Majestic Hair Botox Treatment Review With Caviar Collagen And Keratin

Camelia Smith
Majestic Hair Botox Treatment Review With Caviar Collagen And Keratin
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Behold my new hair saviour: The Majestic Hair Botox Keratin Treatment.

If you love to feel glam and pampered …

This little beauty will give you exceptionally swooshy and lust worthy hair.

majestic hair botox where to buy
Get Your Majestic Hair Botox Now »

I actually do make every woman around me envy my beautiful hair.

That’s how good it is.

Thanks to this treatment, I don’t have chronic hair malfunctions anymore.

My hair is EXACTLY how I want it. Every Single Day.

Because it suddenly brings everything to life.

No frizz, no flyaways, easy and incredibly chic hairstyles in a flash. I love it.

Trust me:

Hair Botox is the new “elixir du jour” that will jazz up your everyday boring hair.

Want to know the secret that makes Majestic Botox work?

Let me give you a quick glance:

Majestic Hair Botox Review – Pros And Cons

botox for hair buy


  • Formaldehyde-free (No toxic fumes)
  • Zero frizz with one treatment
  • Repairs damaged hair back to health
  • Available in different sizes
  • Complete kit with before and after care
  • Great customer follow-up service
  • Easy to do at home
  • Wash same day
  • Indulge your hair in Caviar oil
  • And add Collagen for extra elasticity


  • Sells out fast

Top marks here for the Formaldehyde-Free formula.

This is the biggest PLUS POINT of the product.

After many calls and conversations with the manufacturer, I can confirm the labels are genuine and not just marketing buzz.

Keep reading, I’ve got more to tell you …

But before I dive into the details, this is what I will cover:

  • Before and After Demo: Majestic Hair Botox application
  • Anti-Aging Hair care: Does your hair make you look old ?
  • Botox Hair Fillers: Energize your hair with keratin
  • Collagen Complex: It’s not only for wrinkles
  • Caviar Oil: Why celebs spend $400 for one treatment
  • Ingredients: Full list of ingredients revealed
  • Zero Formaldehyde: I’ll show you the proof below
  • What’s In The Pack: Let’s open the box and see
  • Flat Iron: One that won’t get sticky with keratin
  • Curly And Afro Hair: Why Majestic is better than relaxers
  • Majestic vs Olaplex: Let’s compare the two
  • Where To Buy: Choose from 4 different sizes and buying tips


I wish it could last forever, but never mind. Good things never last forever !

Hair Botox will last you for 3 months top.

This, of course, depends on how you look after it.

To help you along …

Majestic gives you the best sulfate-free keratin after care shampoo and conditioner bundled in the pack.

From the editor I’ll tell you more about what’s in the pack later.

Because I’m sure right now …

… you’re itching to find out how this Majestic Keratin Hair Botox system works.

How about a demonstration video ?

Watch This Before And After Demonstration Video

Majestic Botox for hair treatment before and after video
Majestic Botox for hair treatment before and after video

Just look at the end results.

Sleek, polished and shiny hair. Looks like it’s knocked off a few years off her age.

From the editor Can your hair make you look older ?

I never thought my hair needed an anti-aging fix until my stylist told me this:

Majestic hair reviews

What ! Seriously ?

But I don’t even have a single grey hair on my head!! How is that possible ?

You’ll be surprised.

This is how she explained it to me …

Take a look at the photo below. It’s the same person on the right and the left.

botox for hair growth

If I was to ask you:

In which photo does she look younger, what would your answer be?

Thought so.

By showing me a before and after photo of one of her client, she proved how aging has more to do than just grey hair.

Recommended Reading:

Refinery29: The Beauty Industry Thinks Your Hair Is Old »

Why You Need An Anti Aging Hair Care Treatment

A new hair makeover is a new you.

new hair loss treatment with botox

Anti aging hair treatment system – The difference.

Let’s face it …

We live in an age of all things contouring, strobing, anti-wrinkle and whatever buzz word it takes to make your face look vibrant, fresh, and young.

What about your hair ?

Follicularly speaking, you are torturing your hair every day with flat irons, bleaching, and color treatments.

You don’t see wrinkles, but your hair makes you look older than you are.

And here’s why:

  • It looks dull
  • It has lost its density
  • The texture changes as it becomes more porous
  • The split ends never go away
  • It lacks elasticity

Combine that with chronological aging and environmental insults, your hair loses its wow factor every day !

But here’s the good news …

You can now perk up your hair with an “anti-aging” solution.

Hydrolyzed Botox Keratin Hair Fillers

As you age, your hair becomes scary skinny, limp, flat, and dull.

  • It produces less keratin
  • It loses pigmentation
  • It becomes wiry and unruly
  • And difficult to style the way you want
“As hair ages, we produce less keratin – the protein that renders it strong and healthy, because our bodies can’t absorb essential minerals and vitamins as effectively.” Christyn Nawrot
National educator for haircare brand Phyto - Marie Claire Magazine

Lack of keratin causes a few problems to your hair:

  • High porosity
  • Super frizz
  • Brittle hair
  • Split ends
  • Thinning from the top

Only a hair filler system can rescue your devitalised and weary hair by infusing micro keratin right where your hair needs it most.

Majestic Keratin’s intelligent Hair Botox filler system penetrates your hair to bind itself to the damaged areas.

hair filler treatment
Keratin hair fillers in action

The nano keratin molecules give your hair an intensive renewal of concentrated high-end proteins to fill up and renew the gaps.

This gives your hair a volumizing effect by opening up the scales to add fullness.

It evens out your hair porosity to stop it from swelling when the air is humid.

And to keep the keratin firmly in place, Collagen reinforces the structure that holds it all together.

Peel Back The Years With Collagen

The fountain of youth that can plump your lips and delete your wrinkles is now available for your hair.

collagen hair treatment reviews
It’s not only for the skin. Collagen treatment for hair is now a real thing.

Majestic Keratin brings Collagen complex to your hair to strengthen the bonds and stave off breakage.

And less breakage reduces thinning flat and drab hair.

According to researchers, disappearing Collagen causes age-related hair loss.

I couldn’t agree more.

Without Collagen your hair cannot keep up its growth cycles. So the follicles become weaker as Collagen levels drop over time.

A Collagen Hair Treatment Makes Your Hair Resilient Against Damage

Did you know ?

Collagen means “Kola” (Glue) in Greek.

botox hair growth

This precious fibrous protein is the building block of your skin and hair.

This is what holds it firm together. Without Collagen your skin becomes saggy, and your hair limp and weak.

Hydrolyzed Collagen regenerates the cellular machinery that powers your hair to its full glory.

Collagen also stimulates fibroblasts at the hair root, resulting in increased diameter of your hair shaft.

The result:

Better hair volume and a significant reduction in hair loss and thinning.

But wait, there’s more …

The Botox formula from Majestic Keratin goes beyond structural repair. It also adds wonderful shine to your hair with an expensive dose of Caviar Oil.

Indulge Your Hair In Luxurious Caviar

hair treatment botox
Caviar hair care

This upscale delicacy has A-list celebrities like Catherine Zeta-Jones paying over $400 a time to make her hair shine.

She orders her expensive Beluga Caviar from Iran to pamper her hair in a 2 hour session.


I understand Caviar oil is expensive, and not all of us can afford this luxury.

But you don’t have to wrap uncooked salmon filets to your head to get those shiny locks.

Say Hello To A New Wave Of Caviar Hair Products

You can now use hair products with Caviar oil and you won’t smell fishy.

Katie Holmes (Hollywood actress) was so impressed with Alterna Caviar hair products that she bought a big stake in the company.

She now co-owns the brand and is a global ambassador too.

Check out the Lush Caviar hair masks and sprays from Alterna »

The latest superstar in the Caviar trend is of course: Majestic.

They are the first to introduce Caviar oil based Keratin treatments to the hair care market.

So let’s find out what else they put in this treatment:

Majestic Hair Botox Ingredients

hair botox ingredients
Majestic Hair Botox Formaldehyde-Free Ingredients List
Ingredient Rating Description
Aqua Water.
Caviar Oil Pure Caviar oil extracts.
BONT-L Peptide Amino acid chains that occur naturally in the body.
B5 Vitamin Essential nutrients for hair growth.
E Vitamin Antioxidant that helps repair and build hair tissue.
Collagen Complex Builds the supporting structure of your hair.
Glyoxylic Acid A safer alternative to formaldehyde.
Polyquarternium-7 A texture enhancer.
Keratin Hydrolyzed micro keratin molecules.
Aspartic Acid Amino acid that is used in the biosynthesis of proteins.
Propylene Glycol Synthetic liquid substance that absorbs water.
Fragrance Perfume.
Hydroxyethylcellulose Thickening agent derived from cellulose.
Guar Hydroxyproyltrimonium Chloride Synthetic polymers that provide anti-static properties without weighing hair down.
Lactic Acid Broken down and oxidized glucose.
MethylisothiaZolinone A powerful synthetic biocide and preservative.
Methylchloroisothiazolinone Preservative with antibacterial and antifungal effects.
Trisodium Ethylenediamine Dissuccinate Chelating agent to remove toxins.
Phenoxyethanol A preservative used in cosmetics.
Chlorphenesin A preservative and cosmetic biocide that helps prevent the growth of microorganisms.
Butylparaben Propylparaben, Methylparaben, Ethylparaben Preservatives used in a wide variety of personal care products.
Urea Breaks down the amino acids to make up proteins.

What You Get When You Buy The Hair Botox Kit

I don’t usually use the phrase “best-buy”, but this hair treatment will have you stunned.

Why ?

Because you get the complete package.

Everything you can expect from a bank-busting salon treatment.

majestic hair botox for sale

Plus: The full visual easy to read instructions.

Let’s unwrap the box and see …

1. Botox Hair Pre-Treatment Clarifying Shampoo

majestic clarifying shampoo
Click here to buy the Clarifying Shampoo »

The best way to start with any keratin treatment is to prep your hair.

In other words, it needs to feel properly purged.

Use a clarifying and deep cleansing shampoo for superior coverage, absorption, and keratin retention.

Here are a few reasons why:

  • It makes your hair a blank canvas
  • Your hair can absorb keratin better
  • It primes your hair for superior color services
  • It removes chlorine and hard water buildup
  • Saves you time and prevent re-dos
  • It normalizes the pH of your hair
  • It shields your scalp from irritations
  • It accelerates processing time of your keratin treatment
  • Your hair will use less heat to process keratin treatments
  • It removes brassiness, dullness, and discoloration
  • It saturates every strand of hair for an instant boost of hydration

Use the Majestic Keratin clarifying shampoo to prime your hair for best results.

2. Botox For The Hair Solution

Now, let’s check out the star product of pack.

where to buy hair botox
Click here to buy the Majestic Hair Botox »

Unlike traditional Keratin treatments, you can wash your hair on the same day.

There is no 72 hours wait and no hanging around smelling like a wet dog !

Majestic makes your hair smooth and silky without changing your hair texture or breaking the bonds.

The end result:

Natural straight hair that moves. NOT pin straight stiff looking hair !

3. Majestic Keratin Replenishing Shampoo

majestic hair botox benefits
Click here to buy the Keratin Replenishing Shampoo »

I know we all love a good lather and bubbles when shampooing our hair.

But you need to watch out for the overly bubbly shampoos.

Because they contain sulfates that will break down the keratin faster than you can blink your eyes !


Majestic understands that aftercare is as important as the end results.

You want to have hair that looks fresh from the salon for as long as the treatment can last.

The replenishing shampoo renews your treatment every time you wash your hair.

4. Majestic Keratin Hair Conditioner

majestic hair keratin botox
Click here to buy the Keratin Botox conditioner »

Make your hair easy to detangle with this conditioner.

It provides a lot of slip, so you can just glide your hair brush or your comb through your hair without any damage.


Keratin fades out over time.

If you want to get the most out of it and keep your expensive treatment feel like it was done yesterday …

… Use the replenishing shampoo and conditioner as instructed.

From the editor The longer you can go in between washes, the better.Cheeky Hint : Dry shampoos

Now that you’re familiar with each product in the pack, it’s time to get your hands dirty with the DIY instructions.

But before you start, you need to have the right tools.

Here’s what I use for my DIY keratin treatments:

what you need for a keratin treatment
DIY Hair Botox at home tools

Get them from See the links below:

Now you’re ready to go.

Let’s look at the instructions leaflet.

Hair Botox At Home – Full Visual Instructions

botox keratin hair applications instructions
How to apply Hair Botox at home

Here’s a quick summary for you:

10 Easy Steps To Do Majestic Hair Botox At Home:

  • 1. Wash hair twice with clarifying shampoo
  • 2. Blow dry with moderate heat to 80% dry
  • 3. Part hair into 4 sections
  • 4. Apply the Botox solution 1/4 inch away from the root
  • 5. Leave treatment in hair for up to 75 minutes
  • 6. Rinse product from hair with water only
  • 7. Blow dry your hair 100%
  • 8. Use flat iron at 450 ° F to seal keratin
  • 9. Repeat on each section 4-7 times
  • 10. Maintain with replenishing shampoo and conditioner

Botox For Hair Straightening Flat Iron

majestic hair botox straightening iron
Hair Botox straightening flat iron »

This is a high-quality hair straightener specially designed for keratin treatments. Most important thing to note here is that the plates are not affected by the chemicals in the treatment.

Here’s what you get with this flat iron:

  • Consistent Heat: It reaches 450° F and distributes heat evenly
  • Not Sticky: Surface won’t get sticky when going over the keratin
  • Fewer Passes: It does a better job with fewer passes
  • Warranty: 1-Year manufacturer’s warranty

Hair Botox Treatment Side Effects

From the editor Is Majestic Hair Botox Safe ?

Ok listen to this:

Over the last few weeks, I’ve had some lengthy conversations with the brains behind the brand:

Mr. Tamer Abdelaal from TMY PRODUCTS LLC, the official Manufacturer.

And he assured me that customer safety and health is their top priority.

Here’s the proof:

can botox make your hair fall out

Put it this way, I’ve asked all the questions I can possibly ask as a customer.

Because I am a loyal customer myself, and I can assure you:

  • There is no toxic smell
  • No toxic fumes
  • It does not give you itchy eyes

Having said that:

I encourage you to do a strand test and a patch test on your skin beforehand. That’s what I do with any new product I am using for the first time.

Better safe than sorry.

The treatment makes your hair progressively better. It doesn’t break hair bonds to cause permanent damage.

So move over hair relaxers. There’s a new hair smoothing treatment in town.

A Better And Safer Alternative To Relaxers

hair botox smoothing system review
Majestic Hair Botox on curly hair

Unlike relaxers and curly perms, Majestic Keratin gradually washes away instead of growing out.

You don’t lose your true curl pattern.

It temporarily loosens tightly curled hair to make it resistant to humidity and easy to manage every day.

Compared to Lye or No-Lye Relaxers, here are the features you’ll love as a natural:

  • You can transition between straight and curly styles
  • Even the summer frizz won’t make your hair poof up
  • You’ll notice fewer knots and breakage
  • Your hair loosens up
  • It makes detangling easier for you
  • It cuts down on blow drying time



As a natural, do your keratin treatments or Botox on “virgin” hair, because any type of coating will make your treatment ineffective.

It’s time to avoid the “Texture Identity Crisis”.

Because you’ll need a lot of Olaplex to repair damaged bonds from relaxers.

Majestic Keratin Botox Vs Olaplex Compared

majestic hair botox vs olaplex hair buy
Majestic Hair Botox vs Olaplex review

Majestic Hair Botox vs Olaplex review

A lot of people ask me to compare Hair Botox and Olaplex.

So let me break this down for you:

Majestic Hair Botox vs Olaplex
Majestic Hair Botox Olaplex
  Infuses keratin in your hair Does not contain keratin at all
  Repairs your hair Repairs your hair
  Adds protein to your hair Does not add protein
  Can be done in 1 treatment Requires 3 stages
  Can be done at home For Stage 1 and 2, you need a hairstylist
  Makes your hair strong against breakage Upfront hair damage protection
  Coloring needs to be done before Can be used with hair coloring

Olaplex is an auxiliary treatment that you use together with bleaching and coloring services to strengthen your hair against damage.

It is a damage prevention treatment.

Hair Botox, however, is a cosmetic treatment to make your hair smooth, straight and manageable.

While Majestic Botox adds glamor to your hair, it also packs a powerful punch of ingredients in your hair to repair existing damage.

In short:

Olaplex shields your hair from damage, Hair Botox uplifts your hair to make it outrageously glamorous.

Where To Buy Majestic Keratin Hair Botox

I get my Majestic hair products online from

The Majestic Hair Botox kits come in different sizes which makes it convenient.

For example:

When I first tried the product, I went for the smallest pack (125 ml) which is cheap and affordable.

When I got comfortable with the treatment, I spread the good word around and got 3 of my friends to share the cost on the 1000 ml pack.

In fact, the 1000 ml bottles work out cheaper when you share it with friends.

So before you decide to jump in with both feet:

Give the 125 ml kit a try first, then buy the bigger ones to share with a family member or a friend later.

Majestic Hair Botox Kits
Image Product Details Link
Majestic botox for hair 125 ml 125 ml kit

Small size one-time use.

Ideal if you haven’t used it before and want to try it first time.

majestic botox hair treatment 300 ml kit

10 Oz bottles kit.

Comes with a keratin leave in treatment as well.

hair botox majestic 475 ml kit

16 Oz bottles kit.

Ideal for multiple treatments. Or share with your friend or a family member.

hair botox treatment cost 1000 ml kit

33.8 Oz bottles kit.

Why not buy it with a friend share the cost, and the treatment.

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