Botox Keratina – The New Hair Botox Gel From SoftLiss (Review)

shehnaz shirazi
Shehnaz Shirazi
Botox Keratina – The New Hair Botox Gel From SoftLiss (Review)
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Botox Keratina

Botox Keratina from SoftLiss is a new type of keratin infusion treatment that promises to give you up to 90% smooth hair in 2 steps.

It’s a Botox Gel for hair!

Here’s a quick look at the pros and cons of using this product:


  • 70% less smoke
  • Done in 60 minutes
  • Formaldehyde-Free
  • Works on Natural hair too
  • No mess, easy application
  • Immediate results


  • It’s new, more reviews will help

In salon tests from hair stylists show that the SoftLiss Keratina Botox Gel increases smoothing by up to 90%.

Even the most unruly hair, can be tamed with this easy to use innovative keratin gel.

Even better…

The high protein in this gel promises to regenerate your hair faster than conventional keratin.

The results: Softer, shinier long lasting smooth hair.

Botox De Keratina – No Mess, No Smoke

SoftLiss products are Formaldehyde-Free.

This means no toxic fumes when you use your flat iron to seal the Gel. This is a big plus, as many Keratin customers claim their main concern is the formaldehyde. The dangerous smoke emission during treatments that can cause side effects.

Not with Botox Keratina Gel!

It’s completely safe to use and SoftLiss even claim a 110% Guarantee on their website.

Step By Step Application Guide

1. Sterilize Your Hair

Massage the sterilizing shampoo that comes with the Botox Gel for Hair Kit from SoftLiss. It’s important to have your hair clean as this also opens up the cuticle layers of your hair strands to make them receptive to keratin infusion.

Massage the sterilizer 3 -4 times for better results.

Then wash and dry your hair.

2. Apply the Botox Gel

Proceed to step 2 by first dividing your hair into thin slivers.

Use a silicone brush if you have one. Apply the Keratina Botox Gel, massaging your hair strands thoroughly from root to tip.

Use a fine comb to get the best effect and distribution.

Wait 15 minutes after the application, then blow dry your hair with a dryer on medium heat.

Keep on combing your hair during the drying process.

Use Your Flat Iron at 200-220 C (390-428 F) to Seal the keratin.

Wait another 40 minutes, the rinse your hair and dry it again.

Enjoy the immediate results. Your hair should be smooth, very manageable and best of all beautiful in no time.

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