L’Oreal Fiberceutic Hair Botox – The Easiest Keratin Treatment For Damaged Hair

Camelia Smith
L’Oreal Fiberceutic Hair Botox – The Easiest Keratin Treatment For Damaged Hair
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L’oreal Fiberceutics Hair Botox is the NEW irresistible keratin treatment.

It gives you:

  • Silky
  • Lustrous
  • Frizz-free
  • Touch-able
  • And rejuvenated hair

… in less than 45 minutes !

comprar botox capilar da loreal fiberceutic linha serie expert
Botox Capilar Fiberceutic L’Oreal

Without the très expensive salon appointments.

If you love trending Instagram-worthy hair styles …

This is the perfect pick me up that will make you look cover shoot ready in a tick.

And it gets even better …

  • It’s formaldehyde-free
  • It has clear and easy instructions
  • It does not change the texture of your hair
  • And you can do it at home (it’s so easy !)

In fact, I have yet to meet a hair stylist who doesn’t sing its praises.

Because the beauty labs from Paris have just made keratin treatments …

10X more easier for you!

onde comprar ampola loreal fiberceutic cabelos grossos como usar
Recommended By Professional Hair Stylists

The NEW L’Oreal Fiberceutics botox treatment for hair is the crème de la crème of anti aging hair products.

From the editor … but I am so glad I finally did.

And do you know what ?

Today, I will share with you everything you want to know about the L’Oreal professional Fiberceutic treatment.

Here’s what I will cover:

  • What Is It ?: Why it works for damaged hair
  • Fiberceutic Hair Botox: The hair rejuvenation treatment
  • Intra Cylane: Why it’s better than traditional blowouts
  • The Ampoules: How the L’Oreal Fiberceutic hair filling serum works
  • The Sealer: How to use the restorative mask for sealing
  • Aftercare: L’Oreal sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners
  • Fiberceutics Instructions: How to do it at home
  • Pros And Cons: My personal review
  • Where To Buy: Use my links below for discounts and offers

First off:

You’ll be surprised to know how the Fiberceutic L’Oreal treatment stands up to products that are much more expensive.

loreal fiberceutic treatment review
Botox for hair L’Oreal Vs Olaplex

For example: The Olaplex Hair Perfector.

While both products repair hair damage, L’Oreal brings something new and better.

I call it the time capsule for hair.

L’Oreal Fiberceutics Botox For Hair Treatment

Loreal kit fiberceutic botox capilar cabelos finos grossos
Fiberceutic Loreal Botox Capilar.

Take a look at these tiny 15 ml vials.

They are jam-packed with hydrolyzed keratin, antioxidants, and a rich dose of essential vitamins for your hair.

These Fiberceutic ampoules pack a serious punch of active ingredients to make your hair flourish.

Experience a burst of volume and more supple and elastic hair from day one.

L’Oreal hair botox:

  • Keeps the frizz away
  • Fills broken hair fibres
  • Fixes your hair’s porosity
  • And makes your hair keep moisture for longer

It takes brilliant care of your hair care basics, so you can focus on looking pretty with effortless hair styling.

Want to know the secret ?

Here it is …

Fiberceutic Intra Cylane Technology

Fiberceutic intra-cylane L'oreal professionel
Professionnel L’oreal Fiberceutic Intra Cylane

With over 10 years of research in their beauty labs with real women like you …

L’Oreal combines breakthrough molecular science with natural ingredients to fix common hair problems like:

  • High hair porosity
  • Split ends and flyaways
  • Weak hair that is prone to breakage
  • And severely damaged hair from heat styling tools

Let Me Explain How L’Oreal Intra Cylane Works …

comprar fiberceutic de loreal keratin treatment
L’Oreal Fiberceutics Instructions

Once you coat your hair with the filling serum, the Intra Cylane molecules spread out to make a network of Amino acids.

These Amino acids then seek out the damaged parts of your hair and seal the gaps with keratin (your hair’s natural fibrous protein).

While the process looks like a traditional keratin treatment

… there’s one key difference.

Keratin treatments sit on top of your hair and can take at least 3 days to set in.

Intra Cylane molecules on the other hand, are microscopic. They absorb instantly into your hair.

You don’t even need heat to seal the serum !

This innovative cell perfector refills gaps and recreates your hair’s natural surface close to perfection.

Loreal professionel fiberceutic intra cylane
Botox Fiberceutic da L’oreal protein treatment difference

Additionally, the hair structure is rebuilt from the inside with identical Amino acid chains, for a whole new hair experience of strength, elasticity, and shine.

The L’Oreal Fiberceutic serum supercharges your hair with remarkable results and quality right from the first use.

It takes your hair from everyday to OMG-worthy in minutes !

From the editor It’s very simple. Keep reading for my step by step instructions below …

The Botox L’Oreal keratin hair treatment comes in 2 parts:

  • 1. Serum: The hair repair filling treatment
  • 2. Sealer: The restorative sealing masque

Let me show you how the serum works …

1. The Fiberceutical Hair Filling Serum Ampoules

loreal profissional fiberceutic serum treatment ampolar comprar 15ml
Fiberceutic Botox for hair serum ampoules

The serum comes in 15 ml ampoules.

You can buy the L’Oreal set of 15, or individually depending on your hair length, and how often you wish use it.

The longer your hair is, the more you’ll need.

Here’s how you use it:

  • 1. Stick the syringe into the vial
  • 2. Suck out the serum
  • 3. Pump it out and coat your hair
  • 4. Massage the serum from root to ends

Next step: Apply the L’oreal mask.

2. The Restorative Hair Sealing Treatment Masque

l'oreal professionnel fiberceutic reviews intra-cylane masque for fine hair
L’oreal Serie Expert Fiberceutic Restorative Hair Sealing Treatment

The restorative hair sealing treatment comes in a 500 ml bottle.

Just make sure you get the right one for your hair type.

You have 2 options:

1. For Fine Hair

L'oreal professionnel fiberceutic treatment reviews
L’oreal Professionel Serie Expert Fiberceutic masque for fine hair »

Use the Fiberceutic masque for fine hair for fuller and more abundant looking hair that lacks volume.

This sealing treatment works exceptionally well with:

You’ll love the non-greasy, smooth, & voluminous feel it adds to your fine hair.

2. For Thick Hair

Masque for thick hair from loreal serum reviews
>L’oreal professionnel serie expert Fiberceutic masque for thick hair »

Thick hair is coarse and dryer than normal hair.

The reason your conditioner always runs out faster than your shampoo is because your hair is always thirsty.

BuzzFeed: 35 Struggles All Girls With Thick Hair Know To Be True »

Your solution to seriously dry and angry thick hair is …

The L’Oreal Fiberceutic masque for thick hair.

Let me give you 5 good reasons why you should use this masque if your hair is thick and stubborn:

  • It gives your hair intense conditioning
  • It makes your hair easy to detangle
  • It’s lightweight and non-greasy
  • It’s enriched with Intra-Cylane
  • It works for over-processed hair

Just plop it all over your hair, put a shower cap on, and relax for 15 minutes.

Watch the video below for instructions with before and after results:

L’oreal Fiberceutic Serum “Hair Botox” application instructions by Alejandra Jim »

L’oreal Application instructions

Intensify your hair’s nutritional balance, keep it smooth, strong, and flexible for longer with this L’oreal mask.

How To Use The L’Oreal Fiberceutic Hair Treatment Kit

Doing the Fiberceutic treatment at home is easy.

Here’s your quick checklist to get started:

  • The fiberceutic serum (Syringe included)
  • The restorative masque
  • A decent hair dryer
  • And a pair of gloves

Now Follow My Step-By-Step Instructions

  • 1.

    Wash Your Hair

    Absolut repair shampoo

    Wash your hair first with a clarifying shampoo.

    Then dry with a towel.

    Recommended: L’Oreal Absolut Shampoo »

  • 2.

    Extract The Serum

    ampoules 15ml Use the syringe provided to extract the serum.
  • 3.

    Apply To Your Hair

    how to use loreal hair botox

    Empty the syringe content onto your hair.

    Coat your hair from roots to ends.

  • 4.

    Apply The Sealing Treatment

    botox treatment by loreal

    Apply the sealing treatment.

    Leave for 15 mins.

  • 5.

    Blow Dry Your Hair

    Dyson supersonic hair dryer

    Blow dry your hair with normal heat.

    Recommended: Dyson Supersonic »

    And You’re Done !

Professional results with a salon-like finish at home. Now you can do it too !

That’s All Good, But How Long Does It Last For ?

The Fiberceutic by L’Oreal treatment guarantees you up to 10 washes.


With a good aftercare routine you can push that perfect blowout out for longer.

Let me show you how …

Click the link below to read my tips on keratin aftercare:

How to care for hair after keratin treatments »

The most important thing to remember here is: Use sulfate-free shampoos.

Because they are gentle and they don’t strip away your new layers of keratin.

L’Oreal Sulfate Free Shampoo And Conditioner For Keratin & Color

L'oreal shampoo and conditioner sulfate free
L’oreal sulfate free shampoo and conditioner reviews from Amazon »

Say hello to a new and improved range of L’Oreal Fiberceutic shampoos.

You’ll love them because they are:

  • Sulfate free
  • Color safe
  • Gentle
  • And moisturizing

If you are not using a sulfate-free shampoo yet, it’s time to make the change.

Let me give you 5 reasons why it works better than your regular shampoo:

  • It increases moisture retention in your hair
  • It reduces irritations and inflammations on your scalp
  • You get a more gentle washing experience
  • It retains hair color and dye for longer
  • Your scalp doesn’t absorb harmful chemicals

The L’Oreal Everpure and Everstrong shampoos are the prefect complementary products to use after your hair botox treatment.

Let’s see why …

L’Oreal Everpure Shampoo Lathers Without Harsh Sulfates

L'oreal ingredients
L’oreal Fiberceutic Shampoo Professional. Click to buy »

Any shampoo that works for color treated hair will work well for keratin treatments too.

Everpure combines botanical extracts, Rosemary, and Mint for a more nourishing experience.

It contains no salts and no harsh sulfates.

L’Oreal Everstrong Sulfate Free Reconstruct Shampoo And Conditioner

L'oreal hair products online
Everstrong L’oreal Shampoo Professional. Click to buy »

The Everstrong reconstruct shampoo keeps your hair strong against breakage.

Enriched with Bio-Ceramide complex and natural botanicals, it leaves behind a wonderful and earthy smell of essential oils that will invigorate your senses.

Without harsh sulfates, your keratined hair is guaranteed to last the distance without any problems.

It’s also suitable for dry, brittle, frizzy, and coarse hair.

Use it once and see the immediate difference in your hair texture and softness.

Follow up with my recommended L’Oreal conditioner for dry hair below.

Sulfate Free L’Oreal Conditioner

botox capilar loreal profissional fiberceutic cabelos finos resenha
L’oreal sulfate free conditioner reviews »

Experience the sensorial lush, the luxurious lather, and that fresh aromatic fragrance that blooms from the L’Oreal Everpure conditioner.

The Everpure range of conditioners are 100% non abrasive and loaded with moisture to keep your hair supple.

All in all, Fiberceutics is a complete hair restorative experience you can’t miss.

My Fiberceutics L’Oreal Hair Botox Review

protein treatment for hair loreal professional called fiberceutics


  • Easy: Do it at home
  • Fast: Done in 45 mins
  • Same Day: No 3 days wait to wash
  • All Hair: It works for all hair types
  • No Heat: Flat ironing is optional
  • Aftercare: Plenty of options
  • Cheap: Good value for your money


  • Not Permanent: Up to 10 washes
  • Limited Stocks: It’s always a sell out

Get Ready To “WOW” Everyone Wherever You Go !

The secret of high-fashion hair stylists is now right at your finger tips.

L’Oreal professional Fiberceutic is all set to change the way you deck up for the big events.

Let your hair do the talking and get set to dazzle with your new look !

Buy it now on Amazon

Ampola botox l'oreal fiberceutic review 15ml
Botox Capilar – Fiberceutic L’oreal Professionel »

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