep Cleanse: Use the pre shampoo to wash your hair
  2. Dry Hair: Use a blow dryer to dry your hair out
  3. Make Sections: Use a tail comb and make 4 sections of your hair
  4. Apply Keratin: Apply the keratin serum section by section
  5. Dry Hair Again: Using your blow dryer
  6. Flat Iron: 375 ° – 425 ° F. Go through each section
  7. Repeat: Repeat at least 7 times to seal keratin
  8. Rinse Hair: Lukewarm water is good
  9. Apply Finishing Mask: This helps seal keratin as well
  10. Use A Plastic Cap: Leave it on for 5 minutes
  11. Rinse: This time rinse thoroughly
  12. Dry: Dry with your blow dryer at medium heat
  13. Flat Iron Again: Repeat the flat iron steps 3 times (Optional)
  14. Final Wash: Wait 1 Hr before your final wash

Now, let’s look at the most challenging of hair types: The Afro Hair.

Inoar Brazilian Afro Keratin Treatment (No More Relaxers)

African-American hair is drier than Asian or Caucasian hair. Going for a strong chemical treatment only adds to the problem.

Because Afro hair is the most vulnerable to damage out of any hair texture.

Read: The Structure of African Caribbean Hair by Philip Kingsley »

Kit Inoar brazilian afro keratin

Afro keratin treatment Inoar

If you’re still doing relaxers, STOP and read this article:

Sacrificing safety for style – The dangers of relaxers for African women »

More reasons why you need to stop doing relaxing treatments:

  • They break cystine disulfide bonds in your hair to re align them straight
  • Your hair gets weaker over time
  • They contain dangerous chemicals like Formaldehyde
  • Bone straight hair does not look natural at all
Recommended Reading:

“There’s still a stigma that African American hair is “not professional”. I don’t condemn those who feel they need relaxers, but I think they should take another look.” – ESTHER SHITTU The hidden dangers of chemical relaxers and why you should Go Natural »

Use the Inoar Afro keratin, and see your natural curls unfold. Without breaking a single bond in your hair.

In fact:

Natural hairstyles are now a prominent fashion trend, if you know how to jazz up the look.

With soft and loose curls, I promise you won’t run out of ideas.

Inoar afro hair brazilian treatment

Inoar Afro Keratin Reviews

Click the link for the Inoar Afro keratin treatment instructions. This kit includes the deep cleansing shampoo too !

More Details

It’s time to say goodbye to old-fashioned relaxers …

Because the ingredients in your relaxing treatments are anything but relaxing.

And here is the proof:

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) did some tests on hair relaxers and revealed most of them to be toxic.

When it comes to hair straightening, smoothing, and relaxing, you cannot ignore the “F” word.


It’s the reason why 33 hair products were placed on international recall because of health risks.

Read This Before You Buy

Do your research before buying hair products online.

Just because a manufacturer says a product is Formaldehyde-free, it doesn’t always mean it is.

I can almost guarantee none of you do this. But this one tip will surprise you !

Check for product EXPIRY DATES.

Here’s why …

According to SafeCosmetics, expired products can release formaldehyde.

Yes, although cosmetics have longer shelf lives …

… the ones that are close to their expiry dates are often flogged away for cheap on Groupon and eBay.

Watch Out For Counterfeit Or Discontinued Products

My team went above and beyond, buying these products, making requests from distributors, and scanning the whole Internet for Inoar products we could evaluate and write about.

shehnazA lot of glam for the next 6 months ...
BTW, we have enough products to get glam for the next 6 months now . Can’t complain.

But surprise, surprise !

We came across a few products that did not look genuine at all. And did not even exist on Inoar’s official websites.

eBay for example, is rife with counterfeit keratin products and most times you’ll find products that have been discontinued.

So this made me curious. I decided to dig deeper and here’s what I found …

A few (Not All) of the products advertised are:

  • Counterfeits
  • Over the legal limits for formaldehyde *
  • Expired

* More on the acceptable limits for Formaldehyde in the next section …

Be a savvy consumer, don’t try to save a few bobs to put your health at risk.

Fair enough, we’re not all dropping dead from chemicals, but we can always make a better choice.

A better choice to cut the amount of chemicals you expose yourself to.

So let me help you with this …


Don’t be fooled by overhyped products. “Formaldehyde free” is a myth !

No manufacturer will list “Formaldehyde” in its product ingredients list.

Because it’s a gas.

A gas that’s activated when you apply heat to ingredients like:

  • Methanol
  • Methylene oxide
  • Oxymethyline
  • Methylaldehyde

Read more here: Hair straightening without Formaldehydes »

Like it or not, any product that defrizzes your hair for a long period contains a derivative of the f word.

“A small amount of formaldehyde is vital to make a keratin treatment work. As long as the amount is low and acceptable , you should be ok with it.”
Look Magazine meets Zoltan – The hair Guru

So be aware of the products you buy and their potential risks.

When Is Formaldehyde Dangerous ?

Ok here’s the magic number to look for: 0.2 %

  • 0.2% Or Less – Not Dangerous. Safe to use at home.
  • Over 0.2% – Potentially Dangerous. Requires a licensed hair stylist.

Any product with 0.2% or less concentration is Formaldehyde-free.

Read it here: The Cosmetics Ingredients Review Formaldehyde Safety Info »

Speaking to Women’s Health Magazine, Halyna Breslawec, Chief Scientist at the Personal Care Products Council said this:

“While the FDA, which oversees the cosmetics industry, does not prohibit nor regulate the use of formaldehyde in cosmetics (except for nail polishes), the Cosmetic Ingredient Review (CIR), an independent panel of experts that determines the safety of cosmetic ingredients, recommends that cosmetic products should not contain formaldehyde at amounts greater than 0.2 percent, for health and safety reasons.”
Women’s Health Magazine: Formaldehyde in Cosmetics: What’s the Verdict ?

Does Inoar Keratin Treatment Contain Formaldehydes ?

I checked a list of 40 hair straightening products that contain Formaldehyde and here’s what I found:

There’s only one Inoar keratin treatment with formaldehyde releasing agents.

At 2.84%, and well above the limit, it’s the Inoar Marroquina.

While this product works well for thick, coarse, and damaged hair, use it with caution.

Because it’s not a DIY Keratin.

Always use a licensed professional to do your Inoar Moroccan treatment.

“Any formulation that produces a significant volume-reduction in the hair lasting several weeks is a potent salon product. It should always be treated with healthy respect, and handled in compliance with salon safety protocols by licensed hair professionals only.”
Source: QOD Authentic Keratin USA

Now here’s some good news …

I recently read an article on the New York Times about Johnson & Johnson’s new baby shampoo formula.

Read it here: The ‘No More Tears’ Shampoo, Now With No Formaldehyde »

The message is clear.

Savvy consumers like you want safer products and better disclosures about toxic ingredients.

As a result, more cosmetic companies are now under pressure to find alternatives to toxic ingredients.

“Greenwashing” does not work anymore.

Comprar produtos inoar de progressiva profissional

And I am pleased to tell you that Inoar Cosmetics is already miles ahead in this field of research. They are setting high standards for Keratin treatments.

Their new line of products use Glyoxylic Acid, a safer alternative to formaldehyde.

Want proof ?

Here’s the patent filed for Glyoxylic Acid in hair straightening treatments.

This is the abstract with a selected Inoar product test:

keratina inoar ingredientes

Inoar Glyoxylic Acid Formulation Test

And finally, the abstract that states it’s safe to use:

inoar maroquino avis


Take a look at the next product I’m going to show you …

The NEW Escova Progressiva Inoar Power Powder

produto da progressiva profissional

Progressiva cabelos. Photo Credit: Brasil

Exclusive to Inoar, Powder Frizz is the first keratin powder treatment.

This hair volume powder is:

  • Glyoxylic Acid based (Formaldehyde Alternative)
  • Paraben-Free
  • Amonia-Free

It also contains natural acids and oils that enriches the product.

Check out the video that shows how easy it is to use:

Inoar Youtube Video – How To Use The Power Powder Keratin »

produtos progressiva inoar

Inoar Progressiva Power Powder Review

Inoar keratin formaldehyde free Glyoxylic formula. Tame the frizz and set your curls free

More Details

Watch this space for more exciting products with Formaldehyde alternatives.

Don’t forget to ask your hair stylist on your next salon visit too !

g hair inoar passo a passo

Inoar Professional Salon Hair Products

Try Inoar professional on your next appointment …

… and walk out of the hair salon with hair that looks straight out of a fashion commercial.

You can do:

  • Damaged Hair Recovery
  • Straightening
  • Bleaching
  • Color Toning

And expect an A-list celeb style hair makeover within a few hours.

Let’s see how …

The Damaged Hair Recovery Treatment

Excessive heat styling, split ends, or a hair color job gone bad can make your hair feel like a curse.

Luckily you can bring back the elasticity and rehydrate those crunchy looking strands with one treatment.

plastica capilar inoar resenha

Inoar Hair Damage Repair

Restore chemically damaged hair with the Inoar hair treatment kit (4 Produtos)

More Details

Inoar Marroquino Professional Hair Straightening System

keratina inoar marroqui

Inoar Marroquino Brazilian keratin treatment

Despite its high level of formaldehyde, the Inoar Marroquino is still the most popular one used worldwide.

Because this seriously straightens your hair.

Again, I don’t recommend you buy it for use at home. It’s a professional treatment. So do yours at a hair salon.

The Inoar Moroccan keratin treatment makes straight hair that moves in a fine line, is easy to brush, and easy to detangle.

Lift Your Hair Color By Up To 8 Levels With Inoar Rapid Bleaching

Avoid hair bleaching disasters and walking around looking like an Orangutan !

The Speed Blonde from Inoar puts you in total control of your hair, with its progressive bleaching effect.

Pick your exact shade and let the Speed Blond work its magic for you.

This is what I like about the Inoar Speed Blond hair bleaching powder:

  • 8 Shades: Lightens up to 8 shades
  • No Orange Color: Avoid the brassy blonde hair
  • Zero Dryness: Vitamin E & Argan oil eliminate dryness
  • Rapid Bleaching: The fastest bleaching treatment. No doubt
  • Uniform: Color looks uniform over different states of bleaching
  • Progressive: Gradually lightens in a naturally progressive way
  • Dust Free: No dust when handling

Perk up your hair color to that one and only dazzling shade of blonde.


Inoar Speed Blonde Bleaching Powder

Hair bleaching powder with Argan oil and Vitamin E

More Details

Inoar Toning Kit – Because All This Blonde Business Can Be Hard Work

Whether you are a faux blondie or a true natural blonde, you always need to maintain that perfect shade.

The perfect shade that works with your light eyes and your light skin.

Ask any blonde and she’ll tell you. Being fair-haired is a lot of maintenance.

Here are the annoying things that make your blonde hair brassy:

  • Hard Water: Iron in hard water makes blonde hair orange
  • Bad Bleaching: Hair not bleached properly to reach blonde tones
  • Sulfates In Shampoos: Get a sulfate free keratin shampoo now
  • Chlorine: Gives blonde hair a green tint
  • Pollution & Smoke: Blonde hair takes a yellow tone from daily pollutants

The Absolut Blond takes care of all these.

With rich antioxidants, violet pigments, and a pH balanced formula, this Inoar Absolut shampoo:

  • Corrects excessive yellow tones
  • Gets rid of brassy blonde hair
  • Gives your hair the cool blonde tone
  • Hydrates your hair

Make your blonde hair decidedly luxurious with the perfect shade and balance.

inoar toning shampoo blonde

Inoar Toning Kit

pH balanced shampoo for blondes. Corrects yellow tones and brassiness

More Details

Always follow-up your straightening, bleaching, and toning with good home care products.

Because too many trips to the hair salon can get très expensive.

In fact:

It’s very likely that your salon will twist your arm and sell you these products at a premium price.

Why not buy them cheaper from Amazon ?

Use Inoar Argan Oil Homecare Kits For Extra TLC

Pamper yourself with these extra TLC hair products.

Replace the daily junk with products that fit right into your hair care routine.

For example: Look at this bestselling Inoar Argan Oil kit:

kit inoar argan

Inoar Argan Oil System Reviews »

You get:

  • An Argan oil deep hydrating mask (Fortnightly hair care)
  • A shampoo & conditioner (Daily or every other day)
  • An Argan finishing oil (Daily care)

Inoar Argan Oil Systems Keep Your Hair On Point All Day !

kit argan oil system smoothing 250ml inoar step 1-2-3

Argan Oil System Smoothing Kit 250 ml

Maintain your chemically treated hair without paying high salon prices …

More Details

oleo argan inoar

Inoar Professional Argan Oil System 120 ml

Use the versatile Inoar Argan oil for daily shine & flexibility

More Details

inoar argan oil system oleo de argan serum 60ml

Inoar Professional Argan Oil System 60 ml

Click below for more reviews on the Inoar argan oil 60ml bottle …

More Details

oleo oil de argan inoar 7ml como usar

Oleo De Argan Inoar 7ml

This Inoar Argan oil 7ml bottle is cute and handbag-friendly. Slip one into your handbag

More Details

These oils add extra va va voom to your keratin treated hair too !

Use it on the ends of your hair after washing with a good sulfate-free shampoo.

Inoar Shampoos And Conditioners (Zero Sulfates)

Most regular shampoos contain corrosive sulfates and salts.

Think about it:

If salts can clean a dirty sink with it’s surface friction only

… then they can scratch off layers of keratin from your hair too !

You need a gentle shampoo to maintain your keratin treated hair.

Your best bet is to get a shampoo from the same brand that makes your keratin treatment.

While most Inoar keratin systems come with an aftercare shampoo, you can also use the following add ons:

inoar argan oil shampoo condicionador hidratante 1000ml

Shampoo Inoar Argan 1 Litro

Argan oil based shampoo and conditioner set for your keratin and chemically-treated hair

More Details


The Travel-Friendly Shampoo Set 250 ML

A smaller travel-friendly Inoar argan oil shampoo and conditioner in 250ml bottles

More Details

shampoo inoar pos progressiva

Inoar Pos Progress Shampoo Set

Use the Inoar pos progress shampoo on keratin treated hair. Bonus: Also contains the Inoar pos progress leave-in

More Details

shampoo inoar preço

Inoar BB Cream Shampoo Set

For those who love creamy hair shampoos, BB cream is your delicious and luxurious sulfate-free gentle shampoo

More Details

Sometimes, your hair feels greasier than others after a keratin treatment.

But don’t panic !

Instead of over washing, you can use a fresh ginger shampoo.

Inoar Gengibre Fresh Ginger Shampoo For Oily Hair


Inoar Gengibre fresh ginger shampoo refrescante »

Inoar fresh ginger shampoo tames excessive oils and adds a burst of freshness into your hair.

It makes your hair feel and smell extraordinarily clean.

With its mild and gritty texture, ginger root:

  • Exfoliates your skin to remove dead skin cells
  • Removes excess sebum
  • Removes grime that sit deep within your skin pores

The purifying antioxidants blast away all the excess sebum from the roots.

shehnazUse this trick to avoid greasy build-up ...

Use a Boar Bristle Brush in between your shampoos. It spreads the natural oils from the roots to the dry hair ends.

Inoar Absolut Daymoist Shampoo For Dry Hair

produto inoar e bom

Inoar Absolute Daymoist Kit »

While most shampoos dry out your hair, the Daymoist puts in more moisture than it takes out.

The intense conditioning won’t give your hair the chance to dry out, snap, and fray.

BTW, the Inoar Daymoist also protects your hair from heat. Flat iron your hair without a heat spray after this shampoo.

Inoar Absolut Speed Blond Shampoo – The Perfect Platinum Effect

Follow up your hair salon toning with this blonde shampoo.

keratina inoar aplicacion blonde

Inoar Shampoo Argan for Blondes. Credit: @InoarUK Instagram

No it’s not your ordinary purple shampoo that dries out your hair.

The Inoar Speed Blonde is a more balanced formula with violet pigments that keep your blonde hair radiant with the perfect platinum effect.

Argan oil and the balanced pH eliminate discoloration to give your hair a uniform color with intense shine after every use.

You can now maintain your hair brightness and neutralize brassy tones in lighter shades.

Here’s what you get with the Absolut Blond shampoo & conditioner:

  • Platinum Effect: The most striking & glamorous of hair colours
  • Tones Down Yellow Hair: Prevents discoloration with antioxidants
  • Shine & Flexibility: Get effortless & flexible hair that moves
  • Hydration: Guaranteed intense hydration
  • Natural Glow: The perfect blonde natural glow you can imagine
  • Versatility: It’s compatible with any chemical treatments
  • Violet Pigments: To keep the effect of blonde hair
  • Balanced pH: Infused with active antioxidants and Argan Oil
  • Basin Kit: Works as a basin kit for blondes
  • Uniform Hair Color: No more obsessing about unbalanced tones
  • Hard Water Protection: Neutralizes the yellow effects of hard water
  • Protein Rich: Contains Rose & Blueberry grapes proteins

Keep your shade fresh and cool. Enjoy your striking, angelic hair colour that’ll make even Kim Kardashian jealous.

absolute blonde inoar

Inoar Speed Blond

This Inoar blond shampoo makes all the sparkly lights shine brighter on your hair !

More Details

Inoar Divine Curls Makes Your Curly Hair Easy To Detangle

Progressivas produtos

Produtos Inoar para cabelos cacheados

Wavy, curly, kinky, coarse, you name it …

Divine Curls is the low poo shampoo your thirsty curls need. Because it does not strip your hair from natural oils.

3 reasons why it works for dry curls:

  • Zero sulfates
  • Plenty of slip for easy detangling
  • Rich in emollients

Divine Curls is available from Inoar UK »

Add A New Twist To Your Hair Care With The Inoar Kit Duo

The Inoar duo line shampoos make keratin aftercare even more fun with therapeutic benefits.


  • The anti-oxidative and anti-fungal effects of fresh ginger roots
  • The relaxing aroma of Jasmine and Rosemary
  • The natural healing from Macadamia oil
  • And many more.

These keratin maintenance kits are also:

  • Sulfate-free
  • Sodium Chloride free
  • pH balanced
  • Rich in emollients

And if that’s not enough, you can choose from 9 different exotic flavors …

shampoing inoar sans sulfate

Shampoo Pos Progressiva Inoar

Best sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner for keratin aftercare

More Details

oleo Inoar argan resenha

Kit Inoar Duo Argan Oil

Keeps your hair strong after chemical treatments

More Details

resenha Inoar creme de tratamento

Inoar Kit Duo BB Cream

Make styling your straight hair effortless, without knots and tangles with this Inoar hair straightener cream shampoo

More Details

productos inoar precos

Shampoo Inoar Gengibre Duo Kit (Fresh Ginger)

The Inoar Gengibre fresh ginger cleans your hair from the roots. It sucks out excess sebum

More Details

linha inoar herbal duo

Inoar Herbal Solution Duo Kit

The Inoar herbal solution shampoo uses a Tri-Active formula with extracts of Rosemary and Jasmine to make your hair silky

More Details

produtos inoar mercado livre

Kit Duo Macadamia

Protects your hair from external aggressive factors (chemical treatments, sun and hard water)

More Details

plastica dos fios relaxamento inoar

Kit Duo Camelia

Clinical and aromatic. Ideal for color treated and dry hair

More Details

Capim Santo inoar resenha

Kit Duo Capim Santo (Lemon Grass)

Lemongrass oil strengthens your hair follicles when you’re struggling with hair loss or an itchy and irritated scalp

More Details

shampoo da inoar é bom

Kit Duo Rosa Imperial

Rose oil is rich in emollients. It fights dryness and hair dehydration

More Details

inoar absolut daymoist resenha

Inoar Absolut Daymoist CLR Duo Kit

The best shampoo and conditioner for dry hair

More Details

And just in case you want to wear a wash and go that you don’t feel like re-wetting …

… A leave in treatment is totally your thing !

Because sometimes it’s ok to skip the frills with a shortcut conditioner.

4 Reasons To Use Inoar Leave In Conditioners

leave in inoar argan oil resenha

Inoar Leave-in Argan oil products

Spritz a leave in conditioner into your hair to keep the old wash-n-go soft and moisturized all day !

Give your hair bounce and elasticity without heavy moisturizers, brushing, and heat styling.

This leave in conditioner works 4 times better than an in shower conditioner:

Here’s why:

  • Fast Blow-Dry: It speeds up blow dry time by up to 30%
  • Pain-Free Detangling: No more hair-breaking tangles
  • Lightweight: You won’t even feel it in your hair
  • Long-Lasting Style: Keeps your hair on point all day long

Go on ! Give your hair that extra TLC right after your shower.

Here are my best picks:

bb cream inoar resenha

Inoar BB Cream Leave-in 500ml

This light moisturizing styling creme keeps your hair nicely defined all day !

More Details

inoar oil argan resenha

Inoar Argan Oil Leave-In 250ml

Skip in shower conditioning and slap this on when you are in a rush

More Details

Thermoliss oleo de argan Inoar comprar

Inoar Thermoliss

Protect your hair from the scorching sun with the creamy Thermoliss leave in

More Details

inoar argan oil system home

Inoar Argan Oil Home Care Kit

This full set includes shampoo, conditioner, leave-in treatment, and a finishing oil

More Details

How To Use The Inoar Argan Oil Leave In

Let me give you some important tips on how to make the best use of it:

  • Towel Dry: Squeeze out the extra water and keep your hair damp
  • Section Your Hair: Make easily manageable sections
  • Apply To Each Section: Work from halfway to ends
  • Only A Tiny Amount: Do not overdo it
  • Avoid Your Roots: Greasy scalp causes build up
  • Blow Dry: Use medium heat and prefeably a blow dry diffuser

Most importantly, only use a leave-in twice or 3 times a week only after your shower. There’s no need to overdo it.

shehnazLeave-in conditioner vs hair serum ?

A lot of people ask me this question. The difference is, I can use a serum every day but not a leave in conditioner.

While a leave in can go up to halfway or more through your hair, a hair serum should focus more on the ends.

Use Inoar Professional Serums To Repair Split Ends

If you don’t repair split ends early, they travel up the hair shaft.

split ends break your hair

Example of splitting hair

As a result, 2 things happen:

  • Your hair becomes weak and brittle
  • You see more hair breakage

And the only way to fix the damage is an inevitable full haircut. Oouch !

shehnazBeauty confession:

I have a weird obsession. I always look at my split-ends and love to pull them out.

No time for regular trims ?

This is how you get rid of split ends without cutting …

You can use a Split Ender Pro or a hair serum.

To be honest, I prefer a hair serum because it’s cheaper and it nourishes my hair at the same time.

Here’s how a serum works:

  • It seals broken hair early before it stretches more
  • It binds broken hair strands together so that they are less noticeable
  • Loaded with keratin, it heals the hair from the inside
  • It adds a protection layer on your hair to prevent further damage

More reasons why I use the Inoar hair serum as a finish:

  • Not Sticky: It conditions my hair without making it sticky or greasy
  • Split Ends: I don’t have to obsessively look at my split ends
  • Intense & Luxurious: My hair feels luxurious and smooth
  • Fragrance: Leaves my hair with a delicate touch
  • Easily Absorbed: Try it and see how easy it absorbs in your hair
  • Tames Flyaway Hair: I can pull off a polished look every time !
  • Combing & Styling: It makes hair styling effortless
  • Zero Tangles: It stops my hair from tangling
  • Always On Me: I buy the smallest one and keep in my handbag

Camouflage your frizz and let the hair serum seal up those split ends at the same time.

The Best Split Ends Remover Serums

onde comprar inoar

Inoar Serum With Argan Oil (30 ml)

This Argan oil serum gives you luscious bouncy curls with a touch of glamor

More Details

Inoar oleo de argan serum

Inoar Argan Oil Serum (120 ml)

Also available in bigger 120ml bottles. Fix split ends without cutting them

More Details

How To Use Your Hair Serum:

  • Apply 2 drops of serum on your palms
  • Start at the hair tips
  • Gently blot it into the hair
  • Keep away from the scalp
  • Do not rough towel dry
  • Use a microfiber towel or t-shirt to dry your hair

It may feel strong at the beginning, but don’t worry. It does dissipate within an hour or so.

Future Products I’m Excited About …

Progressivas para cabelos

Credit: Inoar UK Instagram

Here’s a quick peek at what’s been happening with Inoar.

I keep an eye on their Instagram for the latest updates, and here are the new products that will hit the market soon …

Inoar Photoshop

Photoshop Inoar

Photoshop. Credit: Inoar Brasil Instagram

This botanical extracts hair cleanser is perfect for those who like low poo cleansing shampoos.

The Photoshop shampoo is also:

  • Sulfate-Free
  • Paraben-Free
  • Silicone-Free
  • Cruelty-Free

Inoar Doctor (Help) Shampoo & Ampoules

Shampoo Inoar oleo de argan

Inoar Doctor Detox Shampoo & Ampoules

Use this treatment to detox your hair and prepare it for any type of chemical treatment.

Remember, a good hair detox is the ideal preparation for your keratin treatment or hair coloring.

Catch the early release from Inoar UK »

Inoar Ampolas – The 3 Minutes Keratin Hair Repair

produtos de cabelo inoar

Keratin Inoar Ampolas

Fix damaged hair in 3 minutes with these 15ml intensive keratin treatment ampoules.

They are super easy to use.

  • Wash your hair with a shampoo of your choice
  • Then apply the treatment throughout your hair, strand by strand
  • Leave it for 3 minutes, then rinse
  • Air dry. No need for flat iron or blow-dryer

Voila ! Shine your inner diva and show off your luscious hair !

Buy them from Mercado Brazil »

Inoar Natural Oils Collection

Inoar natural oils collection

Kit Inoar argan oil. New and advanced formula

Fall in love with the NEW Inoar natural oils collection.

These exotic fragrances offer an airy but less intense scent trail in your hair.

Just imagine:

That soft halo effect with a faint, yet seductive scent that makes your hair feel fresh all day.

These oils also moonlight as a good hydrating serum to make your hair shine.

Simply add a few drops throughout your hair before bedtime, or apply it before you go out. It will calm your frizzy hair.

Only available from Inoar UK »

Inoar Flowers

progressivas da inoar

© Credit: InoarUk Instagram

This super-sensual hair shampoo masks cigarette smoke, food smell, and the all the daily pollutants that make your hair smell.

Envelope yourself in Cherry Blossom soft floral aroma and give your hair an irresistible scent that will make you smell sweet all day.

Pre order yours today »

Inoar Color

Hair Color Morrocan Gold Argan

© Credit: InoarUk Instagram

I am yet to see any official announcements for this. I believe Inoar’s color cream uses micro hair pigmentation.

From what I’ve been reading on social media …

… this product is fade resistant and provides deep hair color penetration, which means it will last longer than the average color treatment.

Let’s wait and see.

Watch this space for more updates.

And of course, you can experiment and add them to your pyramid when they are available.

By now, I’m sure you know exactly how they fit in yours.


The mission from Inoar is simple:

To reduce the time YOU spend at hair salons.

  • Save your money
  • Beat the frizz
  • Feel your true natural hair texture again
  • Be an Instagram diva

Follow the proven capillary pyramid system and I promise you’ll never have a bad hair day again !

Start with the Botohair Inoar Argan oil keratin system today …

Inoar botohair keratinYou’re Only 1 Click Away »Recommended By Professional Hair Stylists

Image credits: and Inoar Professional.