The Majestic Keratin Clarifying Shampoo Makes Your Hair Soak Up Keratin Faster

shehnaz shirazi
Shehnaz Shirazi
The Majestic Keratin Clarifying Shampoo Makes Your Hair Soak Up Keratin Faster
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The Majestic Keratin clarifying shampoo preps your hair for the ultimate hair botox treatment experience.

  • It removes dirt and residues
  • It makes your hair absorb keratin faster
  • It gives your hair and scalp a good detox
  • It makes a clean slate for your next big hairstyle

And even better …

Your hair needs less heat to soak up keratin.

Make your botox keratin hair treatment work 10X better after just one wash !

majestic keratin clarifying shampoo
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Don’t Let Your Keratin Treatment Be A Hit Or Miss

Hair products, hard water deposits, and pollution build unwanted residues in your hair over time.

  • They clog your scalp and hair surface
  • They make your hair dull, greasy, and limp
  • They make your hair highly porous
  • And your hair struggles to take in nutrients to stay hydrated

Chances are …

If you’re seeing your hair stylist for a color or keratin top up, you won’t get the best of results.

Because there are invisible layers of filth around each hair strand blocking the good stuff from reaching in.

And the truth is:

Your regular shampoo cannot get rid of them. It only glosses your hair over for a shiny and moisturized feeling.

The Majestic Keratin clarifying shampoo breaks down and flushes away all the impurities and the invisible layers of filth that coat your hair from daily pollution and environmental aggressors.

The results ?

You see the true potential of your hair treatment.

keratin pre treatment shampoo

Why Keratin Takes Longer To Set In Your Hair ?

Let’s imagine you have hard water running through your shower and this is what you wash your hair with.

While you may not notice the difference immediately, over time your hair starts to change.

For example:

  • It feels more greasy no matter how often you wash
  • Chlorine and minerals roughen the edges of your hair
  • Your hair looks weighed down all the time (Zero volume)
  • Your scalp feels itchy and flaky
  • And if you’re blonde, your hair looks brassy

Why ?

Because, minerals and chlorine from hard water are stubborn and they don’t rinse away easily. They keep accumulating over time and suffocate your hair.

Now, if you’ve noticed that your hair has suddenly lost its thunder and your favorite moisturizer isn’t working its magic …

… the reason is simple:

All the good stuff you’re applying to your hair, have to go through these barriers of buildup to penetrate and work.

And most times, the good stuff struggles to get through.

It’s the same story for your keratin treatment too.

If your hair is not purged, the good keratin stuff you apply to your hair will merely sit on top. Fighting to find it’s way into your hair.

Until it washes away before even getting a chance to set in.

That’s why the Majestic clarifying shampoo is essential to prime your hair before a keratin treatment. And it’s so simple to use, you’ll be kicking yourself why you didn’t use it before.

How To Use The Majestic Keratin Clarifying Shampoo

Use this shampoo before:

  • Hair botox treatments
  • Any type of keratin treatments
  • Coloring and highlights

And here are the easy to follow instructions:

  • Wash your hair twice with the shampoo
  • Rinse well and towel dry
  • For very tight curls & virgin hair, leave it on for 10 minutes
  • Rinse thoroughly until water runs clear

Did I mention it has a nice pleasant smell ?

As an additional cue, use the Majestic hair conditioner to enhance the overall feel further.

You should definitely try it out and see the difference !

A Good Clarifying Shampoo Is Non-Negotiable

Bring out the glow in your highlights.

Make your keratin treatment dazzle and shine in all its glory.

And best of all, make it look like money well spent.

Use the Majestic Keratin clarifying shampoo to set your hair up for that next big hair style and Instagram-worthy hair !

Don’t forget to hashtag #MajesticKeratin #hair.botox.

Majestic shampoo for clarifying hair

Majestic Keratin Clarifying Shampoo Review. Prime your hair for the perfect keratin treatment experience.

Rated 5 from 10+ customer reviews.

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