Inoar Botohair Keratin Treatment Is The Only Frizzy Hair Product You’ll Need For Humidity-Proof Hair

shehnaz shirazi
Shehnaz Shirazi
Inoar Botohair Keratin Treatment Is The Only Frizzy Hair Product You’ll Need For Humidity-Proof Hair
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When my hairstylist first introduced me to Inoar Botohair, I had no idea what a botox for hair treatment was all about.

But on that day, I walked out of the hair salon with bountifully bodacious hair.

Silky smooth from every angle, touchable, and frizz-free hair that lasted me for a good 3 months.

Yes! 3 months of no-fuss needed hair.

I immediately understood why there is so much hype about hair botox in Dubai (where I was living at that time).

Here’s the thing:

If you’re cursed with the frizz gene, and your summer feels like long bad hair days …

… the excellent Inoar hair botox smoothing system will make even your most untameable hair texture smooth and silky to the touch.

Inoar botox for hair will have you drooling at your new model-perfect hair from day one.

And trust me:

Everyone will want your gorgeous hair, but they won’t look half as good as you!

Unless you tell them your secret …

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Inoar Botohair – Inoar botox hair treatment reviews.

Rated 4.5 from 44+ customers we surveyed.

Imagine 3 months of humidity-proof gorgeous hair that looks just-styled to perfection without breaking a sweat!

Are you ready for it?

Let me ease your hair into gorgeous strands with my exclusive guide to Inoar’s new hair botox treatment.

Here’s what I will cover for you:

  • What is Inoar botox treatment for hair
  • Inoar botox treatment for hair reviews (What customers say)
  • Inoar hair botox before and after results
  • What you get with the Inoar argan oil system trio kit
  • How to use it – Inoar hair botox instructions
  • Inoar hair botox aftercare
  • Inoar botohair ingredients (Are they safe?)
  • Side effects of hair botox (Are there any?)
  • Inoar hair botox treatment cost
  • Where to buy hair botox products (Deals and discounts links below)

Don’t Let The Sizzling Temperatures Invite Your Hair’s Worst Enemy – Frizz!

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Why you need the Inoar professional botox hair anti-frizz products
“It is quite common for hair to frizz in the summer due to humidity levels. Especially in Dubai, humidity is high so many people will see their hair become dry. The water can also make hair frizzy as it contains high amounts of chlorine.” Ilyn Macarilay
Hairstylist and Kerastase Ambassador at Sisters Beauty Lounge - Timeout Dubai

There is nothing more disappointing than spending hours aligning every last kink out to step outside and see …

… your hair has un-smoothed itself.

Truth is:

My hair tends to roam a little too wild and free when it’s hot outside, and within no time it buckles under the intense humidity.

From the editor I tried a slew of anti-humidity and anti-frizz products, but it was all a hit and miss affair.

But then, my hairstylist told me this:

“Feed your hair with keratin and help it to lock in moisture. You’ll never find a single strand out of place!”

Sounds easy enough, right?

But how?

Here’s the easy solution:

She told me to stop freezing my hair in place with hairsprays and anti-frizz products.

Sure, they work for a short while – but at the same time, I’m just layering my hair with more buildup.

So she decided to take a more holistic approach to solve my frizzy hair problems.

By detoxing my hair first, then plugging the holes and gaps in my damaged hair with an intense keratin renewal treatment (hair botox fillers).

botox capilar inoar comprar

Read: Why is hair botox good for your hair?

Trust me; you’ll be blown away by how this completely transforms your hair.

But first, let me explain the root of the problem.

Then I’ll show you why a botox keratin hair treatment is the perfect solution.

Why Humidity Makes Your Hair Frizz?

Humid air contains lots of Hydrogen. (Source: Wikipedia)

These Hydrogen bonds creep in between the protein and water molecules in your hair.

Therefore your hair doubles back on itself at a molecular level by swelling and forcing the outer layer to crack open.

And when your hair is dry and porous …

… humidity spikes cause the protein bonds to twist and bend forcing your hair to swallow moisture from its surrounding.

So your hair literally drinks that moisture from the outside. And Pouf!

Humidity Swells And Roughs Up The Outer Layers Of Your Hair

In other words, humidity grows your hair out and round instead of down.

The best way to fix this is by using a deep conditioning treatment that seals all the gaps to prevent Hydrogen from penetrating the hair shaft.

Then keep your hair moist enough so that it won’t need to suck moisture from outside.

This is exactly what the Inoar botox for hair product does.

inoar botohair reconstructor for dry hair shampoo
Inoar botohair reconstructors for damaged hair – Click here to buy yours »

It reconstructs your damaged hair with keratin to even out high porosity and deep conditions your hair so that it can lock moisture in.

Inoar Botohair Stops Your Hair From Exploding Into A Frizzy Mess

botox hair treatment amazon

Frizz, coils, kinks, split ends – whatever the opposite of silky is – we know the complaints well.

Except for approximately 2 people on earth, every woman with hair is less than thrilled with it.

But as gimmicky as it may sound, the Inoar Brazilian botox hair treatment is a therapeutic fix for all your frizzy hair problems.

“What is hair botox?
Botox conditioner for hair is a revolutionary new product combines essential proteins, collagen, and keratin to plump the individual hair shaft, removing 98% of frizz while adding luminous shine and body without removing the natural curl.” Daniel Baseggio
Lead stylist at Vito Esposito who uses Inoar Botohair for clients - Socially Shoppable

In fact:

We rate Inoar as one of the best hair botox treatment brand on the market.

It refills your hair to strengthen the inner structure and improves moisture retention.

The result?

  • No surface frizz – that activates from humidity
  • No halo frizz – that centers on the crown of your head
  • No poof ball frizz – unrecognizable curls
  • No fluffy frizz – hair separated into individual poofs
  • No in-the-curl frizz – that zaps the smoothness of your curls
  • No Frizz at the ends – like split ends
  • No product frizz – when you use too many hair products

You get hair that is well nourished, smooth, and supple.

And instead of fighting for more than an hour and a half with a dozen of hair styling products, you will be able to style and dash without feeling exhausted and exasperated on those busy mornings.

You can keep your curls or have your hair down and straight. It’s all about how you want your hair.

Unlike traditional Brazilian blowouts or chemical relaxers that give you pin straight hair that looks stiff and unnatural, Inoar botox capilar re aligns the bonds in your hair and maintains its integrity.

The Inoar Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatment Keeps Your Hair Texture Soft To The Touch

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The Inoar hair straightening and smoothing treatment is both safe and semi-permanent.

It does not alter the texture of your hair at all.

“People aren’t looking for that slick-straight hair anymore.
They want movement.
They just don’t want the frizz.” Tania Whittier
Celeb hair colorist Meche Salon Beverly Hills, CA - E-Online

Instead, you get sleek, polished, and flamboyant hair that moves with its elasticity and sexy bounce.

From the editor No. Go straight, stay curly, or anything in between.

The Botox Hair Treatment For Curly Hair You’ve Been Waiting for

Your hair. Your way. Without the frizz.

The Inoar keratin treatment has no side effects on curly hair.

In fact, it makes your curls look more luscious and feminine with manageable volume and bounce.

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Your hair. Your way. No keratin treatment for curly hair side effects

Inoar botox is so versatile that you can even use it on bleached and color-treated hair too.

The secret lies in the inner workings of its nano-keratin formula and rich argan oil antioxidant base.

How Does The Inoar Hair Botox Treatment Work?

inoar keratin hair smoothing treatment reviews

Your hair contains keratin bonds as its inner structure. And the way they align defines whether your hair looks straight or curly.

Does keratin treatment damage hair?
“Think of straight hair as a ladder and curly hair as a spiral staircase. The steps on both are the hair’s bonds. If you break those bonds, you can rebuild the spiral staircase as ladder — so curly hair becomes straight. Ammonium thioglycolate and sodium hydroxide permanently break the bonds — that’s how traditional relaxers and “Japanese straightening” treatments transform the texture of the hair.” Randy Schueller
Editor of beautybrains explains - Allure Magazine

Like Schueller says, traditional relaxers break your hair bonds to re align them straight.

And to lock your hair into that straight position for longer, relaxing treatments use strong chemicals like methylene glycol, formalin, methanal, and methanediol (Also known as Formaldehyde).

Read: Keratin hair straightening treatment side effects – The dangers of Formaldehyde

It’s also important to note that when you use any harsh chemicals to break your hair structure, the change is permanent.

The only way to get your true hair texture back is to go for the chop and wait for it to grow out.

A Hair Botox Product Does Not Break The Bonds In Your Hair

Instead, it deeply conditions your hair and replenishes its lost keratin to strengthen the bonds. It works as a wrinkle filler to smooth out tears and gaps in your hair.

Hence the term hair botox.

The hair botox filler formula builds your hair bonds into a rigid and stable network to make your hair resilient with plenty of volume yet elastic enough.

As a result:

Straight hair becomes moveable straights, and your curly hair retains its curls.

inoar brazilian afro keratin treatment reviews and instructions - afro system south africa
Inoar botohair reconstructors for natural hair

You can even use Inoar hair botox on natural hair without damaging your type 3 or 4 hair texture.

Other Recommended Inoar Hair Products For Naturals:

And since Botohair doesn’t need to break your hair bonds, it also doesn’t need to use harsh chemicals like Formaldehyde.

Let’s see what goes into the Inoar keratin hair botox formula:

Argan Oil – The Huile Sublime That Repairs Your Damaged Hair

inoar argan oil brazilian keratin treatment

The amber-hued oil which originates from Morocco’s Haha Coast is the magic elixir that powers the Inoar keratin treatment.

Although it won’t make you look like a mystical nymph, argan oil is well known for it’s anti aging benefits.

It’s no secret. The liquid gold of Morrocco is now the cosmetic industry’s most sought after ingredient.

Read: From Goat Dung to Face Cream: The History of Morocco’s Argan Oil

In fact, Argan oil is the world’s most expensive edible oil at $300 per liter.

And there’s a good reason why companies like L’Oreal, Kerastase, Garnier, and others invest so much in cooperatives to produce the oil.

Because it’s rich and abundant in:

  • Antioxidants
  • Fatty acids
  • Vitamin E
  • Omega 6
  • Silk proteins

All the key ingredients your hair needs to repair itself, maintain elasticity, and hydrate.

Argan oil rejuvenates, reconstructs, and amplifies moisture and the brilliance of your hair. It picks your hair up from looking lank and lackluster to effortlessly glam, smooth, and manageable.

Here are the reasons why Inoar trusts argan oil as a key ingredient in its products:

  • Argan oil penetrates deep into hair follicles
  • It softens the cuticles
  • It nourishes damaged hair
  • It strengthens and fortifies hair
  • It protects your hair when heat styling

As a bonus, argan oil hair products also add a luxurious and mysterious shine to your hair without making it feel greasy and weighed down.

Hydrolyzed Keratin Evens Out Your Hair’s Porosity

inoar brazilian moroccan keratin treatment kit
Inoar keratin hair treatment effects

What happens when a glass is already full, and you add more water to it?

There’s no space. The glass will overflow.

This is exactly what happens when your hair is full of natural keratin (the basic building blocks of your hair).

When there are no gaps and spaces, there is no chance of Hydrogen bonds sneaking in. There is no space for them to come and hide.

Additionally, hydrolyzed keratin evens out your hair’s porosity to make it respond better to conditioning and moisturizing treatments.

So no amount of outside moisture and humidity will swell it out beyond the cuticle layers.

Feed your hair with keratin to prevent frizz.

Here are more benefits of hydrolyzed keratin for your hair:

  • Save money on fewer salon treatments
  • Cut down styling and blow dry time
  • You buy less junk hair products
  • Your hair has more elasticity
  • Your hair becomes more heat resistant
  • You have fewer tangles and damage
  • Less split ends

Now, you may have noticed I’ve used the term hydrolyzed keratin.

Compared to traditional keratin, hydrolyzed means tiny or nano-keratin molecules which you can find in hair botox ampoules.

“The name Nanokeratin stems from the term “nano-molecules of keratin. A nano-molecule is 0.000000001 of the size of a regular molecule, thus allowing it to penetrate the smallest fissures in the client’s hair and fill them with keratin (the substance that makes hair strong, shiny and soft).”

Source: NanokeratinUSA

This is important because the smaller the keratin molecules are, the better and faster they absorb into your hair.

The Inoar professional Botohair treatment also packs a powerful punch of spiral-shaped proteins known as Collagen.

Collagen Keeps Your Hair Supple And Elastic

moroccan treatment inoar kit progres solution profecional

Collagen helps to hold your hair firm and stop it from disintegrating.

It binds to water molecules in your hair to retain them and keep your hair moist from the inside.

Collagen fortifies your hair to stave it from static breakage and aging.

Collagen treatment has a positive, rejuvenating effect which prevents frizzy hair, brings out a natural shine and provides a smoother touch.” Mohamed al-Sagheer
Beauty salon in Heliopolis Egypt - Egypt Independent

Now imagine what this powerful combination of argan oil, hydrolyzed keratin, and collagen adds to your hair!

Working from the very core of your follicles, these potent hair botox ingredients rebuild your hair from root to tip.

And the best part?

There are no hidden carcinogens or harsh chemicals.

Does Inoar Keratin Treatment Contain Formaldehyde?

Inoar cosmetics USA is committed to salon-safe hair products.

Instead of using cheap chemical ingredients that are toxic, they use Glyoxylic Acid to the same effect.

inoar argan oil sans formol wikipedia
Inoar keratin hair botox formaldehyde free solution – Patent WO 2011104282 A2

You can read more about this Scrabble-friendly ingredient here:

Why is Glyoxylic Acid safer and better than Formaldehyde »

As a result:

  • No toxic smell
  • No irritations
  • No harmful gases

Hair Botox Side Effects – What You Need To Check

Here’s the thing:

I always buy my Inoar hair botox on Amazon, and I tend to avoid sites like eBay and Groupon.

That’s because these sites are rife with counterfeit Inoar products that use cheap ingredients and potentially Formaldehyde.

How to check for Formaldehyde:

The Inoar botox keratin treatment, as I said contains safer alternatives to these harmful chemicals.

If you buy it from approved retailers (like, there is no need to worry.

From the editor And I haven’t experienced any negative botox hair straightening treatment side effects.

Here’s what you need to remember:

  • The treatment does not break your hair texture
  • There is no permanent hair damage
  • There are no toxic gases to irritate your eyes and lungs


The only hair botox treatment disadvantage is that it’s not recommended for pregnant women and kids. So read the labels carefully.

Other than that, Inoar hair botox is so safe and easy to use that you can even do it at home without the help of a pro hairstylist.

Let me show you how …

Inoar Botohair Instructions – Hair Botox At Home

inoar botohair modo de usar la
Buy the best botox for hair trio kit

First, let me tell you what you get when you buy the Inoar professional botohair kit.

  • Pre hair botox shampoo – For deep cleansing
  • Inoar botohair keratin smoothing treatment with Collagen
  • Boto hair reconstructor balm

Inoar Botohair step by step instructions

inoar g hair instructions - inoar botohair modo de usar

Step 1 – Use the Inoar shampoo to deep cleanse your hair

  • Shampoo your hair
  • Massage for 5 minutes
  • Rinse and repeat process if necessary

Step 2 – Apply the Inoar Botohair smoothing system

  • Mix 1 measure of the smoothing treatment with …
  • … 2 measures of the reconstructor balm
  • Mix thoroughly
  • Divide your hair into 4 parts
  • Apply the mix on small sections of your hair from scalp to ends
  • Starting at the nape of the neck, keep 1/2 inch off the scalp
  • Let it set for 10 minutes
  • Blow dry the hair 100%

Step 3 – Flat Iron And Style

  • Divide your hair into 4 parts
  • Flat iron 3 to 5 times in thin sections (450° F recommended)
  • Rinse thoroughly
  • Style as desired

Standard caution warnings from the product instructions manual:

  • Avoid contact with eyes (rinse immediately if it happens)
  • In case of irritation, discontinue use and seek medical advice
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Do not use on mucous membranes
  • For external use only
  • Keep in a cool, dry place away from direct light and heat

This Inoar hair botox kit has 23 applications in total.

Botohair Before And After Results – What Customers Say

Want to see real results from people who use the Inoar argan botohair keratin treatment?

Then feast your eyes on these gorgeous girls flaunting their new hair makeover on Instagram!

Just follow the hashtag #botohair on Insta and read their hair botox reviews.

From the editor After all, your hair is 90% of your selfie.

With hair as smooth as silk, all you have to do is use your creative imagination to create any hairstyle you want.

And voila! Enjoy 3 months of frizz-free hair.

Read: How long does hair botox last ?

If you want to get more mileage out of your treatment, a little bit of TLC won’t hurt.

My hairstylist recommends sulfate-free keratin shampoos.

Luckily, Inoar has a complementary range of botox keratin shampoos that will keep your hair lust-worthy all along.

Let’s take a look …

Shampoos For Botox Treated Hair

From the editor Always use the same line of aftercare products when you do a keratin treatment. It helps.

That’s why I recommend the Inoar professional botox shampoos and conditioners.

These products are:

  • Sulfate-free
  • Salt-free
  • Safe for color-treated hair

And they are loaded with micro keratin to progressively replenish your hair.

Here’s what I recommend:

inoar shampoo e condicionador sem sulfatos para

Absolut Inoar Hair Botox Shampoo

Click the button below to buy this hair botox after care shampoo set.

Reviews »

inoar divine curls gel finalizador

Inoar Divine Curls Shampoos

After botox hair treatment products for curls and naturals. Keep your hair soft and manageable.

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inoar absolut speed blond resenha

Inoar Absolut speed blond shampoos

Use this shampoo set to prevent brassy tones from creeping into your hair.

Reviews »

Inoar Botohair Reviews – What’s In For You

Now, before you make your decision …

Let me give you a quick overview of the good and bad about this product.

Inoar hair botox benefits:

  • You save your money from useless styling products
  • You cut down your hair styling time by 95%
  • Your hair looks freshly blown out. Every day!
  • Your hair looks lush and frizz-free
  • It fortifies your hair from the core
  • Your hair dries faster after washing
  • The treatment clears out the bad chemicals from your hair
  • Your hair stays hydrated even in the worst weather conditions
  • You will notice less split ends
  • You won’t need regular salon hair treatments
  • It replenishes your hair with keratin
  • It makes your hair color look more natural
  • It makes your hair color last longer
  • Your hair keeps its natural texture
  • It adds body and volume to your hair
  • You can wash your hair regularly, and your blow dry will last longer
  • Makes curly hair easier to manage with its improved texture
  • The treatment adds luminous shine to your hair with its glossing agents


  • It lasts for only 3 months
  • You need to buy the aftercare products separately
  • Limited stocks (always sell out fast)


Don’t spend hours trying to make your hair look perfect with lousy products.

Because all that time, patience, tears, and sweat are not worth it if your hair reverts to frizz as soon as you step out.

Invest in a hair botox treatment to speed through your morning routine.

You can now get that effortlessly glam looking hair you’ve always envied in under 10 minutes!

From the editor Between $100 – $200. Less than a trip to your hair salon!

And the best thing is:

You get a total of 23 applications from the Inoar Botohair kit.

Not to mention, the more you top up the treatment, your hair gets progressively better and better.

So grab your wallet and get your Inoar Botohair today.

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