Tahe Magic Botox Effect For Hair Review

Pawena Kaniah
Tahe Magic Botox Effect For Hair Review
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Tahe Magic BX Gold Review

The Tahe Magic Efecto Botox is a powerful nano-keratin reconstructor that progressively heals hair damage.

Much like botox that erases your wrinkles away, this treatment gets rid of all your hair imperfections.

And the best part?

It works for any hair type.

Whether you want to give your curls more definition, or have your straights looking sleek and smooth …

At the crux of it all, the Tahe botox keratin hair treatment removes frizz to make your tresses manageable and healthy from the inside.

With its potent mix of:

  • Caviar oil
  • Nano-keratin
  • Natural collagen
  • Vitamins
  • And healing agents

This overachiever packs a strong combo of pure ingredients that will conquer even the most seemingly unmanageable hair.

The Tahe keratin treatment works from the core of your hair to strengthen each strand from root to tip.

Tahe Magic Botox hair products

Tahe Magic Botox

Rated 3 from 3+ online reviews.

Tahe Hair Botox Review.

Here’s Why I Love Tahe Hair Botox

There are only a few hair botox brands that I will personally vouch for.

Without a doubt, Tahe is one of them.

In fact:

It’s among our top 10 best selling hair botox products.

And it’s the best in terms of price in its category too!


Because tahe hair products come in various sizes and price range.

tahe magic efecto botox gold precio comprar
Click to see all Tahe hair products »

You can buy them as:

After trying it for the first time, my eyes couldn’t believe the shine, and glossy feel that Tahe botox gave to my hair.

Even my hair texture metamorphosed!

The magic lies in the goodness of its expertly sourced ingredients.

1. Natural Collagen

Now, now! Natural collagen is an absolute must for your hair!

Not only does it hydrate and nourish your hair but it returns your mane to its former glory when it’s over processed.

Read: Keratin and collagen for hair benefits »

2. Argan Oil

Nobody can take it away from Argan oil when it comes to its strengthening faculties!

Not to mention how it neutralizes the effect of time from on hair making it look incredibly healthy!

Anti-aging elixir?

Hell yes!

Check out these Inoar Keratin Argan oil hair care products. They are the creme de la creme for anti-aging hair treatments.

3. Nano-Keratin

Come on, we all know how Keratin is super important as a protein for our hair.

It acts as this perfect hydrating and phylogenic agent. Not only does it help maintain and repair the cuticle’s structure but on top of that, it protects the fibers from damage due to filthy chemical and physical products!

The Tahe magic efecto botox is supercharged with a high concentration of micro keratin molecules that absorb faster into your hair.

So there’s no waiting time to wash your hair after this keratin treatment.

Same day wash, without any hassle or commitment.

How To Use Tahe Magic Botox Effect Ampoules

Tahe magic botox video - Youtube
Tahe magic botox video – Youtube

Here’s what you get when you buy the Tahe Magic Effect Botox treatment:

  • The botox treatment ampoules
  • A syringe to extract the liquid from the ampoules


You have to buy the shampoo separately.

To do the treatment at home, you’ll also need the following:

So let’s start:

Step 1

Use the Tahe magic shampoo to wash your hair first.

This is the perfect pre-keratin treatment shampoo that deep cleans your hair and opens the cuticles for maximum keratin absorption.

Trust me; your final results will look 10X better.

Rinse and dry your hair and don’t forget to soak up excess moisture with a towel.

Step 2

Submerge the ampoule in hot water. As it gets hot, the liquid inside becomes transparent, and the Magic Botox vial is ready. Take out the product immediately.

  • For long hair use 40 ml
  • And as for Short Hair, 20ml should do.

Step 3

Add hot water to your mixing bowl and pour the Magic Effect Botox ampoule serum.

Do this part slowly and consistently.

Mix with a spatula to a uniform gel-like texture.

Step 4

Divide your hair into sections because it’s easier to get full coverage.

Apply the treatment with your applicator brush, and keep it to about 1 cm away from your roots.

Step 5

Cover your hair with a cap and leave it under heat for 10 minutes.

Step 6

Rinse your hair with cold water, then squeeze out all the excess water.

Dry as normal.

Step 7

Now section your hair again, and go over 3-4 times with your hair straightener in each section.

And voila! You’re done.


From there on, you will not even need a comb to detangle your hair!

Your hair will look perfectly smooth and silky!

As the name goes, it really does feel a whole lot like magic! As though visited by a fairy godmother, your hair will hence forth be done in half the time it typically takes you.

It’s a 100% convenient for working women like you!

The treatment is dot on for anyone who wants to go for a semi-permanent hair smoothing minus the commitment. The bonus is for those of you who have had a rebonding in the past. You would surely know of that very awkward phase that demarcates your natural growing hair and your rebondings.

To complement your treatment and make it last even longer, Tahe provides a range of sulfate-free hair products you can use.

Let’s have a look …

Other Products From Tahe Hair Care

The Tahe Hair Mask (Instant Moisture)

tahe hair products reviews
Click to buy the Tahe Gold Mask »

Experience the fusion of exquisite non-greasy oils and essential natural extracts that gives your hair instant shine.

The gold hair mask keeps your hair clean on the go so that you can limit washing your hair too frequently.

Therefore preserving your keratin treatment to last longer.

You can also use it for:

  • Deep hair nourishment
  • Controlling frizz and static reduction
  • Protection from heat and UV rays
  • Repairing split ends
  • Illuminating the hair from roots to ends
  • Thickening and de-tangling the hair
  • Preserving hair color for longer
  • Revitalising dry colored hair

How to Use:

Shake well before use. Spray your desired amount onto clean damp hair. Do not rinse with water. Comb through from roots to ends.

Lumiere – Tahe Hair Color Protective Cure

Tahe lumiere

The Lumiere range protects your hair color by creating a waterproof film around each strand. This shields the inner pigments from daily washing which fades your hair color fast.

With its rich keratin and Argan oil formula, your hair also gets a potent dose of nourishing and antioxidizing goodness.

And the best part ?

You won’t believe how it makes your color-treated hair sparkle and shine instantly.

Tahe Gold Secret. Lifting Capilar

tahe magic bx gold
Click to buy the Tahe Magic Gold BX »

The Tahe Gold Magic has superior and more powerful nourishing concentrates of keratin and antioxidants.

This is the premium version which costs more but also delivers more. I would use the gold version if my hair were severely damaged.

It also features a gold color serum that adds even more shine to your hair.


The Tahe Magic Botox Effect is a product we recommend if you are looking to win over the currently rampant botox capilar trend.

I love the composition of its ingredients and how effective it is after using it for the first time.

And if you buy a box set, you’re guaranteed to get at least 3 uses out of it. Not bad!

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