Blondes Rejoice! The New Majestic Keratin Platinum Blonde Hair Botox Is Here …

Charlene Latreuille
Blondes Rejoice! The New Majestic Keratin Platinum Blonde Hair Botox Is Here …
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The long awaited Majestic Keratin Platinum Blonde hair botox is finally here !

We were the first to hear about this exclusive product launch from the manufacturers (TMY Products) themselves as they sent out samples for us to try.

And like all the other Majestic Keratin Botox Hair Treatment products we use …

This one is a BIG HIT too.

Today, I will show you why life as a blonde just got a whole lot easier !

magnific hair platinum blonde botox treatments

Platinum Blonde Hair Botox

Get Your Platinum Blonde Hair Botox Now – Recommended By Professional Hair Stylists

Get The Perfect Taylor Swift Hairstyle And The Healthy Bounce Of Shakira’s Hair

Whether you are naturally blonde or a bottle-blonde devotee, there are times when your hair just wouldn’t give a damn about conditioning treatments.


If you want your hair to look naturally radiant with a gorgeous shimmer of platinum, then you need a hair product that packs a PUNCH !

A product that gives your hair an intense deep repair with a powerful dose of antioxidants and hydrolyzed keratin.

magnific hair platinum blonde botox before and after
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The Majestic keratin treatment for blonde hair works for:

  • Natural blondes
  • Bleached Blondes
  • Brassy blonde hair
  • Grays
  • And highlights

You no longer need to pay a hair stylist to save your fragile, brittle, and damaged blonde hair !

Because this fuss-free hair smoother contains all the essential ingredients that will make your blondelicious locks sparkle with splendor.

Indulge Your Hair In 16 Natural Hair Oils

majestic all virgin hair
Keratin treatment blonde hair with natural essential oils

The MK Blonde Hair Botox powers your hair with 16 natural and luxurious oils.

These oils work to neutralize the undesirable brassy yellow tones that grow in your blonde hair over time.

From the editor After a week of using it, I felt my hair was fuller and thicker.

The best part ?

It does not compromise the integrity of your hair with harsh chemicals.

Formaldehyde-Free Blonde Hair Treatment

blonde botox for hair formaldehyde free

Unlike the old school Brazilian Blowouts, this platinum blonde hair botox is authentic and formaldehyde free.

It doesn’t irritate your skin, burn your eyes, or release any toxic fumes.

And you won’t smell like a rotten cabbage either !

That’s because, Majestic Keratin has a strict No Formalin and No Aldehydes policy.

Here’s a quote from their website:

TMY PRODUCTS is committed to provide high quality professional and safe products to all of our customers across the globe. Our company offers a complete line of 100 % Authentic Hair Botox, Hair Biotin deep treatment, Hair Protein Therapy, Organic Brazilian Keratin Protein treatment and much more professional use products.
Majestic Keratin Official Website »

They are safe to use at home and you can wash your hair on the same day !

No Need To Wait 3 Days To Wash Your Hair !

It’s so frustrating when you have to wait 3 days to wash your hair after a keratin treatment!

But not with Majestic Keratin. These days are long gone !

I love instant results and I bet you do too.

You can now take credit for being blonde and rediscover the shine and bust of our gorgeous manes within a few hours.

Do yourself the favor of waking up with salon-worthy hair every day.

Because that’s how I roll

Platinum Blonde Hair Botox Benefits

You know how you often need this quick 10 minutes to fix a random strand of hair that makes your entire look fall apart ?

Well, personally I’m glad that I no longer even have to glance at the mirror to check that my hair is in place anymore !

It’s insane, I swear. Everything stays in perfect shape.

I won’t go to mention the considerable number of compliments I received after using the platinum hair botox. Everyone around me quickly noticed the change and asked me about the magic formula I was using.

Other than a lot of attention, here are the benefits you get from this treatment:

  • Your hair retains moisture for longer
  • Rich Keratin in your hair repels brassiness
  • The treatment seals your split ends
  • Your hair needs less heat styling
  • Reduces your blow dry time by 1/3
  • It makes your highlights more radiant
  • Your hair looks smooth and shiny as glass

How To Use The Majestic Keratin Platinum Blonde

How to use majestic keratin platinum blonde

Follow these instructions carefully for best results:


As a blonde, you know that color is not the only thing that matters to your hair.

Your hair’s low porosity makes it vulnerable to hard water, and all things that allows brassiness to creep in. Plus there’s the split ends and the frizz.

If you’ve been looking for a product that can restore your dull, lifeless, and severely compromised blonde hair …

Grab your wallet now, because your problem solver is right here!

majestic hair botox blonde review

Majestic Keratin Platinum Hair Botox

This is no doubt one of the best keratin treatment for blonde hair


  • Removes brassy tones from blonde hair
  • Formaldehyde Free
  • Same Day Wash
  • Repairs damaged blonde hair
  • Gorgeous aromatic smell
  • Reduces blow dry by a 1/3
  • Seals split ends & fixes frizz


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