Hair Botox Smoothing Systems Reviews (Rebonding vs Keratin)

shehnaz shirazi
Shehnaz Shirazi
Hair Botox Smoothing Systems Reviews (Rebonding vs Keratin)
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The Hair Botox smoothing system improves the texture of your hair.

And it does not break or chemically alter the natural structure.

Unlike relaxers and straighteners that use harsh chemicals, smoothing is semi permanent and more gentle to your hair.

Hair experts suggest that smoothing is always a better option than straightening

And here’s why:

  • It makes your hair naturally soft
  • It does not look fake (artificially straightened)
  • No strong chemicals used to break hair bonds
  • It is temporary (3 months)
  • It gets rid of frizz damage instantly
  • Formaldehyde Free
  • No wash restrictions
  • Works on every hair type
  • More manageable hair
  • Less TLC aftercare

Your Natural Hair Type … But With Better Alignment

Keratin Smoothing Treatment System Results
Keratin Smoothing Treatment System

Your hair can get notoriously unmanageable after every wash.


That doesn’t mean straight hair is the answer to easier styling.

You can get that smooth and silky feeling with natural curls too!

All you need is a simple re alignment treatment combined with a rich blend of essential nutrients to smooth your curls.

Even better:

This makes your hair easy to detangle and comb through.

Imagine the amount of time you save in the morning getting ready for work!

If you want to improve on your natural hair look, then a Botox keratin smoothing system is the prefect choice.

Hair Botox Smoothing Systems Reviews

majestic hair botox kit

Majestic Hair Botox

0% Formaldehyde.

Majestic uses Caviar oil,  Argan oil, and Collagen to eliminate frizz and add shine to your hair.

More Details

Inoar BotoHair

Inoar BotoHair

The Number 1 Botox For Hair product on the market. You can now Buy Hair Botox Online.

More Details

Kashmir Keratin

Kashmir Keratin System

The Kashmir Keratin Hair Botox Treatment rebuilds your hair back to health. It is an effective rehabilitative hair care package that also helps fight hair loss. Read more about Hair Botox Vials And Ampoules.

More Details

L'Oreal Botox Treatment

L’oreal Fiberceutic Botox For Hair

The first hair botox product on the market.

L’Oreal Fiberceutic hair botox uses an innovative technology called ‘Intra-Cylane’ micro molecules that penetrates your hair and fill in the broken gaps instantly.

More Details

Nutree Bottox expert

Nutree Bottox Expert

Get humidity-free hair for 2 months.

Works with all hair types.

More Details

Avoid The Artificially Straightened Look

Many people will agree that chemically straightened hair looks like pin straight tips. It also looks fake: says Theertha Sasidharan, a beauty expert.

In fact:

To alter your hair type from curly to straight requires heavy chemicals and heat to break the hair bonds and re shape them.

Common treatments used to chemically straighten hair:

  • Blow Drying
  • Flat Ironing
  • Brazilian Hair Straightening
  • Japanese Hair Straightening
  • Hair Relaxers

But these permanent solutions for highly unmanageable and unruly hair comes at a cost…

It requires a lot of maintenance afterwards.

First of all, the entire procedure for straightening can take up to 6 hours. The chemicals need to penetrate the various layers of your hair to work.

This process is called re bonding.

To maintain your hair, you will need to add more aftercare products to your routine.

Rebonding vs Keratin (Our Verdict)

During a rebonding treatment, your natural hair bonds are relaxed and broken down. To transition curly hair into straight hair, new bonds are re shaped to make your hair look straight.

The problem:

As time goes on, you will notice the bonds become weak and break. You will need a good after care regime to keep your hair in good shape, otherwise your hair will becomes lifeless.

And the only way to save your curls, will be to regrow them again.

Hair straightening is not that bad if you choose the right products that aren’t too harsh for your hair.

I will recommend you to stay away from treatments such as:

  • Brazilian Blowouts
  • Japanese straightening


Go for the more versatile Botox for hair straightening products. They are formaldehyde free and don’t break your hair bonds during straightening.

It’s true, the results are not permanent.

But if you top up your treatment every 3 months, you’ll need less and less of it to maintain your hair straight.


You should avoid rebonding treatments that break hair bonds. Use Keratin treatments that are non permanent for the long term benefit of your hair.

Hair Botox vs Keratin (Complementing Each Other)

Don’t be confused with Hair Botox vs Keratin.

Hair Botox treatment is a complete treatment package. It includes Keratin serum or Ampoules as well as pre treatment and post treatment care.

The deep conditioning treatment helps you get the best possible results from a keratin smoothing system. Follow the instructions to prepare and maintain your treated hair for long lasting results.

The Botox Hair system will also smooth away tears effortlessly in 1 treatment. Products like Inoar gives a 95% smoothing effect by reducing frizz without the use of any harsh chemicals.

Feel the smoothing effect from Inoar Botohair!

Does Keratin Make Your Hair Straight?

The answer is: No.

As mentioned above, rebonding and hair straightening systems can be very harsh.

Keratin proteins work on the conditioning stages of the straightening treatment. It makes your hair recover fast from the damage.

Keratin allows damaged hair to recover faster by filling the gaps and holes in your hair structure.

So while keratin is essential for straightening, it is important to remember that it is not a straightening agent. It conditions your hair and reverses damage to make your hair beautiful and smooth.

keratin hair straightening treatment before and after


Hair Botox Smoothing Before and After
Hair Botox Smoothing Before and After

If you’re looking for a complete hair makeover, then using a keratin system for straightening is fine.

But you’ll have to be prepared for the aftercare and provide a lot of TLC to keep your hair in shape. If you don’t like the end results, then the only way to reverse this will be to wait for your new hair to grow out completely.

We recommend the non permanent Hair Botox straightening system. No harsh chemicals, no formaldehydes, and better results.

If you want to keep your natural hair, but make it more manageable…

Then use a Hair Botox smoothing system.

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